Technokontrol has designed via its R&D programme our unique Anti-EMPS technologies which can work in many different sectors for the protection and safety of the military, national security, strategic infrastructures and law enforcement sectors including strategic databases, cyber warfare and information technology bases including satellites, telecommunications, radars,financial services, government databanks and military installations.
Once the EMPS Bomb has been activated which could also include in any mode of transport for example and especially fuel transports systems whom rely on GPS,GMS,satellite technologies as rail, shipping, aircraft and even trucking causing accidents, explosions and full technical failures. Not only would the EMPS Attack deterrent would be effective but it will be required as mandatory by all selected nations to create a balance of powers and not allowing this technology to fall into the wrong hands thus having technologies or safety products as manufactured by Technokontrol to protect and to hinder any type of attack from anywhere or anyone for whatever reason. The great savings from financial, logistical,military,social,geo-political using these technologies are extremely important and must be considered as another great positive point towards the production of these EMPS technologies and also the safety-security technologies to protect one owns nation, society, family,etc. We should consider this technology as such as an important military deterrent as the nuclear aramament which has now been effective for more than seven decades and this could be the new long term safer but more strategic deterrent but will be harder to control as too much data and operational units have been shown as effective from private manufacturers without taking into account all the military technological and financial investment also during the last decades into this technology and even more extreme armament as lazers, etc.
This present day cyber war can be understood by how the Iranians have suffered months or even years of continuous delays in their nuclear power program having introduced accidentally by purchasing corrupt technology or deliberately downloading internally viral software by anti-Iranian operatives into their operational technological operations industrial software programs which will never be recognized by any foreign military or nation but it?s obvious that cyber warfare  is active and increasing daily from internet fraud, to internet hackers to all types of terrorists. Top secret and highly classified sensitive military documents as the technical plans of the new generation USA nuclear submarines are just one example how cyber warfare has been effective by the enemy as these plans were stolen from the USA government by means of cyber attacks.
We must state that even though the norm for these types of EMPS can also be created by the solar heat, solar flares, solar radiation, etc. Even in most related data to solar radiation may be very precise no one can really predict anything 100% when we can?t even forecast the weather in the next three to five days, how can us humans predict a solar flare or radiation sometime in the near future or ever. The Earth's magnetic field quickly deflects the electrons at right angles to the geomagnetic field, and the extent of the deflection depends upon the strength of the magnetic field.
This interaction of the very rapidly-moving negatively-charged electrons with the magnetic field radiates a pulse of electromagnetic energy. There are a number of secondary collisions which cause the subsequent electrons to lose energy before they reach ground level. These 2 MeV gamma rays will normally produce an EMP1 pulse near ground level at moderately high latitudes that peaks at about 50,000 volts per metre. The process of the gamma rays knocking electrons out of the atoms in the mid-stratosphere causes this region of the atmosphere to become an electrical conductor due to ionization, a process which blocks the production of further electromagnetic signals and causes the field strength to saturate at about 50,000 volts per metre. The EMP2 component is generated by scattered gamma rays and inelastic gammas produced by weapon neutrons.
According to the United States EMP Commission, the main potential problem with the EMP2 component is the fact that it immediately follows the EMP1 component, which may have damaged the devices that would normally protect against EMP2. According to the EMP Commission Executive Report of 2004, "In general, it would not be an issue for critical infrastructure systems since they have existing protective measures for defence against occasional lightning strikes. There are at present proof of small EMPS attack weapons which emit short, high-energy pulses reaching 10 gigawatts, which could destroy complex electronics systems. Any type of EMPS attack from a thermonuclear warhead to a solar flare would cause ionospheric radiation and electronic effects to any national or international region, territory or nations.
There are mainly two types of non-nuclear EMP (NNEMP) and one main nuclear High Altitude HEMP devices which have been developed since the Vietnam War mainly. The efficient execution of an Information Warfare campaign against a modern industrial or post-industrial opponent will require the use of specialized tools designed to destroy information systems.
A Radio Frequency Weapon is one that uses intense pulses of RF energy to destroy or degrade the electronics in a target.
The high temperatures and energetic radiation produced by nuclear explosions also produce large amounts of ionized (electrically charged) matter which is present immediately after the explosion.
The formation EMP begins with the very intense, but very short burst of gamma rays caused by the nuclear reactions in the bomb. In low altitude explosions the electrons, being very light, move much more quickly than the ionized atoms they are removed from and diffuse away from the region where they are formed. This creates a very strong vertical electric current which generates intense electro-magnetic emissions over a wide frequency range (up to 100 MHZ) that emanate mostly horizontally. A separate effect is the ability of the ionized fireball to block radio and radar signals. The central idea behind the construction of FCGs is that of using a fast explosive to rapidly compress a magnetic field, transferring much energy from the explosive into the magnetic field. The coaxial arrangement is of particular interest in this context, as its essentially cylindrical form factor lends itself to packaging into munitions. The fundamental principle behind the design of MHD devices is that a conductor moving through a magnetic field will produce an electrical current transverse to the direction of the field and the conductor motion. The fundamental idea behind the Vircator is that of accelerating a high current electron beam against a mesh (or foil) anode.
The major problem area in determining lethality is that of coupling efficiency, which is a measure of how much power is transferred from the field produced by the weapon into the target.
Front door coupling occurs typically when power from an electro-magnetic weapon is coupled into an antenna associated with radar or communications equipment. Back Door Coupling occurs when the electro-magnetic field from a weapon produces large transient currents or electrical standing waves (when produced by a HPM weapon) on fixed electrical wiring and cables interconnecting equipment, or providing connections to mains power or the telephone network. A low frequency bomb built around an FCG will require a large antenna to provide good coupling of power from the weapon into the surrounding environment.
Microwave bombs have a broader range of coupling modes and given the small wavelength in comparison with bomb dimensions, can be readily focussed against targets with a compact antenna assembly.
Mobile or hidden targets which do not overtly radiate may present a problem, particularly should conventional means of targeting be employed.
Whilst the demodulation of UE can be a technically difficult task to perform well, in the context of targeting electro-magnetic bombs this problem does not arise. Because UE occurs at relatively low power levels, the use of this detection method prior to the outbreak of hostilities can be difficult, as it may be necessary to over-fly hostile territory to find signals of usable intensity. Technokontrol Anti-EMPS Defence against EMPS-bombs and EMPS personal carried device attacks. The most effective defence against electro-magnetic bombs is to prevent their delivery by destroying the launch platform or delivery vehicle, as is the case with nuclear weapons. The most effective method is to wholly contain the equipment in an electrically conductive enclosure; Technokontrol has developed the Anti-EMPS Protection Panels for such protection systems termed a Faraday cages or TK-EMPS Panel Protected Bunker-Buildings, which prevents the electro-magnetic field from gaining access to the protected equipment. Where an electrically conductive channel must enter the enclosure, electro-magnetic arresting devices must be fitted. Intermittent faults may not be possible to repair economically, thereby causing equipment in this state to be removed from service permanently, with considerable loss in maintenance hours during damage diagnosis. Electromagnetic damage to any single element of a complex system could inhibit the function of the whole system. Other than hardening against attack, facilities which are concealed should not radiate readily detectable emissions. Complex and expensive experimental efforts are more timely and cost-effective if they are tested by theoretical and computational modelling. Electro-magnetic bombs are Weapons of Electronical Mass Destruction with applications across a broad spectrum of targets, spanning both the strategic and tactical.
The Carrington Event is widely known as the massive solar flare incident of 1859, but the phrase is about to take on a whole new meaning. The Walking Dead finale means 12 million fans will soon be left with nothing to do for one whole hour each week, until Season 4 starts in October.
The solar flare (CME) happens and power on the Carrington family farm is soon non-existent. Little do they know, they outside world is experiencing the same woes and rapidly descending into chaos.
The Carrington Event producer recently sat down with The Inquisitr to discuss the upcoming television series premiere. RU – Larry Gardner, longtime friend, collaborator, and editor on many of my film projects, was originally intrigued about the historic event that took place in 1859, called The Carrington Event, when he ran across a NASA report from 2005. Such a powerful electrical current would be generated that transformers, the heart of the electric grid, would literally have inside components melted, rendering them irreparable. I ran with Larry’s concept and initial feature film draft, working it into a pilot episode for a proposed 13 one-hour episodes—currently written and being marketed to networks and investors. IQ – Did the cast and producers get a crash course in the science behind space weather and solar flares as they prepared for their roles? IQ – The trailer for The Carrington Event appears to hint at a fusion of the Sci-Fi with docu-drama genres. RU – It is educational because we stick to the science of how a modern day Carrington Event would affect the world, the psychology and sociology of how individuals and whole groups would react, and showcasing preppers versus folks that relay on the modern day system to sustain them day-to-day. IQ – The Carrington Event trailer gives us a brief glimpse of what to expect from the movie. RU – Without modern conveniences, we find out who of us can lead, who has the mindset for challenges ahead. IQ – Should we expect to see the characters move from the stages of bewilderment to shock, then fear, before adapting either a survival or hopeless victim mindset? The report, “Severe Space Weather Events—Understanding Societal and Economic Impacts Workshop Report,” funded by NASA and issued by the US National Academy of Sciences (NAS) in 2008 advises of the extent such a disaster can have. According to the NAS report, the power supply to some 130 million people can be lost in about 90 seconds. It may take months or years to even begin to rebuild the destroyed infrastructure as melted transformer hubs cannot be repaired, only replaced. Assistance to the widespread affected areas will not occur quickly and the function of emergency equipment and services will likely be reduced. This file contains additional information, probably added from the digital camera or scanner used to create or digitize it. If the file has been modified from its original state, some details may not fully reflect the modified file. Now, an expert on the subject will present details that should concern every American, particularly in the wake of the U.S.
The webinar is hosted by the Clarion Project, an independently funded, non-profit organization dedicated to exposing the threat of Islamic extremism. Fry also has been a CIA analyst and staff director of the congressionally mandated EMP Commission.
Hea€™s spoken out about the risk of a disastrous EMP attack repeatedly, telling WND and its related G2 Bulletin multiple times about the threat.
Fry will address whether Americaa€™s recent concessions to Iran will make an EMP attack more likely.
There are two types of EMP attacks that could, experts believe, return America to an 18th century agrarian lifestyle that would cause millions of deaths.
The other would be an EMP from a nuclear explosion in the atmosphere about 50 to 100 miles above the U.S. Federal officials have estimated that a direct hit from either could cost $2 trillion in damage the first year and a recovery time frame of four to 10 years. Iran’s capabilities in this area, would require properly sequenced explosions of more than 20 weapons. Your cage has to provide an unobstructed electrical path across the entire exterior of the cage. Now: Every five minutes a Christian is attacked, killed or raped by a Muslim and those numbers are rising by the day. I strongly recommend that all read this online interview just recently again released, as shocking to some as it might be.
Brothers Fake A Zombie Apocalypse To Prank Little Sister After Wisdom Teeth Surgery, And It’s Hilarious! The following article is entirely the opinion of Patrick Frye and does not reflect the views of the Inquisitr. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, North Korea threatened a preemptive nuclear attack against the United States.
Currently, around 200,000 South Korean soldiers and 10,000 US troops are planned to engage in joint exercises until the end of April. Despite these facts, some experts believe that North Korea does not have a functional missile-based nuclear weapon.
But it’s also possible that North Korea is not planning a conventional nuclear mushroom cloud over the White House. Considering all this, do you fear that North Korea could successfully launch a preemptive nuclear strike, or an EMP attack? Thus causing the downfall of the nations society, commerce, industry,government and all types of institutions as we understand it in today?s world. These new types of technological warfare won?t stop terrorism or sabotage attacks against important national infrastructures as pipelines, refineries, factories, jumbo tanks, rail freight transports, police stations, military bases,etc.
Thus being paramount that as many as possible basic infrastructures operations centres must be protected at all costs in the event of the worst possible scenarios, especially power grids, water resources, telecommunications centres, civil protection, armed forces, government institutions,strategic fuel deposits, fuel delivery services and most importantly food and medical services to the general population. The contra-effect is then the use of IED?s to continue a never ending battle of will but the pyscological drama of all parties doesn?t stop once back home but only begins with the traumatic psychological battlefield stresses of all parties and for the rest of their lives, especially worse for the modern nations where living standards and human lives are more valuable socially. Who would of thought of modern warefare as todays cyber wars during the 1970?s Vietnam war?
However, this type of war can be done from a basement in New York to a specialist underground military bunker in Asia. We must then also take into consideration that even though we have prepared our Technokontrol Anti-EMPS Technology for a direct military, criminal or terrorist attack, we also must consider also natural disasters which may also occur at any time without any real firm precision even though scientific studies state that during 2014-2015 the sun solar activity will be at its highest in many years and we have already suffered in some parts of the world these effects as in Ottawa, Canada and in Australia where the solar radiation brought down many electronic base services. The EMP1 component is a very brief but intense electromagnetic field that can quickly induce very high voltages in electrical conductors. The electrons generated by these subsequent collisions have such reduced energy that they do not contribute significantly to the EMP1 pulse.
The strength of the EMP1 pulse depends upon the number and intensity of the gamma rays produced by the weapon and upon the rapidity of the gamma ray burst from the weapon. The reality and possible construction details of these weapons are classified, and therefore cannot be confirmed by scientists in the open scientific literature. The most significant risk is synergistic, because the EMP2 component follows a small fraction of a second after the first component's insult, which has the ability to impair or destroy many protective and control features.
The EMP3 component of the pulse is a very slow pulse, lasting tens to hundreds of seconds, that is caused by the nuclear detonation heaving the Earth's magnetic field out of the way, followed by the restoration of the magnetic field to its natural place.
This EMPS bomb attacks systems can now already presently take out electronic systems of nuclear or electric power plants, banks, trains, or even a simple telephone switchboard.

One uses conventional explosives to induce the EMP; another uses a single-use, high-power microwave generation device.
It destroys the electronics of all computer and communication systems in a quite large area. High Power Electro-magnetic Pulse generation techniques and High Power Microwave technology have matured to the point where practical electro-magnetic bombs are becoming technically feasible, with new applications in both Strategic and Tactical IW (Information Warfare). Under the right conditions, intense currents and electro-magnetic fields can be produced, generically called EMP (Electro-magnetic Pulse), that are felt at long distances.
At the same time, the earth acts as a conductor allowing the electrons to flow back toward the burst point where the positive ions are concentrated. About 3x10^-5 of the bomb's total energy goes into EMP in this case, 10^11 joules for a 1 Mt bomb.
Enormous induced electric currents are generated in wires, antennas, and metal objects (like missiles, airplanes, and building frames). The initial magnetic field in the FCG prior to explosive initiation is produced by a start current.
In principle, any device capable of producing a pulse of electrical current of the order of tens of kilo Amperes to Mega Amperes will be suitable. In an explosive or propellant driven MHD device, the conductor is a plasma of ionized explosive or propellant gas, which travels through the magnetic field. Many electrons will pass through the anode, forming a bubble of space charge behind the anode. Whilst weapons built this way are inherently wide band, as most of the power produced lies in the frequency band below 1 MHz compact antennas are not an option.
Firstly, the glide-bomb can be released from outside effective radius of target air defences, therefore minimizing the risk to the launch aircraft. Mobile and relocatable air defence equipment, mobile communications nodes and naval vessels are all good examples of this category of target.
To target such an emitter for attack requires only the ability to identify the type of emission and thus target type, and to isolate its position with sufficient accuracy to deliver the bomb. The use of stealthy reconnaissance aircraft or long range, stealthy Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) may be required.
This however may not always be possible, and therefore systems which can be expected to suffer exposure to the electro-magnetic weapons effects must be electro-magnetically hardened. However, most such equipment must communicate with and be fed with power from the outside world, and this can provide entry points via which electrical transients may enter the enclosure and effect damage. A range of devices exist, however care must be taken in determining their parameters to ensure that they can deal with the rise time and strength of electrical transients produced by electro-magnetic devices. This factor must also be considered when assessing the hardness of equipment against electro-magnetic attack, as partial or incomplete hardening may in this fashion cause more difficulties than it would solve. Such computations are made tractable by viewing the device as a system consisting of a pulsed power source, microwave source, and an antenna. As such their use offers a very high payoff in attacking the fundamental information processing and communication facilities of a target system. Energetic producer Rob Underhill’s passion about the solar storm prompted the creation of a six-season television series.
The Carrington Event is a well-written drama that also focuses on what happens in America after an end of the world as we know it disaster. The series focuses on how the Carrington family and their community is forced to quickly deal with the shock of the downed power grid.
The Carrington family must look past their individual differences and work together in order to survive in the dark new world.
The report sought to determine what effects a solar storm of the same magnitude would have today on the nation’s power grid and communications apparatus. Larry and I wrote the featurette that will have its world premiere Saturday, May 11 at 6:30pm at the 13th Cape Fear Independent Film Festival in Wilmington, North Carolina. And our film’s Facebook page is a wealth of links to real science on the subject, reports of big solar flares happening in our time.
It is entertaining to the utmost because the audience follows the unknowable developments with the characters, they are on the ride from the beginning of the event, and the TV series, as well as the featurette, takes the viewer over the course of a two week period. Does the film focus primarily on the human aspect of life after a massive solar flare hits Earth? So this is about the transformation of character, of interpersonal relationships, of struggle. While The Carrington Event is a disaster as dangerous as a meteorite impact or super virus, it is a quiet one with pretty northern lights across the hemisphere for a day or two and the electric grid poofing out. The United States has developed a society that is technologically advanced however a potential for near total destruction of these systems and the interrelated infrastructure has been built in. A Single fusion (Atomic bomb) weapon would not produce large enough of an EMP to do what this claims. But, it would still require 3 or more weapons to provide adequate coverage over the 48 states.
The remedies you see published online, are only effective at the extreme ranges of the EMP.
The objective of a Faraday cage is to prevent a high voltage potential drop across the protected component. But while many are doubtful North Korea can successfully pull off a targeted nuclear strike on Washington DC, is it possible that North Korea can still harm us?
South Korea has warned North Korea of bold and decisive retaliation if North Korea follows through on its recent threats to resume the Korean War.
They’re assuming that the size of the current functioning nuclear weapons are too large for a missile. In 2004, a high level delegation of Russian Generals told the Congressional Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) Commission that secrets had leaked to North Korea for a decisive new nuclear weapon — a Super EMP warhead.
This will only increase the spectrum of terror or piracy armament portfolio against normal stable nations, governments or corporations for whatever reason, from economical blackmail to political power control, simple eco-politcial-terrorism or to pure international criminal activities. The EMP1 component causes most of its damage by causing electrical breakdown voltages to be exceeded. The magnitude of this pulse typically decays to half of its peak value within 200 nanoseconds. The strength of the EMP1 pulse is also somewhat dependent upon the altitude of the detonation. The EMP2 component of the pulse has many similarities to the electromagnetic pulses produced by lightning, although the electromagnetic pulse induced by a nearby lightning strike may be considerably larger than the EMP2 component of a nuclear EMP.
The energy associated with the second component thus may be allowed to pass into and damage systems. The EMP3 component has similarities to a geomagnetic storm caused by a very severe solar flare.[Like a geomagnetic storm, EMP3 can produce geo-magnetically induced currents in long electrical conductors, which can then damage components such as power line transformers. The EMP bomb can be smaller than a HERF gun to cause a similar amount of damage and is typically used to damage not a single target (not aiming in one direction) but to damage all equipment near the bomb.
They are categorized as High Power Microwave Weapons (HPM) and Ultra Wide Band Weapon (UWB). Living organisms are impervious to these effects, but electrical and electronic equipment can be temporarily or permanently disabled by them. This is because EMP is generated by the asymmetric absorption of instantaneous gamma rays produced by the explosion.
The gamma rays emitted downward however are absorbed by the ground which prevents charge separation from occurring.
EMP is formed in high altitude explosions when the downwardly directed gamma rays encounter denser layers of air below. Commercial electrical grids are immense EMP antennas and would be subjected to voltage surges far exceeding those created by lightning, and over vastly greater areas. Fireball blackout can cause radar to be blocked for tens of seconds to minutes over an area tens of kilometers across. The start current is supplied by an external source, such a high voltage capacitor bank (Marx bank), a smaller FCG or the MHD device. Under the proper conditions, this space charge region will oscillate at microwave frequencies. Secondly, the large standoff range means that the aircraft can remain well clear of the bomb's effects. Buildings housing government offices and thus computer equipment, production facilities, military bases and known radar sites and communications nodes are all targets which can be readily identified through conventional photographic, satellite, imaging radar, electronic reconnaissance and humint operations.
While radiating, their positions can be precisely tracked with suitable Electronic Support Measures (ESM) and Emitter Locating Systems (ELS) carried either by the launch platform or a remote surveillance platform. The latter also raises the possibility of autonomous electro-magnetic warhead armed expendable UAVs, fitted with appropriate homing receivers. While optical fibers address this requirement for transferring data in and out, electrical power feeds remain an on-going vulnerability.
Reports from the US indicate that hardening measures attuned to the behaviour of nuclear EMP bombs do not perform well when dealing with some conventional microwave electro-magnetic device designs.
Older equipment and systems may be impossible to harden properly and may require complete replacement. Indeed, shielding which is incomplete may resonate when excited by radiation and thus contribute to damage inflicted upon the equipment contained within it. The massed application of these weapons will produce substantial paralysis in any target system, thus providing a decisive advantage in the conduct of Electronic Combat, Offensive Counter Air and Strategic Air Attack.
Although there won’t be any zombies roaming the Earth after a massive solar flare, the characters are still forced to hone skills quickly in order to survive.
The family quickly realizes that they have no way to know what is going on in the outside world. The 13 part first season was written in large part by my longtime writer friend Allen Gies from Michigan.
We spent time discussing real world effects and in filming this we made every effort to keep it as close to the science as possible. Beyond destruction of major components of the Grid, most of the infrastructure of our modern society is driven by electricity.
Water which is pumped electrically is not available to many users immediately if they are supplied by pump and fairly soon for those who have water gravity supplied but initially pumped from reservoirs, wells or lakes.
The NAS Report advises that a severe geomagnetic storm impact could be as high as $2 trillion and require take a four to ten year recovery period.
Until the EMP Voltage levels are below 20,000 volts, solid state and inductive components are going to be destroyed. They will induce high currents in the inductive components creating high voltages that will destroy insulation in the inductive units and the connected components.
If there is a seam in the cage that is not properly designed, the joint will create resistance in the conductive path, resulting in the high voltage field across the component.
In these prophecies it is said that Iran is blamed and we ultimately and immediately attack Iran.
Even Dennis Rodman has gotten in on the peace talks, declaring that North Korea’s 28 year old dictator Kim Jong Un only wants a phone call from President Obama in order to avoid a war. The rogue nation recently sent a monkey into space and back safely, which indicates their long-rang missiles could reach other continents, and they even tested a working nuclear bomb that shook the Earth.
Keep in mind that the world also vastly underestimated the military strength of Saddam Hussein before the Gulf War in 1990, and then grandly overestimated the same capabilities before the more recent Iraq War. EMP1 is the component that can destroy computers and communications equipment and it changes too quickly for ordinary lightning protectors to provide effective protection against it. At intermediate altitudes the air absorbs these rays fairly uniformly and does not generate long range electro-magnetic disturbances. Although only about 3x10^-10 of the total explosion energy is radiated as EMP in a ground burst (10^6 joules for 1 Mt bomb), it is concentrated in a very short pulse. Modern VLSI chips are extremely sensitive to voltage surges, and would be burned out by even small leakage currents.
The electrical properties of the plasma are optimized by seeding the explosive or propellant with suitable additives, which ionize during the burn. If the space charge region is placed into a resonant cavity which is appropriately tuned, very high peak powers may be achieved. Finally the bomb's autopilot may be programmed to shape the terminal trajectory of the weapon, such that a target may be engaged from the most suitable altitude and aspect.
These targets are typically geographically fixed and thus may be attacked providing that the aircraft can penetrate to weapon release range. UE has attracted most attention in the context of TEMPEST surveillance, where transient emanations leaking out from equipment due poor shielding can be detected and in many instances demodulated to recover useful intelligence. These would be programmed to loiter in a target area until a suitable emitter is detected, upon which the UAV would home in and expend itself against the target.
The use of these protective systems with our own electromagnetic power supply as the TK-Omega RF5000 and TK-Orion RF5000 will also not to need to require external energy supply thus closing down all and any leaks thus allowing the base or bunker totally EMPS protected and anti EMPS attack proof. Thus needing to use Technokontrols Anti-EMPS Protection Technology which as being simple and effective will not need to be applied to the internal electronics of any of the devices required for protection as the whole area, zone, section will be protected for all outside EMPS and thus needing to install an antenna to continue to operate with the outside world once the danger has been overcome or passed allowing normal operations to continue if desired. In simple terms, hardening by design is significantly easier than attempting to harden existing equipment. His teen daughter’s goal at the moment is to ditch life in the small town for a big city existence. We also see the dissolution of government civil services, police, fire departments, hospitals—so we explore how infrastructure is affected.
Water and sewage treatment, food distribution systems from supermarkets and distribution centers, utility station controls (gas, electrical, nuclear plants), delivery of fuel to the transportation industry, financial markets and many others all rely on electricity. Electrically powered transportation vehicles stop and gas fueled vehicles cannot be supplied with electrically pumped gas which would affect deliveries. The major transformers in the Grid are unique so up to 12 months can be required to build the specialized transformers for segments of the power supply system that has been affected. Contributing AuthorVenezuela Rations Power to Avert Collapse: “Do You Think It Can’t Happen Here?” Tuesday, April 12, 2016The rationing of electricity or the lack of affordability would change life as we know it.

These experts were not even expecting North Korea to successfully pull off a three stage rocket launch for many years. This means that most of the electrons are stopped by collisions with air molecules before they can complete one full circle of its spiral around the Earth's magnetic field lines. The charge separation persists for only a few tens of microseconds, making the emission power some 100 gigawatts. The zone can extend all the way to the horizon, to 2500 km for an explosion at an altitude of 500 km. Termed Van Eck radiation, such emissions can only be suppressed by rigorous shielding and emission control techniques, such as are employed in TEMPEST rated equipment. Thus using Technokontrol Anti-EMPS technology will avoid mass change-over investments and allowing all electronics to continue their normal operations reducing cost, time, burden and protecting classified data, locations or confidential interests to outside operators. Joseph Carrington’s 10-year-old son is a typical modern child who would likely go into withdrawal without video games, television, and the internet. Larry and I sketched how the world would descend into chaos once electricity was removed from the equation. By the following day, unease will creep in without radio and television to relay that the world is okay.
Underhill has also been at the helm of more than 50 short films that have been screened at more than 100 world-wide film festivals. Once you get outside you notice that a power outage hit your neighborhood, you check your phone but it’s dead too.
The field strengths for ground bursts are high only in the immediate vicinity of the explosion. Nuclear plants are shut down when major Grid problems occur and their control systems dependent on electricity may have been damaged to the point of not functioning. Contributing Author$3 Trillion Black Hole Could Destroy Economy: “True Extent of Pension Problem Has Been Obscured” Tuesday, April 12, 2016In a perfect world, all this stuff would have been responsibly managed, and the returns would be modest and predictable.
That doesn’t make any sense, the street lamps are off and nothing seems to work, then it hits you “It happened, an EMP attack happened and everything is fried”.
For smaller bombs they aren't very important because they are strong only where the destruction is intense anyway. The Earth's magnetic field causes the electrons in this layer to spiral as they travel, creating a powerful downward directed electro-magnetic pulse lasting a few microseconds. Coal plants typically have a 30 day supply and won’t be resupplied if the transportation system is lost. It’s time to rely on your EMP attack survival plan and keep your family safe.You realize that the world you knew is gone and any electronic device more sophisticated than a basic flashlight is fried beyond repair. Hospitals basically have provisions for 72 hours emergency operation and beyond that life sustaining services are no longer possible. As refrigeration and heating is lost food and medical supplies spoil leaving these necessities no longer usable. Most of them go unnoticed, but massive pulses can destroy some of the sensitive electronic devices. A large EMP attack can destroy the transformers that regulate our power grid and it creates a chain reaction that can destroy humanity itself. Before you make an EMP attack survival plan, you must know how probable an EMP attack is and how it’s created.Which are the main sources that can cause an EMP attack?Solar Coronal Mass Ejection (CME)This event is one of the most probable natural disasters that can hit our planet and it’s a major concern for many governments, including the government of the United States. A coronal mass ejection (CME) is a sudden eruption of plasma from the surface of the sun, what NASA calls “Solar Storms”.
NASA keeps warning us that if a large solar storm were to hit Earth, the EMP pulse will cause transformers to short and it will destroy our power grid. It seems that major news channels don’t take this threat seriously and I haven’t seen our government take any precautionary measures for the general public.
I’ve seen the manufacturing process of parts needed for our power grid being outsourced to China and it’s like adding another nail to our coffin. The worst part is that, these types of events happened before and although it didn’t had such a big impact at that time, it will be another story in today’s modern times. Even more, most of the US citizens haven’t even heard of an EMP attack survival plan and they have no clue of what to do in the eventuality of such event.Nuclear Detonation (NEMP)A nuclear electromagnetic pulse is a pulse created by a nuclear detonation. If a nuclear warhead detonates close to the surface of the Earth, the EMP blast is absorbed into the ground and the effect is negligible.
However, if a nuclear warhead is detonated dozens or hundreds of miles above the Earth, the situation changes dramatically and the effects are devastating.
An EMP attack high in the upper atmosphere will spread with incredible speed with nothing to contain or interrupt it. Only in recent years the army has developed an EMP attack survival guide and it’s becoming a threat acknowledged by army officials. The effects of a nuclear EMP attack are so precise that it damages even small circuitry and overall, makes it much more dangerous and destructive than a coronal mass ejection.How likely is an EMP attack (event)?An EMP attack striking the United States is a real scenario and with the addiction we get from our electronic devices, our vulnerability increases.
Strategic Command said at some point that an EMP attack “it is not a matter of if, it is a matter of when”.
If Russia and China have the means to produce and detonate high-altitude nuclear bombs, you may think that they are the primary suspects, but the reality is different. North Korea successfully tested an EMP weapon in 2009 and Isis is planning to detonate EMP devices on US soil. There is a lot of information out there about their actions and how they keep the media “busy” with their gruesome videos, while working on their bigger plan on the side. These hateful extremists understood that they can’t win unless they strike at the core of our needs (power, supplies and security) and detonating an EMP on American soil is their main goal.As for EMPs caused by the sun, at the moment NASA is keeping an eye on the solar activity and experts are constantly releasing warnings and forecasts of extreme solar weather. They keep telling us that we will have no more than two or three days of advance notice should the sun emit a large burst. They keep telling the government that people should learn how to protect themselves from an EMP attack because such event could happen at any time, but nobody seems to listen or care.
I can’t really explain this, but I’m assuming that the human factor is considered a more probable reality or threat than the cosmos factor when it comes to EMP attacks.
Both threats should be considered and should be taken into account in my opinion.What would happen during an EMP attack?There are scenarios being created by scientists and there is also some good literature that can tell us what will happen during an EMP attack.
The reality is that nobody knows the full extent of the damage a solar EMP would cause, but NASA experts hypothesize that the outcome would be apocalyptic.When it comes to the effects of a nuclear EMP attack the army knows more about this than the average citizen would think.
Since the 1960 both the United States and the Soviet Union have raced in conducting multiple high-altitude nuclear tests.
The US Strategic Command is constantly creating EMP targeting maps for Russia, China, and other areas around the world.
The other countries are doing the same and it’s a time race to which we are simple spectators. The main point one should take away is that the US Strategic Command established that an EMP detonation at a tactically optimal location and height above the United States would erase modern civilization.There are disaster scale models being theorized for the United States and according to some of them between 250,000 to 500,000 deaths will occur immediately following a large EMP attack. An EMP attack has no effect on the human body and depending where you live, you won’t even know it happened until you maneuver an electronic device.All experts agree that the 2-3 years following a large EMP attack will claim millions of lives. Having an EMP attack survival guide and knowing what to do in the first days after the event will determine your chances of survival.Prepping to survive an EMP attackIn the aftermath of an EMP attack, depending on the environment you live in, your health, inclement weather and the resources you have, you will need to take immediate action. In the first minutes following the EMP attack you will need to make a decision that will drastically impact your chances of survival.
It provides shelter and if you know your neighbors well enough, you have better chances of making it and it will add an extra layer of security. It won’t last long so you need to start filling bottles, buckets and everything you’ve got. I’ve discussed about water bricks in a previous article so having these around your house is a good idea.Go shopping after an EMP attack hits Grab all the cash you have and run to the local grocery store, don’t stop until you get there.
Depending on where you live and if you act fast enough; chances are the stores are still open for business and accepting cash. If an EMP attacks occours your goal is to get the medicine you need and increase your medical supplies if you have the time. Get over the counter pain relievers and fever reducers and other medicine you think might come in handy.Improvise a cooking areaMake sure you improvise a cooking area inside your home if possible because you can take advantage of the fire for heating purposes.
If this is not an option you can improvise something in your yard and dig a shallow fire pit.
Having a solar stove is also a good option and you can either buy one or build one yourself.
Since an EMP attack will kill your fridge start first by cooking the perishable foods from you fridge.Establish a defensible perimeter and secure your homeEvery homeowner should know how to protect his home, which are the weak points of the home and what should expect if the world goes crazy. Besides implementing all sort of defense strategies like described in the article below, you should also know which the neighbors you can count on are. Cooperate with them and determine what area you will protect from the criminal elements of society. Choosing a group of houses and creating a single fortified position will increase your chances of survival.
Guns and ammunition play an important role in your survival strategy after an EMP attack and your family members should be able to use them. Knowledge will be one of your greatest assets after an EMP attack and you need to protect your SHTF library.
Search for any device that might have escaped the EMP attack, anything from power generators to radios.
You can also build a faraday cage to protect your electronic devices and there are multiple how to videos on the internet.
Some even suggest transforming your garage into a faraday cage to protect your car and other devices.Dig a latrineYou need to find a location away from your home to dig a latrine.
Waste management will become a real problem after an EMP attack and you should think about how you can handle it.Becoming self sufficient after an EMP attack Self-sufficiency in an urban environment will be difficult, but not impossible. You will have to throw out most of your furniture or use it as burning wood and make room for aeroponics installations. Staying out of sight and protecting your family during the first 3-4 months following an EMP attack will be a non-stop duty. Scavenging for supplies will require a lot of preparedness and precaution, as you will need to map the areas worth scavenging. It will depend on many factors, but one thing is certain, you need to have the proper survival knowledge. Bugging out after an EMP attackLack of electricity and communications will cripple law Enforcement and if you live in an urban area, you should expect a lot of riots and looting. When the supply chain is broken an urban area will shut down faster and starvation will set in sooner in the cities than in rural areas. You have a maximum of 30 minutes following an EMP attack to decide if you have to bug out or bug in. However, if you are right, you will gain valuable time and you will be able to shake off some of the “last minute stress”. By assuming the worst you will enter in survival mode faster and you will take decisions without overthinking them.
You won’t wait around hoping things will get better if you start with the assumption that there is no turning back to what once was. Get out as soon and as fast as possible after an EMP attack.You should have a bug-out allianceLong before an EMP attack happens you should form an alliance with the neighbors that you trust. You will not be the only one leaving and having trustworthy companions will make a huge difference. There is safety in numbers and even if you will split later on, making it out of the city as a team is very important. You need to meet with people and form your own survival group before an EMP attack happens. Developing a community response plan for your neighborhood and having a survival group is indicated, regardless of what you prepare for.
On survival forums people described how they are testing their escape plans during holidays and city events when there is a lot of commotion. It’s a good way to see how fast you can make it out when an EMP attack happens.Have a destinationMany preppers think about bugging out without having a bug out location or a specific destination. Your destination should be somewhere close to fresh water and natural food sources and within one to two days walk from your home.Always plan for delaysThings don’t always work out as we plan them and you should assume that there will be delays preventing you to reach your bug out location. You can get injured, you will need to hide from looters, and there is always the randomness factor we should consider. You should have one or two temporary shelter sites along the route to your bug out location. Keep the map in your bag and plan for alternative routes if you don’t have any other choice.Dress in layers when you bug outYou should dress in layers depending on the weather from your environment and it’s always good to have a spare change of clothing in your bug out bag. You should have a well-equipped bug out bag that covers all your needs in terms of food, water, shelter, clothing and protection.Make sure you can become self-sufficient after an EMP attack Living off the grid long-term is an impossible task if you lack the proper land, fresh water and useful tools.
A threat to survival may well be your neighbors and having an isolated bug out location is preferred by many. Living off the grid requires a lot of work and a lot of knowledge (your SHTF library will come in handy). Most importantly, living off the grid means learning to live with limitations and learning how to cooperate with nature. You need to be able to produce your own food and make sure it lasts during the winter season.
You need to produce power so learning how to build a biogas generator might be a good idea.
My family has just started prepping ourselves and an EMP Attack is one of the first things we are preparing for.
By the time we figure out what is going on, it will already be too late for any precautionary measures. So for that scenario you are talking all out nuclear conflict between nations,not a terrorist attack.

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