What’s even worse is that our government is doing absolutely nothing to prepare for such an event!
In testimony delivered on September 12, Brandon Wales, director of the Department of Homeland Securitya€™s (DHS) Infrastructure Threat and Risk Analysis Center, admitted that DHS remains unprepared for the possibility of an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) event or attack. Wales testified that the nationa€™s power grid is more vulnerable now than it was a few years ago.
An EMP attack could bring this country to a screeching halt by permanently disabling electronic devices. An EMP is a high intensity burst of electromagnetic energy either caused naturally or caused intentionally through a high altitude nuclear explosion (EMP). Former Federal Agent Reveals the Real Threat of EMP and Possibility of Russian Invasion-Including Martial Law (Part One) from Lyn Leahz on Vimeo. Even though I have been out of service since 2004, people are telling me the agencies are getting back into the habit of not talking to each other. I have always wondered whether a parking garage would offer protection to vehicles under ground.
I know it’s all coming but, I am not subscribing to your BS channel nor am I ever going to make a donation. You watch old movies, like Death Valley Days, Rifle Man, and the Lone ranger..You Be Macho Grande OK!!! Number One do not wave at planes, they shoot you after the Blastoids Emp Devices, they have special Planes, vehicles that will work after the emp blastoids, we learn this in school…What school you go tooo? Our school teach us this, plus we watch death Valley Days, 20 mule team, etc, and know what roots good to eat..YOU?
Also you watch Hogans Hero’s, this way you know all the tricks for when you go to the FEMA camp. You always keep some beans in your pockets, and when it is time to vote, you act dumb, and keep on voting. Yes, act very dumb, Put some voter bumper-stickers on your Auto, and keep Voting, and also give donations to your politicians, this will give you some time to watch more Lone Ranger movies, and old re-runs of Death Valley Days to prepare yourself.
You must also remember…most of that area regularly goes without power for long periods of time due to major storm systems. Probably doesn’t hurt to be prepared for a long stretch without electricity and I have a garage full of camping gear (enough for 6). An EMP attack is coming….by your lovely Government and Military that the American people refuse to kick off this planet! The radical conservative is always complaining that the government is too much in our business. If you have yr act together then the hundreds of thousands that don’t will be knocking at your door.

If you need detail on Lanskshire ways to survive Blastoid type EMP devices, you let me know.
After an EMP strike there will be MASS starvation, outbreak of disease, INVASION and the rest killed of by chem and bio weapons and finished off with hammered NUKE strikes, however, not necessarily in that order.
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Today these Ten Tribes are easily identified but these people cannot know it even though the evidence is plainly in front of them. But that does not mean a great majority of humans will suffer horrendous violence and evil in a short time. Your little history lesson was not new information…nor did it add to or detract from my point.
But there you have it, not only once but twice, and now some say, just like a welfare negro we might never be able to get him out. Canada and the United States are currently vulnerable to an imminent threat that could “topple the pillars of civilization”, says the executive director of the EMP Task Force on National Homeland Security, a U.S. A well-planned attack would be “a mortal threat to the West,” says Pry, who’s studied the issue since doing his doctorate in strategic studies and then becoming an analyst with the CIA, where he was their EMP point man.
The odds are pretty good that after an EMP attack – we would see a situation much like what was depicted on the TV series Jericho. I think we defend ourselves against an EMP attack by being prepared to wipe anyone of the planet who might be capable of doing it before they get a chance to do it. Of course there is a good chance that either France or Britain will become the first Islamic state with a proper nuclear arsenal, so we should probably start by doing something about that.
The average person can only speculate on what will and will not happen and what may or may not function. Logically, you would prepare by learning to live without electricity, however logic is one thing practicality is another.
Keep in mind, to become fully prepared, and to know exactly what to expect, you would have to sever your dependency on electricity, and the only way to do this is to live without its many benefits for extended training periods. Practicing in a controlled environment allows you to experience the scenario, so your mistakes will not be life threatening, instead they can be a learning experience. Electricity is so established in peoplea€™s lives they do not give a second thought to the many things that rely on electricity. Even if you go off the grid your home built system is probably just as vulnerable to an emp as the mainstream grid.
Nevertheless, he could not provide Congress with an estimate for how much it would cost to combat such vulnerabilities.

The pulse is so damaging that it could knock out any unprotected electronics, automated control systems, our electrical grid (which is very vulnerable), and more.
We have three grids in the United States: the eastern grid, the western grid, and the Texas grid. Peter Pry discussed the importance of protecting North American infrastructure from an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) attack the effects of which would be devastating. No More Censorship, Unlike YouTube and Others!Eye catching to say the least, but to anyone that had been paying attention this is old news. However, because an EMP is, or can be used, in military operations, the full extent of what the possible damage would be is not clear, nor will it ever be until it happens. This means you have to unplug, truly unplug, not for hours but for days and even weeks at a time so you are not left guessing about whether you can survive in the days after an EMP.
The Kremlin cold-bloodedly decided to test the effects of an EMP on a heavily populated, developed area in Kazakhstan.
According to the report, nearly 500,000 people will die in the first few minutes of an EMP. Targets of such an attack could prepare and protect against such an event, so one must leave the targets guessing in military operations.
You need electricity to withdraw money and to pump fuel, so immediately your life is altered making some tasks almost impossible or make them feel like they are impossible, until you can adjust or do without altogether. Assumedly, some will die because they rely on electricity for life support, and some may be in surgery at the time and the list goes on and only further emphasizes the dependency, life-threatening dependency on electricity. Will it be as destructive as everyone imagines, or even beyond our imagination or somewhere in between.
Imagine living in the Dark Ages: This is what it would be like to live through an EMP attack.
According to Emanuelson, the E3, a component phase of the pulse, was more than twice as intense as that from a solar flare that crashed the entire Quebec electrical grid in 90 seconds in 1989.
Then there are the auto accidents and train derailments because signal lights failed, and planes will fall from the sky, or will they. The Jack & Rexella Van Impe Report (Video) The Hal Lindsey Report: The Afflictions of the Righteous (Video) Must see!
Rick Warren Recommends Pagan Mantra Japa Meditation “Technique” for Christians (Video) APOSTASY AT THE DOOR!

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