As the world has become dependent upon the technology which we use from day to day, there has been a substantial amount of concern about the security of such technologies.
It would be reasonable to believe that there are great methodologies in place to ensure that life can continue on without disturbances. However, although the individual platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google have measures in place to secure their software, there is virtually nothing in place currently to secure the actual electronic elements of our nation. Because our infrastructure has a large gap in its electronic securities, there can be what is called an EMP attack.
Most items which are dependent upon computerized electronics would fail to work, or in a best case scenario reset them to their default manufacturing state. Granted, you may have a birth certificate and a social security, but if an EMP attack occurs, how is such information verified? And being as that the government is not known for just taking us at our word, there will be no real way to tell who is who. Those which performed the attack could easily infiltrate the United States as citizens so long as they have the (easily forged) printed documents. Where I am sure that emergency backup will be used in a no power situation, there will be millions which will be without power indefinitely.
Air conditioners (in hot weather) cannot regulate the temperatures for the elderly and so man will perish due to heat stroke. Hospitals will not be able to use essential equipment like defibrillators or even electronic IV systems. Yes, most vehicles can have the electronic system bypassed to run strictly off of the compression elements. However, most people do not know how to perform this task and so those vehicles which are dependent upon sophisticated electronic systems and push to start electronic ignitions will find themselves without a means of transportation. Only individuals who are living off the grid and harvesting their own produce will be able to have fresh fruits and vegetables. Because the produce in grocery stores is kept fresh by refrigeration and electronic monitoring systems, an EMP may disable such systems.
At minimum, the EMP will shut off the power not allowing the refrigeration process to work.
Possibly one of the greatest threats of an EMP would be that we would have no communications.
Where it is true that direct contact can be made with letter and such, strategic planning as well as news reports and updates would be stopped. If all the technology is wiped out and individuals are forced to live of the land as a result, those which are preppers and survivalists will have the highest probability of survival and the least amount of hindrances to their existing lifestyle. Those which are dominated by their electronics and mobile devices will see the highest rate of fatalities.
Those which have learned bushcrafts, firecrafts, and other such needed skills will be those which are most threatening to the government.
It can be predicted that an EMP will force survivalist to go deep below the grid in order to survive. If an EMP were to occur, there would be several other catastrophic disasters which would occur as a result of it.

Immediate Martial Law – Under the guise of trying to maintain and restore order an EO would be implemented almost immediately giving the president full power. Financial Collapse of the economy and a cease to foreign relations – As our money will be unavailable import and export will cease.
National Plague – The center of disease control in Atlanta, Georgia is very likely to have a breech in the containment as most of these are based upon computer based systems. Being as how power, refrigeration (which keeps a great deal of the diseases dormant), security, and power are all based upon sophisticated computers, an EMP would put the nation at risk for several plagues. Radiation and Nuclear Meltdowns – where I would hope that these systems have a backup source to regulate and monitor them. Take into consideration what happened in Japan and multiply that by all the plants which are in the Nation.
Dear Lord, do you have a message to the Government of Canada?  Are they receiving your messages?  What impact is it having? In the video below a man by the name of Dale Lewis, posted to his facebook page that there will be an EMP attack this June in Texas.
After all, dona€™t you think our young men and women who serve this country would give us some type of warning, knowing full well they would get into trouble if they did warn the public. This is just so NONSENSE that I bet a creme-filled doughnut deluxe that by July 4th you will be eating hotdogs and dreaming up your next big story. Has anyone seen the movie True Lies, with Arnie Schwartzawhatzsisname and Jamie lee Curtis?
I listened to you video about an possible EMP attack on Texas, it would shut Texas down for a very long time. I suggest you go to Military Embedded Systems and read about the Boeing CHAMPS system, because you are incorrect. Just think being out on the road and your frigging boss could not ring up to ask when will you be done and marchines don’t send you speeding fines and spy on you.
Dude, she didnt make this up, the interview with this person is real she simply shared it with us… Dont blast the messenger.
Swedish police have ceded control over 55 ‘no-go zones’ to predominately Muslim criminal gangs.
Military personnel at the Los Angeles Air Force Base were treated to a Diversity Day musical performance featuring three individuals dressed in drag. Photographs of the event show an individual wearing a giant wig performing to a sparse crowd underneath the American flag. Good thing they kept his name out of the story; he would have been court martialed as a homophobe.
Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Now is the time to start thinking about these issues because with every event the mainstream media focuses on (all the staged events) they are marching the masses psychologically toward tyranny and permanent enslavement.
The following alert comes to us from the website of Steve Quayle and shares a readers recent experiences in Oklahoma. At its simplest explanation, an EMP would cause a major override to surge protectors and to electronics nationally.

Even devices which do not work off of electricity would be affected as the EMP would disrupt radio waves as well as satellite communications. We are already seeing martial law strategies being implemented in cities with have suffered natural disasters, if there is a catastrophic event executive orders for a national state of martial law is probable.
Trump: Ban abortions, punish women who get them – Trump was a Spanish priest in his past life!
He claims he was informed through a friend who was approached by a solider about the coming disaster. Muslim Migrants so evil Rape classes’ created to explain its a bad IDEA to rape western women. It’s unclear whether the individuals in high heels and form-fitting dresses are members of the Air Force. With September now approaching, we also now learn that the next phase of the 'Jade Helm' psyop has been rolled out according to this linked Activist Post story shared in the 2nd video below from Citizen of Gotham.
All the functions of government can be accomplished by a cooperative, incentive-based society or with a bottom-up structure of government where the people tell the government what to do. Alaska Will Snap Off, No Use Running Into Bunkers-Earth Crust Will Crack Open, Message to Those in Authority EMP Attack from Solar Flares Soon- Power Grid Out, What ya gonna do? Your 4th grade grammar, not-to-mention your sub IQ, is on display every time you make a comment, you know, like the one you just made, hypocritically I might add. People that only accept what they want or need to hear and ridicule or immediately dismiss anything else, in my opinion are fools. In the 3rd video, Professor Doom breaks down this massive convoy as well as shows us another lengthy military vehicle convoy traveling through Indiana and asks if all of these latest sightings of machines of war on American soil recently are tied to Jade Helm 15. Under this structure the people would carry the power of the sword and the power of the purse. Or, is seeing SO MANY military convoys such as this in America somehow the new 'normal' in our Republic as we edge toward 'economic armageddon'? The 1st video shows the entire train that drove by (Magnolia station) with many of the military vehicles on this train seen in the screenshots above and below the videos for those who are unable to watch videos or prefer not to do so. Lisa can sometimes present things in a bit of a scattered manor but overall she delivers things well enough for me to understand her message and opinion which in turn assists me as I draw my conclusions. Certainly with a country addicted to military power such as the US is, this train provides a 'show of strength' but is making others wonder what they are all for. Is what is going on in Ferguson, Missouri right now somehow tied to Jade Helm 15 and are we now watching a massive psyop against the American people designed to end in a 'boot stamping upon a human face forever'?
Activist Post breaks down the 'State of Emergency' that has been called in Ferguson and ties it to the 'bigger picture'. Are we witnessing the 'beginning of the end' of Liberty and Justice in America?The solution to this subtle, mainstream media story rolling out State of Emergency is to understand what it means in the bigger picture and the importance of understand your rights.
Be calm and always know your rights regardless of any lockdown or any other government-staged events of aggression dressed as being for your “protection.” Take this moment to become more familiar with the true concept of freedom.

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