In the video below a man by the name of Dale Lewis, posted to his facebook page that there will be an EMP attack this June in Texas.
After all, dona€™t you think our young men and women who serve this country would give us some type of warning, knowing full well they would get into trouble if they did warn the public.
This is just so NONSENSE that I bet a creme-filled doughnut deluxe that by July 4th you will be eating hotdogs and dreaming up your next big story. Has anyone seen the movie True Lies, with Arnie Schwartzawhatzsisname and Jamie lee Curtis? I listened to you video about an possible EMP attack on Texas, it would shut Texas down for a very long time. I suggest you go to Military Embedded Systems and read about the Boeing CHAMPS system, because you are incorrect. Just think being out on the road and your frigging boss could not ring up to ask when will you be done and marchines don’t send you speeding fines and spy on you. Dude, she didnt make this up, the interview with this person is real she simply shared it with us… Dont blast the messenger. Billionaire hedge fund manager Paul Singer is warning investors – and more broadly, lawmakers and leaders – about the potential destructive power of an electromagnetic pulse, or EMP, which could be triggered by solar events or artificially, via blasts in the atmosphere. According to Singer, research shows that no other incident, including a nuclear bomb, has the potential for such wide-scale devastation, coupled with the relative likelihood of occurring. Members of Congress and other officials based in Washington have previously conferred on the threats rendered by an EMP, with Rep.
Government agencies, such as NASA and Homeland Security, have taken some preliminary steps towards preparing for an EMP attack – regardless of the potential for natural of man made causes – but the public at large remains cripplingly unaware of the dangers present to modern life, and its reliance on all things electronic, digital and, thus, transient. We reported in August 2013 on then Homeland Security chief Janet Napolitano’s claim that a collapse of the grid was an imminent ‘if not when’ scenario… unsettling, whatever one’s read on the looming government agendas at work. The prolific writer Michael Snyder, warning that an impending EMP event that could bring down the entire grid is “only a matter of time,” outlined some steps that individuals can take to prepare, protect their devices, and plan for adjustments to life off the grid, which could take months or even years to repair in some areas. Also, with some planning, you can create Faraday cages and bags to shield electronics (perhaps backup units and parts) from damage. We encourage you to share and republish our reports, analyses, breaking news and videos (Click for details).
This report to some may be interpreted as an attempt to a€?fear monger,a€? or sensationalise, however thata€™s just not the case. Texas fought for ita€™s independence once already, joined the Confederated States in the Civil War, and has threatened seccesion many times. Jade HelmOut of what is listed above, the only one that makes the cut for likeliness to happen, is Jade Helm. This article may be re-posted with full attribution to the author, and leaving all links in tact. NOTE: This article is speculation and presented as such so the reader can ultimately draw their own conclusions. Andrew is an independent mind who has dedicated his life to activism, writing, and researching.
The article is reproduced in accordance with Section 107 of title 17 of the Copyright Law of the United States relating to fair-use and is for the purposes of criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research.
I will say this though: there is a reason Dylann Roof switched targets from a college to an African-American Methodist church at the last minute. They think the corporate gv masquerading as a ligament which they are not are being played as fools. What’s even worse is that our government is doing absolutely nothing to prepare for such an event!
In testimony delivered on September 12, Brandon Wales, director of the Department of Homeland Securitya€™s (DHS) Infrastructure Threat and Risk Analysis Center, admitted that DHS remains unprepared for the possibility of an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) event or attack.
Wales testified that the nationa€™s power grid is more vulnerable now than it was a few years ago.

An EMP attack could bring this country to a screeching halt by permanently disabling electronic devices.
An EMP is a high intensity burst of electromagnetic energy either caused naturally or caused intentionally through a high altitude nuclear explosion (EMP). Former Federal Agent Reveals the Real Threat of EMP and Possibility of Russian Invasion-Including Martial Law (Part One) from Lyn Leahz on Vimeo. Even though I have been out of service since 2004, people are telling me the agencies are getting back into the habit of not talking to each other. I have always wondered whether a parking garage would offer protection to vehicles under ground. I know it’s all coming but, I am not subscribing to your BS channel nor am I ever going to make a donation.
You watch old movies, like Death Valley Days, Rifle Man, and the Lone ranger..You Be Macho Grande OK!!!
Number One do not wave at planes, they shoot you after the Blastoids Emp Devices, they have special Planes, vehicles that will work after the emp blastoids, we learn this in school…What school you go tooo? Our school teach us this, plus we watch death Valley Days, 20 mule team, etc, and know what roots good to eat..YOU? Also you watch Hogans Hero’s, this way you know all the tricks for when you go to the FEMA camp.
You always keep some beans in your pockets, and when it is time to vote, you act dumb, and keep on voting. Yes, act very dumb, Put some voter bumper-stickers on your Auto, and keep Voting, and also give donations to your politicians, this will give you some time to watch more Lone Ranger movies, and old re-runs of Death Valley Days to prepare yourself.
You must also remember…most of that area regularly goes without power for long periods of time due to major storm systems.
Probably doesn’t hurt to be prepared for a long stretch without electricity and I have a garage full of camping gear (enough for 6). An EMP attack is coming….by your lovely Government and Military that the American people refuse to kick off this planet! The radical conservative is always complaining that the government is too much in our business. If you have yr act together then the hundreds of thousands that don’t will be knocking at your door. If you need detail on Lanskshire ways to survive Blastoid type EMP devices, you let me know.
After an EMP strike there will be MASS starvation, outbreak of disease, INVASION and the rest killed of by chem and bio weapons and finished off with hammered NUKE strikes, however, not necessarily in that order. Dumb white kids who think it is cool to braid their hair, and blast degrading RAP music through their ears, and worship Negroes who are never known for any inventions, except starvation and poverty. Gosh, so much hate for this lady with your words -> stupid opinion, crap nonsense, hate, pathetic mysogynist, ain’t it cruel? Today these Ten Tribes are easily identified but these people cannot know it even though the evidence is plainly in front of them. But that does not mean a great majority of humans will suffer horrendous violence and evil in a short time. Your little history lesson was not new information…nor did it add to or detract from my point. But there you have it, not only once but twice, and now some say, just like a welfare negro we might never be able to get him out. Neither the service provider nor the domain owner maintain any relationship with the advertisers.
He claims he was informed through a friend who was approached by a solider about the coming disaster. While a nuke would primarily impact on the location of a such (such a city), an EMP could occur globally or across large-scale regions, wreaking havoc on the entire electric grid and devices.

It could not only bring down the grid, but also lay down a very intense, very fast pulse across the continent, damaging or destroying electronic switches, devices, computers and transformers across America,” the letter said. You can convert such common objects as metal trash cans into safe storage areas, but it must be done in advance. With events that have already occurred, are occurring now, (some of which have been ignored or buried in the news) or about to unfold, it is our duty to report troubling news. Speaking in private to a few well-known researchers of geopolitics and understand domestic insurrection all seem to agree, that Texas would be the first State to form a unified front, or the first to be attacked. Many fear that the a€?military drilla€? is going to go live and quickly escalate into full-scale Martial Law.
Both to show how evil it is Texans can own, and carry guns, and to use the Hegelian Dialectic to justify militarized police?
Andrew is also the Author of the eBook a€?Escape From Tyranny,a€? which will be released in print this summer. If you know the reason you better believe that was the stupidest thing the powers that were could’ve done. Nevertheless, he could not provide Congress with an estimate for how much it would cost to combat such vulnerabilities.
The pulse is so damaging that it could knock out any unprotected electronics, automated control systems, our electrical grid (which is very vulnerable), and more. We have three grids in the United States: the eastern grid, the western grid, and the Texas grid. In case of trademark issues please contact the domain owner directly (contact information can be found in whois). Your 4th grade grammar, not-to-mention your sub IQ, is on display every time you make a comment, you know, like the one you just made, hypocritically I might add. People that only accept what they want or need to hear and ridicule or immediately dismiss anything else, in my opinion are fools. Disinfo fear porn, or was it true but the exposure killed the attempt, so the powers that be would not be pursued.
It is an unacceptable form of journalism or reporting used to strike fear into a target audience.
This is virtually identical to what happened during the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks. However, how do we distinguish between fear mongering, and a legitimate warning based on evidence and fact, that generates fear simply due to the nature of information. That is, the attacks happened while  NORAD was simultaneously running a live drill that precisely mimicked the events that played out.
Coincidence?DistractionsMost Americans have absolutely no idea that Texas signed a bill overwhelmingly to have $1billion in gold repatriated in a Texas Bullion Depository. Imagine living in the Dark Ages: This is what it would be like to live through an EMP attack. Lisa can sometimes present things in a bit of a scattered manor but overall she delivers things well enough for me to understand her message and opinion which in turn assists me as I draw my conclusions. I reported on this last night, as we were all distracted by then false flag shooting in Texas. The Jack & Rexella Van Impe Report (Video) The Hal Lindsey Report: The Afflictions of the Righteous (Video) Must see! Rick Warren Recommends Pagan Mantra Japa Meditation “Technique” for Christians (Video) APOSTASY AT THE DOOR!

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