EDIT: I now play HS using a couple of key rule changes and have redesigned ALL units in light of the new rules. Most customized units have only had very minor changes made, such as a single stat value modification or adjustment of point-cost. A few of the more thoroughly re-designed cards may have been generally balanced as they were, but were changed despite that for other reasons. Before I go any further, let me add this disclaimer: There is virtually an infinite number of ways that Heroscape units can be created, and several different alternatives might be equally valid for various reasons. I welcome any constructive comments and criticism, you own ideas for changes that enhance the balance of the game, notification of any typos or errors, etc. For this list, the original power ranking, according to spider_poison, will be listed at the far left. Pounce Special Attack is now considered an adjacent attack when determining any defensive powers.

I also respect players who prefer little to no customization of the game, but my friends and I prefer these changes for our own house games.
My own projected power ranking within this new, customized system will eventually be projected to the far right.
Devourer Attack Enhancement changed to Relentless Attack Enhancement (to benefit Wolves of Badru). The minor changes are ones that I believe many Heroscapers would agree are good changes, whereas the larger changes might be more polarizing.

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