Heaven and Earth Designs is a counted thread design company that is dedicated to creating beautiful and intricate cross stitch designs. To keep the detail of these designs we are recommending they be stitched on 25ct fabric in either Dublin or Lugana.
Uusi live-julkaisu kaikkien aikojen suurimmalta progressiivisen metallin bandilta: Dream Theater.

Suomen Varmakauppa Oy: Sertifioitu, luotettava verkkokauppaVaihda tyopoytaversioonAsiakaspalvelumme on aina valmiina auttamaan sinua ja vastaamaan kaikkiin kysymyksiisi. They painstakingly graph designs using engineering software for an underlay, thus producing a relatively clean chart with minimum "confetti" stitching. We have done test stitching on almost all of this artwork so please be assured that your finished result will be a true work of art.

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