Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation. Isn’t it interesting that NORAD is moving back in and calling it home?  Do they know something we don’t know? No one truly knows the risk of an EMP attack (either man-made or natural) actually occurring.  However, based on the actions and statements of our government, it should definitely warrant your attention.  In addition, regardless of the probability, can you imagine how an EMP might upset your Bug-In or Bug-Out plans? Are you planning to drive long distances?  Imagine bugging out without a motor vehicle.  Do you have supplies at your location already or were you anticipating on loading up your vehicle? Do you have a means to heat your home since HVAC is electronic and cannot push air through your home?
You should avoid any water bath canner or pressure cooker than has a rubber gasket as Faraday cages need to have a continual metal covering. EMP & Solar Protection Technologies specializes in products that offer EMP Protection from solar storms, electromagnetic disturbances and wireless identity theft.
Keep your hotel room "Key Card" in this sleeve to prevent the card key from being erased by your Cell Phone, Tablet or iPad. This sleeve will also protect your credit card, Driver’s License and ID Badge from fraud and identity theft. Identity thieves now use remote “Walk-By” electronic scanners to obtain the personal information contained within your credit cards, driver’s license and ID Badge. These chips allow vendors to scan your cards easily at checkout and permits a quick read of your driver’s license or passport from a distance.

Remember, if your credit cards or other identification cards are scanned illegally; your money and your identity can be easily stolen. Our technology prevents scanners from reading the chip inside your documents and credit cards. Keep your ID, credit cards and hotel room key inside our RFID shielded holder at all times.
If you want to protect your electronics from an EMP attack or occurrence, there are a few actions you need to take. There are other ways of shielding units and mobile devices from an EMP, by encasing them in a Faraday Cage. The shielding bags are very nice, because they come in many sizes that can be stored in your BOB, a desk drawer, your vehicle, or anywhere else you can think of where you may need one for quick use to protect your electronics from an EMP.
There are more decorative bags of different sizes that a available for cell phones and lap tops. The energy from an EMP is a extremely fast moving and powerful energy, but also a temporarily existing energy of sorts. If you have any questions on this subject and your Faraday Cage project, please contact me. Protecting your electrical devices from an EMP attack means you will have to safeguard them from the effects of electromagnetic pulse.
I do know that they do not have a full metal seal, and there are warnings to never stand close to a microwave as microwaves can and do escape.

You may not be not be so inclined to have a large metallic Faraday cage with you at all times, these shielding bags are a great choice of use.
Batteries will normally not be affected by an EMP if they are separate or disconnected from a circuit pathway, but I store mine in the same place as that of my protected electronics for organizational reasons.
Being the victim of a nuclear or non-nuclear EMP attack from a hostile country is a real threat. It’s called the Silent Pocket, which is designed to stop signals from entering an electronic device for the purpose of leaving the device on, but not transferring information or ringing when in important meetings.
Also, I do not know how severe an EMP that occurs might be or how close the source that generated it is. This will help to prevent the Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) from entering the unit and harming the circuits inside the device. Think of the metallic outer shell as if it were an atmosphere, protecting your electronic world.

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