MAXIMUM CAN CONNECT 5 PCS OF 9V BATTERY , MAKE SURE U CHANGE THE BIG HEATSINK , MORE VOLTAGE  MORE CURRENT . How hack live, public security cameras web, How to hack into live, public security cameras and web cams. Hack pro: hack facebook, part 2 (facebook, Hack like a pro: how to hack facebook, part 2 (facebook password extractor) welcome back, my novice hackers!
Hack electricity meter « , How hack electricity meter video show hack digital electric meter. Yes, me too; so much so, that I sometimes fantasy about firing an RPG into their apartment and permanently ending their midnight crescendo.

Of course, I’m the sensible and sane sort who’d never resort to violence, so instead, I’d rather set off an electro-magnetic pulse right outside their window.The electro-magnetic pulse generator, or EMP generator, is a device capable of generating a transient electromagnetic disturbance that radiates outward from its epicenter, disrupting electronic devices (or frying, depending on its capacity). I've thought about using two CR123A batteries in series to get a little more kick and make a hand-held cattle prod for self-defense.
Also — neither I, nor Electronic Products, encourage you to use the EMP for the destruction of property. Once open, locate the large electrolytic capacitor — the black cylindrical looking component with two leads — and the PCB to which it’s attached. Next, we press the shoot button and immediately remove the batteries to prevent the capacitor from charging again.

Place double-sided tape around the diameter of the circular object to help with this.Once you’ve created a satisfactorily thick loop, remove the object.
Now bind the coil with adhesive tape but leave two protruding leads to connect the terminals. When you’re ready to test out your creation, fetch the handheld electronic device you’d like to disrupt and flip the on switch.

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