These sleek lightweight or heavy duty solar rechargeable generators are just what you need when the lights go out. First let’s see what it takes to shield something from EMP and how a Quonset Hut is constructed to determine if this building could provide a cost effective solution to EMP under the right circumstances. I imagine that the reason that leads to this question is something along the lines of: “Quonset Huts have a steel skin, and steel is a conductor, so they must provide some shielding against EMP. As you may recall from an elementary physics class (or a diligent 2-seconds of research on your “Inter-web Thingy,”) Faraday cages can be used to shield vulnerable microelectronics from EMP. For some, but certainly not all, of our readers, that fact and perhaps how to improvise a Faraday cage from a metal trash can (or similar conductive vessel with a tight fitting lid) is about the deep end of the pool when it comes to the depth of their knowledge this particular subject. A Faraday cage provides EMP shielding by creating a conductive skin around what you are trying to protect.
Another way to say this is that the Faraday cage attenuates (or reduces) the intensity of the field strength of the EMP that is able to penetrate the shielding provided by the cage. Back to the sand bar analogy, the shielding provided by the conductive skin of the Faraday cage is the difference in EM flow outside and inside the cage.
And to protect against a super-EMP weapon (a nuclear weapon optimized to yield the maximum amount of energy released in the form of EMP as opposed to light or heat) this number would have to be much higher. Once assembled, a Quonset Hut is essentially a semicircular cross-section of corrugated, of galvanized steel that can be moved by crane and set on a concrete slab or wooden floor. Notice that the answer is conditional and that even then, a Quonset Hut can only be viewed as possible place to start or source of raw material in the form of steel. Any sealant, lacquer, paint or other non-conductive material between the seams of steel sections, any holes or gaps a quarter of an inch or larger will compromise the free flow of electrons through the shielded “skin” of the structure so they would have to be stripped and replaced with conductive product.
Any holes or gaps a quarter of an inch or larger will compromise the shielded envelope, including any windows, doors and the entire floor would not be shielded by “upside down steel half pipe” formed by the steel portion of the Quonset Hut. No unshielded long conductors such as electrical wiring should be attached to the building without first being shielded, shunted through EM-shielded gaskets, fitted with fast switching (less than a millisecond) surge protection with power handling in the same range as lighting protection circuits.
The conductive skin should be separated from the building interior by a gap or suitable non-conductor.
About the Author Latest PostsAbout Cache Valley PrepperCache Valley Prepper is the CEO of Survival Sensei, LLC, a freelance author, writer, survival instructor, consultant and the director of the Survival Brain Trust. For the very first time, a "survival writer" has, in this engineer's opinion, done a great, accurate - and especially - TECHNICALLY ACCURATE paper on EMP protection!
For now, let me say that when i was building custom bomb shelters for rich people from the big city, (not in the city but out at their country land) i contracted serious knowledgeable and experienced electrical engineers to make sure we were properly resistant to EMP's as well as radiation. But he said that as long as you're down underground below about 4 or 5 feet which all of my shelters were because i liked to keep them below the area frost lines for stabilization purposes. But look, again, if you really want to 'survive', you can't let fear 'hype' alter the reality. In a Carrington type event, the long wavelength means that transmission lines are the most susceptible to induce a current.
You are right about the transformers being the weak link in the system, but I think you are optimistic in terms of the time required to get them back on line. These 'transformers' take months to manufacture even in normal conditions but in an environment where almost every operational function depends so much on electrical power, and the continuous downward breakdown spiral of our electricity dependent social existence, it would more likely, than not, take years to fully recover the 'current' status quo? Some say it will NEVER be the same system again anyway because our electrical grid system was already antiquated compared to what it could be? So the hanging question is, will a very 'bad' Solar event kick our lazy electronically dependent asses back to the 1800's lifestyle?
So if someone is really really distressed over Bad Solar Events, thinking 'outside' the Faraday Box might also be a worthwhile endeavor?
Yes, nesting thinner layers of shielding is more effective than using a single, thicker layer. Hey Catherine, you never answered my question a while back, (i think it was you) when you said 'you wouldn't be bugging out' in a major event? Im still on city electric, with the imbeciles watching everything that goes on in my house with smart meters.
Okay, i was just worried about you that you had some disability or other issues preventing you from escaping if necessary.
Mathata, The good thing about beer supplies is that they take up less space and I can make an ocean of it.
I live in Riverside CA, a desert with only bugs an snakes As a child camping with my family, I had to sleep in the car at night.
This service can protect you against a lot of spam and crime and lets you block anyone with a single crime if you slip up, but will it will not help against a wiretap warrant, which some agencies have interpreted a single wire tap to cover hundreds of thousands of people so with that type of overly-broad interpretation of the power granted them by the consent of those they govern, why do they even bother? One place that I think you are really on target is that recreating the existing system may not be the direction we recreate society.
But there are those of us (minority) who know that we will be back to the 1850's in terms of living conditions.

I you enjoy this topic, there is a very good book on this subject by a British rocket scientist named Lewis Dartnell.
He argues that the significant obstacles to the progression of mankind occur at making the jump from pre-industrial revolution to industrial revolution. Without a quick recovery, the profundity of a global breakdown would deepen with every generation.
Back in 2008, I wanted to make a birdcage veil but had trouble finding a tutorial online with clear instructions. Note: Instructions have be translated into Swedish by Lina and posted at Brollopsinspiration. So one of the reasons that the netting looks so cool is because it has two finished edges on it. My crude drawing (not to scale) shows the overall cut shape of the veiling and the red wavy line represents where I weaved the thread in and out of each diamond hole (click to enlarge). If you're satisfied with the look of it, stitch the other finished corner from the bottom of the veil (the side that touches your face) to the corner of the clip. Make a few stitches through the gathers onto the length of the hair comb for extra reinforcement.
Jessica, the feather fascinator is separate from the veil and I embellished it from a feather clip I found at Hobby Lobby.
When I followed this tutorial, I got a very poofy veil that made more of a box shaped shield around my head instead of laying like a beautiful veil. We have all been there the power goes down and we feel helpless no lights no and possible no way to keep food cold or cook a simple hot meal. You can easily (Save Over $1,000.00 With FREE SHIPPING in the continental us) by purchasing our unique bundles that will include the Solar Generator 1- 2 or 3 high quality mono-crystalline folding solar panels, Mc4 to Anderson 12 gage heavy duty charge cables and Small Hand crank! Almost 200,000 of the buildings were manufactured for WWII, some are still in use by the military to this day and many others are still knocking around as surplus, so maybe this could be an inexpensive way to build a shielded home or retreat or some sort.
Where that not the case, us folks toward the nerdier end of the scale might be doing something other than writing about EMP survival, so I’m good with that. Imagine that this conductive skin helps conduct some of the flow of energy around a protected envelope, like a river flowing around a sand bar. You end up with a lot less intensity of water flow inside the sand bar than outside because the amount of flow that penetrates the sand bar is reduced by the (shielding effect of the) sand bar. So the cage does not completely stop or shut out the EMP, it just “turns down the volume” to point that it doesn’t “blow the speakers” (so to speak) of electronics protected by the cage. Any insufficiently shielded wires or other conductors penetrating the skin compromise its integrity.
The conductive skin must have a non-conductive layer gap of air between the skin and whatever you are protecting. The conductive material must provide sufficient electromagnetic shielding (measured in decibels) to protect against EMP. You would not be talking Mylar bags, aluminized bags or tinfoil anymore, you would need a shielding material more along the lines of an aluminum pressure cooker for that. Even if the integrity of the building’s steel skin is maintained, you would still have some major issues to deal with in order to turn it into an EMP-shielded structure. All these areas would need to be covered with material that meets our shielding requirement of greater than 73dB (for a normal nuclear weapon used to initiate Compton Scattering, generating a nuclear high-altitude EMP, not a super-EMP weapon.) As mentioned, 20OPI or smaller mesh could be used for the windows and to encapsulate any solar panels you add. A non-conductive spray-on bed lining material or any other non-conductive material could be used for this purpose, just do not forget the floor! If this does sound like a fun project, let me know, I just might squeeze you into my consulting schedule so I can see how it turns out, so shoot me an email.
Either way, I enjoy reading them, and have even been known to respond to reader questions and comments from time to time.
A descendant of pioneers, Cache was raised in the tradition of self-reliance and grew up working archaeological digs in the desert Southwest, hiking the Swiss Alps and Scottish highlands and building the Boy Scout Program in Portugal. I need to be 'corrected', or at least have a 'tune-up' daily, or my I'll have a brain M(C)E. Radiation, severe weather,wandering bands of desperate people looking for food, EMPs, harder for bad guys to enter or even find. Actually if you are on public gas, electric, and water you have THREE smart meters on you house and they are far more invasive than people thought. If you would rather avoid posting your on websites, using a forwarding service such as Blur will enable you to mask emails, phone numbers, credit cards and other sensitive information, improving your privacy.
I don't think that we would be kicked back to the stone age because we have both experience and knowledge-- perhaps not the knowledge of the 18th century, but post 18th century knowledge. The grid-powered, transport, communications and information-dependent global society we live in was built over many, many generations and is complex and fragile. Many civilizations made it all the way to the state that preceded the creation of machinery and mass production but never made the just.

After the current generation the knowledge would be lost in large part because we will lack any way to pass it on and provide the level of education necessary to sustain it. I have a quick question: How dod you affix the feather detail, and where did you find the feather part?
Thank you so much for this because I'm seeing so many veils but none drop just the way I like. If you are ready to face them, grab a napkin, sharpen a pencil and then go rent a crane: you have work to do! This is a bit of an oversimplification, but I think it is an effective analogy for most people. The bulk of the flow of water is “conducted” around the sand bar like the conductive skin of a Faraday cage conducts electricity around the occupant of the cage. The volume of sound, EMP wave flow or sound wave flow is lower or quieter inside the cage than outside it.
Depending of the frequency range of energy you are protecting against, the skin can be a cage or a mesh.
If you join two or more sheets of conductive material to form the conductive skin, the seams where they mate must be free of non-conductive paint or any other insulation. If the object touches the skin or is too close to it, the electromagnetic energy can be conducted from the skin into what you are trying to protect. Cache was mentored in survival by a Delta Force Lt Col and a physician in the US Nuclear Program and in business by Stephen R.
But is there is a huge difference in the EMP from a geomagnetic event like an X-class CME than from the detonation of a nuke above the mid-stratosphere.
You could even put up layers of irregular shaped mylar blankets to create air spaces while filling it in to both make it hard to find,and waterproof. The service generates random email addresses anytime you need to create one for a site and forwards the mail to you, so each is a real, working email address, but you can block it with a single click if anyone misuses it without having to change the email address you use to create the Blur account. It will however, cause many agencies to have to follow due process, and unless you are a high priority for some reason, they may lack resources to keep searching. He examines the path and process of innovation necessary to get back to a post-electric state. You don't need machines when labor is cheap and you need an available power source to power it.
I cut the corners off at first, and finally, ended up cutting more length off the non-finished edge to get the look I wanted (which ended up being about 25 inches across the finished edge, laid flat).
I showed my mom and she thought my finished work is spectacular so I showed her your website! But for our application, openings as small as a quarter inch could allow EMP inside, compromising the protected space.
To shield against the field strength of an EMP generated by a nuclear weapon detonated high in the earth’s atmosphere, directly above your location, would require approximately 73dB of shielding.
But keep in mind that each agency has different oversight and interprets the law as it applies them. Only in Europe, after the renaissance did the right socioeconomic conditions exist to make the jump: high wages to justify building machines, and plenty of waterfalls to power early mills. They fail to remove the paint where the lid fits onto the box and remove the rubber gasket. You can catch up with Cache teaching EMP survival at survival expos, teaching SERE to ex-pats and vagabonds in South America or getting in some dirt time with the primitive skills crowd in a wilderness near you. Most of them have far greater levels of transparency than those in the intelligence community and information is usually compartmented, meaning not all agencies can share all information with each other.
He traveled all over the place and ended up cheating and still cost him thousands of dollars to create a vastly inferior version of what even you and I can buy at the store for $10. Like you I had to tweak the measurements and redo the sewing about three times, but I finally got it where I like it! If you are trying to shield a multisided space such as a cube, all six side would have to be shielded.
Gaskets are still helpful, but they need to be conductive gaskets as opposed to the non-conductive rubber gaskets that come in the cans.
EMP is not like rain, you cannot just drape a space blanket over the object and call it good. My hunch is that with a coronal mass ejection (of a yet to be determined but generally long wave length) would effect some items while not disturbing others.
In order to hook up to the REA system, all generation equipment had to be destroyed with proof of destruction shown to the government.

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