An EMP (electro magnetic pulse), if strong enough (and regardless of the source – weaponized or solar), will potentially fry electronics and electronic systems within its invisible sphere of destruction.
A large weaponized nuclear EMP detonation (or group thereof) high in the atmosphere will cause a wide ranging debilitating EMP.
A solar super flare (X-50+) and accompanying CME (Coronal Mass Ejection) will zap the surface of the earth with an even longer lasting EMP as it did during 1859 (the Carrington event).
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I drove a few Cummins-powered rigs that had a little screw dial valve in the injector pump.
Even if you do have a running vehicle after an EMP it will probably be of very limited use, because fuel is going to be almost impossible to find, and once what you have stockpiled (if you did so) runs out, it’s not going to run anyway. That said, most diesels built and released before 1980 are safe to buy; and the Dodge Cummins small truck motors were non-electronic the first 3-years they were produced (up until 1992).
Overall, put back $500 in electrical back-ups, disassembled if possible (to not only reduce your Farad Box size, but to also make repair vs total replacement easier), and forget them. Now, about those home power generators, water pumps, refrigerator compressors, freezer compressors, clocks, medical equipment, etc.
South Korea has also developed an advanced electronic device that can be deployed in times of war.
What if the Norks announce they are prepared to produce the EMP weapon in quantity, for sale to anyone with ready cash?
From what I have read about non-nuclear EMP devices, they can be extremely damaging, but have a limited area of effectiveness.
As I recall, a basic atomic bomb creates a tremendous EMP, and a multi-stage thermonuclear bomb actually dampens it. Detonating such a bomb at 25 miles would probably not create EMP effects over a wide area because the atmosphere is still quite dense at that altitude and would tend to damp out much of the effect.
Now if you were able to boost that same weapon up a couple of hundred miles, well clear of the atmosphere, it would create what’s known as the Compton effect, because the Gamma radiation from the weapon hits atoms in the lower atmosphere and fires their electrons straight down at something like 90% of the speed of light.
Some of the missile tests Iran has conducted over the past couple of years have been identified as potential tests of an EMP weapon because of their flight profiles.
Wouldn’t such a weapon have to be nuclear, since there wouldn’t be enough oxygen to support conventional high explosives?
Any group or country that would give these chia-pets a dime for anything deserves the screwing they get.
I think I understand what you’re saying, but are you describing something that can be boosted on a missile??
I don’t think the majority of people really understand what an EMP detonated in the outer atmosphere would do. EMP weapons based on conventional explosives have a limited range due to the limited energy they can emit.
OK, I assumed that the Nork EMP device is non-nuclear, but only for the political reason that no non-nuclear bomb, no matter how powerful, would trigger the kind of geostrategic response that deploying a nuclear bomb, no matter how small, would do. A lot of apparently well informed posts have pointed out the limitations of non-nuclear EMP pops. I think a lot of damage will be done but a lot of technologies will still exist and the nation will pull to- gether. Agreed instead of a ballistic missile just drive it right down the damn street in front of the New York Stock Exchange,Chicago Merchantile exchange,HQ Federal Reserve Bank,& the government plant that prints all the various govt checks.
I think I understand what you're saying, but are you describing something that can be boosted on a missile?? That, and the State Department has proven themselves to be more gutless than I’ve seen it in my lifetime. Now if you were able to boost that same weapon up a couple of hundred miles, well clear of the atmosphere, it would create what’s known as the Compton effect, because the Gamma radiation from the weapon hits atoms in the lower atmosphere and fires their electrons straight down at something like 90% of the speed of light. Solar winds and flares can play with magnetic fields, the curvature of the earth and atmosphere create a lensing effect that will be more intense at the center of an emp blast but filter out at the edges. A BOV may be the only way of getting the hell out of Dodge early before a SHTF gets too bad in the suburbs or the city. It should be large enough to hold all the gear you need for yourself and your family.  If it cannot you may need to buy a larger vehicle or have another one on hand. In my opinion, you should have a small Get Home Bag in your BOV at all times.  I say this since most people will not be able to afford another vehicle and their existing one will double as a BOV. The BOV should be able to haul a trailer of some sort in the event you need to attach one and haul extra gear and equipment to your BOL or rendezvous point. Discount price Projetor Remote Control for EPSON EMP-S3 EMP-X3 EMP-S4 EMP-X5 EMP-S5 EMP-62 EMP-X68 EMP-82order now. Discount price Projector Remote Control Replace For EPSON EMP-53 EMP-74 EMP-54 EMP-530 EMP-710order now. Richard Fisher, a China military analyst, said EMP warheads are likely to be an option for China’s new DF-21D anti-ship ballistic missile for the purpose of attacking large U.S. It is also suspected that North Korea may be developing electromagnetic pulse weapons or bombs that could take out power grids — not to mention military and civilian electronics. As these weapons are developed further, the risk continues to increase that one day they may be used.
The trouble is civilian infrastructure ie: water, power, transportation, communication normally are not protected.
Cheep effective weapons,been studing this for quite some time would probably kill 90% of all americans within the first year read one second after great book.
I understand you guys would want to prepare for an EMP disaster, but you are not taking all things into account. There are currently something like 61 commercially operating nuclear power plants in the US with a total of 99 reactors that need to be cooled. We know from the Fukishima disaster, just how far radiation can spread from one single plant.
It is not in the best interest of the Russians, Chinese, or the rest of the world to turn the entire planet into a toxic cesspool of nuclear radiation. The Russians and the Chinese are not stupid, the real likelihood that anyone will use such weapons is remote.

Not to mention the fact the US maintains hundreds of military bases around the world from which to retaliate, should the continental US be destroyed.
And last but not least, nuclear armed US Navy subs, could bring swift vengence should an attack of this nature ever occur. With that said I know your are willing to live your life as you see fit, As are all those out there that have 3 days of food on hand, I totally respect that.
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An EMP from a nuclear atmospheric detonation is an instantaneous jolt of tens of thousands of volts per square meter that is generated from the interaction between the explosion and the Earth’s magnetic field.
The invisible but catastrophic pulse occurs instantly over an area that is within line-of-sight of the EMP-weapon detonation while its devastating electro-magnetic-pulse decays by the inverse-square-law the further away it gets form its origin. Having said that, an EMP detonation at an altitude of 50 miles would affect an area with a diameter of 1,400 miles while a detonation altitude of 200 miles would affect an area of 2,900 miles in diameter. The EMP effects from from a massive solar flare event from the sun — similar to what happened in 1859 (the Carrington event), could also bring down the electrical power grid, although may not affect stand-alone electronics like radios, etc.
I will preface this opinion with the fact that none of us have ever experienced a major EMP event and there has never been an attack anywhere in the world using a nuclear EMP weapon (as of this post). First, completely wrap your portable radio in a non-conductive material being sure that no (metal) part of the radio is exposed before the next step. Next firmly wrap the now-covered radio with aluminum foil — being sure not to leave any open spaces. Lastly, place the now-wrapped radio in yet another bag so as to protect the outer foil layer from tearing. The theory is that the pulse will enter the conductive foil and dissipate around it while not affecting (or inducing currents) within the electronic circuits which are isolated and protected inside the bag.
It is the opinion of many that a make-shift Faraday cage does not have to be grounded in order to prevent damaging electrical currents from an EMP getting inside the protected electronic circuits which are isolated within.
Wouldn’t attaching a jumper wire from the lid to the can body accomplish the same thing only more reliably? Lightening doesn’t strike you in your car through the windshield even though its surrounded by rubber and thus isolated from the metal. I’m sure everyone knows to remove the batteries first before wrapping and storing as they corrode after a while which could ruin the radio, but how about those rechargeable radios running off solar or hand crank? I’ve had my crank radio stored in emp protection for 10 years without batteries in it.
Our engineers have developed a shielded enclosure made entirely of nonmagnetic materials that is unsurpassed in quality and performance. Solar panels are made of silicone and will be toast if not treated the same way as portable electronics in a faraday cage.
Do not forget a new starter, ignition coil for spark, a new battery, alternator, spark plugs, engine computer, transmission computer, antilock brake computer, fuel injectors, fuses, etc, etc.
Other recent studies predict that a large scale EMP such as produced by a Coronal Mass Ejection (CME) if directed toward earth (and we have had plenty of near misses) would most likely take down the national power grid by destroying the transformers at the sub-stations. A electrician told me that I could use a old power cord attached to my gun safe and cut off the power prongs but leaving the ground plug and plug it in the wall outlet. That seems like a good reason to opt for a purely mechanical lock instead of an electronic one. I think about how cars for blocks away from the Oklahoma bombed building had their wires fried.
I think the target will be about 40 to 42 N and 99 to 101 W to maximize the pulse on NORAD at Cheyenne Mountain and still collapse the nation’s power grid.
Diesel stores for up to 100-years (gasoline has the approximate shelf-life of orange juice). Your only other alternative is to completely disassemble them to rebuild when you need them later.
Yes, you will lose your radio, but you will still have a functioning vehicle that you can store long-term fuel for without an issue – and you will still find fuel long from now in big trucks and old farm equipment.
Korea Disrupts Current Military Maneuvers With Russian Device To Jam GPS By JOOHEE CHO SEOUL, South Korea, March 9, 2011 North Korea appears to be protesting the joint U.S. Anything large enough to disrupt vast areas would be too cumbersome to achieve proper altitude.
Those electrons wreak havoc on anything that it can induce a current in, like any non-hardened electronic device.
I think it’s more detailed in the problems created by an EMP and I prefered the writing style. There is an enormous difference between low explosives that conflagrate or burn very rapidly, and high explosives that detonate when a sufficiently strong shock wave travels through it. But actually popping one as an act of war would set cataclysmic forces in motion against the one who popped it. If you think about it, the Air Force’s air born laser systems operate on the same priciple only converting instantaneous bursts of energy into highly energized guided coherent light. Given an EMP of sufficient amplitude and altitude the only things not affected will be those things buried under at least 6 feet of soil (with no attached land lines) or those things in a Faraday cage.
That’s why I get so nervous about guys like Tom Donilon calling the shots for Hussein on items like this one. Those electrons wreak havoc on anything that it can induce a current in, like any non-hardened electronic device.Could this effect the human heart? Placement of the emp would have to be just perfect to get the bang you are talking about so there are no guarantees for any enemy employing the device that they could take out the entire CONUS and CANADA as well. I think you have more threats concerning locally employed EMP devices for example one hidden in a camera case or backpack and set off on on a tall building over a city somewhere.
They work hard to make sure the products you want are available when you want or need them for your preps. Peter Vincent Pry, a former CIA nuclear weapons analyst said that a May 2009 round of tests conducted in North Korea, appear to have included a “super-EMP” weapon, capable of emitting enough gamma rays to disable the electric power grid across most of the lower 48 states of the United States.
They also have developed battlefield mortar rounds, that when fired and floating to earth by its parachute, EMP energy is reflected downward by the underside of the parachute, resulting in a cone of disruptive-destroying electronic energy snuffing all electronics within its area.
Although they do not inflict direct physical destruction as a conventional explosive, the follow-on effects could be just as destructive to our way of life, and result in even more deaths than otherwise. Aside from the gridlock on highways, it would be a running battle with locals defending that food. 1st week, tough going, 2nd week, neighbors asking for items, 3rd week, neighbors demanding you share, 4th week, they take annthing & everything you got! I prep, and believe most here also prep for hundreds of other reasons also, from Economic Crash, Weather related disasters, Hyper Inflation, and so on down to just running out of fuel for the truck. I do remember a good friend of mine in SD last winter without power for 3 weeks, no generator or heat in their home, cost them thousands to repair the frozen pipes and everything that was ruined. The area directly beneath the blast is affected the worst, while the extreme fringes are barely affected. An EMP weapon is a very real threat in today’s increasingly unstable world and has always been a threat from the sun. You can use paper, a paper bag, cardboard, or even easier…slip the radio inside a zip lock bag (if it fits).

A Faraday cage is a conductive casing that prevents the electromagnetic radiation from reaching the electronic circuits contained within.
Line the trash can with cardboard or other such non-conductive material, and place your radio and other salvageable electronics inside. Also many microwave ovens DO leak a little energy, so the contents may indeed still get zapped. However, I have recently been considering a resolution for that issue…remove the rubber seal, and replace it with rolled aluminum foil thick enough to ensure consistent, tight contact around the entire perimeter of the can. We used technology developed for our military and space industry customers (who require the most demanding RF performance) in order to design the RF shield for use with MRI. The NELCO information by Rick S demonstrates good engineering controls for EMI isolation and offers the best chance.
Even they know the South would launch an instant Mad Minute across the DMZ and make the rubble bounce after that. The terror from such weapon provide them with great leverage and is the source of their power. Any electronic device would would also be fried so that even if you had a generator (which would also be fried if it had any electronics controlling it) nothing would work. It’s more a matter of whether their missiles can heft a big enough weapon to the altitude required over the desired target.
The main work has been to produce longer transmissions of that light with shorter recovery times of the capacitor devices involved including cooling said devices. One house may have not had any damage whatsoever but another’s electronics are totally gone. Based on the science, thinking that things would be a little messed up but kinda ok, borders on disconnect with reality but I guess could also be wild optimism. It concludes that China may consider the employment of HEMP against the Taiwan electronic infrastructure or against a U.S. They have the potential to inflict destruction to electronic infrastructure which directly affects the lives of society who depend upon electricity for survival.
Most people in developed countries (USA for example) could not survive (literally) for very long without electricity.
The season is vital to when an EMP would hit and most likely would be timed for the end of summer and growing seasons so more would perish. Examples like this support the notion of having a very well stocked supply of food – much more than the average preparedness-minded pantry.
The roof systems, etc will be useless if a nuclear device is detonated 20 to 200 miles above the earth. While the NELCO designs are effective for MRI applications, the spectrum and distribution of energy produced by an EMP is much wider and larger.
It’s painted, the tolerances are too loose, and there is a non conductive fire seal material. You can buy large sheets of ?, made to wrap around Water heaters or or medical wraps they use to keep the heat in for accident patients.
When we push back unacceptably, he will neutralize us by making us blind and deaf; helpless to respond militarily and focusing on disaster mitigation to save who and what we can. ACTIONS YOU UNDERTAKE AS A CONSEQUENCE OF ANY ANALYSIS, OPINION OR ADVERTISEMENT ON THIS SITE ARE YOUR SOLE RESPONSIBILITY.
EMP will also fry the starter solenoid (normally comes with the starter if bought new) and the voltage regulator (if internal of the alternator). Magnets will not lose their magnetism and damaged electrical generators could still be made to spin again. Theoretically, a small version could be carried in a trunk, or even a piece of carry-on luggage.
These bags are made of the same material that the military uses to protect their electronics. I’ve always considered this for a worst case scenario to have enough preps to get through at lease 2 full growing seasons.
Plenty of tanks(umm our word for ponds) with water and fish stocked, just make sure you don’t cross hairs with the owners. I personally believe that living prepared is a smart choice and I personally refuse to run to the store every time the Ketchup bottle runs out.
While the other methods suggested are better than doing nothing, it would be wise to locate working and repairable radio equipment that uses vacuum tubes.
As to satellites, my bet is on them being shielded because they already live in a highly radio-active environment. A galvanized metal garbage can is great and 3M makes an aluminum tape with a conductive adhesive that finishes the job. The choices, strategy, bomb size, altitude and location are all variables that affect the outcome. If an old truck with a firewall mounted voltage regulator, you will want a spare of these also.
If you HAVE to grow your own food, that means more garden space is required and new garden space usually doesn’t produce very good results the first year or two. Turn your natural gas off, the electric panel off, the water meter off, OK, see whats left. Put switches on critical outlets and learn to rotate what items are plugged in or turned on at any one time. Park confirmed that South Korea has also developed an advanced electronic device that can be deployed in times of war. I also am of the age that I have worked on several in my life and its simple to fix most problems.
And, well, unfortunately, there is no real group to work with yet, and still working on that.
No matter what you may think of the politics of our military lately, they ain’t stupid.
Most needed parts are reasonably priced in the You Pull yards and many good bits are available on craigslist.
Even the healthy will find it hard to make it due to the pills that have used for so long just run out. Basic point is with a good eye patience and shopping around you could put together a tough BOV cheaply.

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