You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Post the maps on walls and in evacuation plan holders in the proper locations throughout the facility. Properly thought out and implemented, evacuation plans increases the number of evacuees, as well the speed and efficiency of the evacuation.
In both cases an evacuation plan should be well thought out, provided with the proper supplies (such as evacuation signs) and occasionally practiced, so that employees become familiar with it, enabling its proper execution.
Evacuations may be in preparation for weather conditions such as hurricanes or tornadoes.  They may also be in response to natural disasters such as earthquakes and floods, or industrial accidents such as chemical fires and oil spills.

Make sure to implement a system that keeps track of those who are in the area at all times (whether these people are employees, customers, or visitors) in order to account for everyone after the evacuation.  A sign-in sheet, video monitors, and clocking-in systems are a few convenient equipment for this purpose. Thoroughly communicate the escape routes and the evacuation plan in general to all employees.
Select reliable people who will take charge of locking down particular areas of the workplace during emergencies. These plans also help prevent panic and confusion, and allow for a more rapid return to business procedures once the incident is contained. Systems may also have to be shut down, and the doors to those specific work areas be locked out during an emergency.  Whenever possible, select personnel who can take over when the designated employees are unavailable.

In the face of natural disasters, industrial accidents and other emergency situations, evacuation plans help prevent injuries and potentially save lives.
The two routes should not be similar or very near each other in case one of the pathways gets blocked.

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