This example of a family tree with 6-generations also has a surname history and family crest.
Personal checks accepted just click here to get our address, or order by phoneToll Free: 866-480-0202. The example shown of a family tree chart above may or may not be displayed in its true color as everyone?s computer monitor is set differently.
Copyright ©2001-2016 All Rights Reserved, The Tree Maker, PO Box 128, Cedar Hill, TN. Charts of all sizes can be prepared for inclusion in books (including long foldouts), to frame for the wall or to keep rolled in a cylinder. Ancestoral and Descendant charts– the result is generally a great deal more compact than those produced by family tree software.

Landscape or portrait layout and personalized to each client’s requirements with text, photographs and graphics.
A single family name descendants’ chart shows the direct line and naming siblings over 11 generations. A direct lines ancestral chart this one was designed for insertion in a family history book. A combination ancestral and descendant’s chart enhanced with photographs, storyboard and special graphics.
Seven generations – most with photographs tell a story on their own and make a great album of the family in one view. From the youngest to their 16 great-great-great-great grandparents this chart measures 90cm x 41cm and as with all the charts can be tailored to the special characteristics of today’s extended families as required.

The design of this chart clearly shows that it is simple and it makes it easier for the customer to find this many names to display on the family tree chart.
10706-Generation Example of a Family Tree Chart {2} with Names Plus 1 Family Crest and 1 Surname History. 10726-Generation Example of a Family Tree Chart {2} with Names Plus 2 Family Crest & 2 Surname Histories.
Seven (7) generations with occasional peaks to 10 generations with 128 names, this design includes the normal dates and places, as well as some biographical text.

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