Familia ndiyo taasisi ya msingi mno, Familia ya kiafrika iliyolelewa kwa maadili ya dini ni lazima ihusishe Baba na Mama na wengineo katika siku zote huwa yako kwenye sayansi na teknolojia, ila tabia na hisia zetu siku zote hubaki kuwa za kale…. John said, "I think I saw one of those bongo movie … you know those movies of the week. Natural disasters can happen anywhere in the country, and it’s important for you and your family to be prepared.
The West Coast experiences earthquakes, but the East Coast and Gulf of Mexico have to watch for hurricanes. Homes in hurricane prone areas should have special hurricane straps that will help hold their homes in place during high winds. You may want to keep your family pictures, insurance papers and other irreplaceable items in a place that will stay dry and safe. Nobody wants to think about losing their home or family in a natural disaster, but it’s better to put plans in place and be prepared to prevent it from happening.

Due to the Federal Government shutdown, NOAA.gov and most associated web sites will be unavailable until further notice.
Unfortunately your browser does not have JavaScript capabilities which are required to exploit full functionality of our site. Whether you live in an area that’s prone to hurricanes or you deal with tornadoes or earthquakes, taking the time to get prepared early can save your home and family.
You can also get impact resistant windows that can withstand debris hitting them in a storm. Consider a storage unit rental to keep your paperwork and irreplaceable family heirlooms protected from damage. Here are six steps you should take to ensure that you’re ready for whatever may come. While you cannot stop the disasters from occurring, you can prepare based on the damage your home is likely to incur.

Call your insurance company and talk to them about your coverage to ensure that you’re protected in the event of any natural disaster. Storage units are also more resistant to high winds and earthquakes than most wood frame houses, so your special items will be safe through most types of natural disasters. When a flood or hurricane forces evacuation, you need to be prepared to get out of the area. A mother of two, she enjoys spending time with her family and reading a good book when she isn't writing.
Make a list of friends and family in nearby states that you could potentially stay with in an emergency situation.

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