This web page provides details on accessing resources that you can adapt and use to support emergency preparedness messaging and awareness in your community. To order copies of the brochure, please visit the Massachusetts Health Promotion Clearinghouse. This information is provided by Emergency Preparedness within the Department of Public Health. Here are links to great resources, forms and lists to experts and sites that have the critical information that can help you be prepared.
To build a 7 day plan gradually - here is a 24 week plan from Alaska that breaks things into a weekly shopping list. has a great fill-in form to start your Family Emergency Plan and the site has a list of suggested supplies for a Family Emergency Kit. Texas has the most tornadoes of any state and if one hits your area it could mean that you are without electricity and utilites for several days if not week. Red Cross has an excellent Disaster Safety Library with information sheets on every type of emergency and what to do. Over 20 workshops to help you and your family be prepared taught by industry and ministry leaders. Free materials and every family will receive a gift of 72-hr Emergency Food Kit, (a $25 value).

Website with information and links for making, storing and maintaining a disaster supply kit. Website of information and resources to help you and your family get prepared for disaster situations.
Tips on recognizing mental health issues related to disaster and taking action to correct them.
Website with information on evacuating prior to a disaster and measures to take to stay safe. Information on how to prepare (boil, disinfect) water supplies in preparation for a disaster situation or after a disaster. Sesame Street website for parents and kids with tips, activities and other tools to help get your family prepared for emergencies. It’ll be how to create your own emergency binder with ready-made resources and free printables.
While September is Emergency Preparedness Month, together we can be ready for September and beyond.
In the case of emergencies, were you aware that there is support for those individuals from the city health departments. Long Range Planning – For extended disasters are you prepared and what is your support network?

Invite your family, friends, church, neighbors, co-workers to this informative and educational event.
These may include natural disaster sitautions, emerging or exotic diseases, or manmade threats, such as acts of terrorism or chemical spills. Copies are available at Prep2Bless and you can order free copies from the website  or download it now.
Basic rule is one gallon of water person, 3 meals plus snacks for each person for 3 days (that do not require cooking), medicine is important and you need to have enough to last a week, finally having a cash reserve is important especially if banks were closed. There are also helpful sheets from the Red Cross on Fire Safety and Fire Escape from your home. Regardless of the emergency or hazardous situation, one of the best things you can do to protect yourself and your family is to prepare beforehand. But if you happen to have cardstock available to print on (also known as index paper), try it, instead. 500+ Free Camping & Dutch Oven Recipes 10 Basic Safety Tips for Women Create a Family Ememgency BinderSubscribe Today!No spam ever!

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