This is a great post from the Seasoned Prepper, but I should add here (also noted on the original post) that this food storage plan will provide for most of your nutritional needs, but it is lacking any dairy or vitamin B12. That said, for less than $300 and a weekend’s work, you can store 90% of the food required by a family of four to last a whole year. The Circle of relatives 72 Hour Emergency Food Kit offers 32 servings of Legacy Premium’s hearty, healthy, delicious freeze dried and dehydrated food stored in a compact, sturdy, easy-to-grab plastic bucket.
120 Servings of delicious gourmet entrees sealed and stored in an easy to transport and store grab and go bucket. 240 servings in 2 grab and go food supply buckets for easy transport and storage - 120 entree servings and 120 breakfast servings. Keep your family safe by being prepared for an unexpected crisis with this 3 month food supply package (720 servings).

1080 servings that will feed a family of 4 three servings a day for 3 months (720 entree - 360 breakfast). 1440 gourmet servings (720 entree - 720 breakfast) that will feed a family of 4 two servings per day for 6 months. 2160 delicious gourmet servings ( 1440 entree & 720 breakfast) that feeds a family of 4 three servings a day for 6 months. 4320 servings to feed your family in the event of an unexpected crisis (2880 entree & 1440 breakfast). I should say – this plan provides a very basic diet that whilst very healthy, it is going to get boring and bland pretty quickly. Even if the general public would be capable of steer clear of the risk of starvation without food for three days, wouldn’t it be better to just be prepared?

We have huge discounts for bulk food storage to help you save while prepping to make sure you and your family stay safe. Handle your Circle of relatives’s basic food needs for 72 hours with this great package and be able for anything that may come your way.

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