Article 14 of our Constitution also protects our right to freedom of speech. It is our constitutional right to speak about national issues, on policies, on the politicians and problems which our society faces. Students of Singapore are not politically apathetic, in fact we do have a rich history of Student and Youth activism in Singapore. If it weren't for the student activists, we would probably still be singing "God Save the Queen" instead of "Majulah Singapura" today. It is unfortunate that many of them were suppressed, attacked and destroyed in the midst of a political struggle by the same PAP that they helped bring to power. At that time, it was fairly common to see students playing leading roles in the trade union movement and in political organisations, as they graduated from school. The student movement gave rise to leaders like Lim Chin Siong, who co-founded the PAP, Dr Lim Hock Siew, Soon Loh Boon and Dr Chia Thye Poh, just to name a few. The student movement was thriving in Singapore and it gave birth a new dawn after a successful fight with the colonial rulers, but that is of course until the PAP started clamping down on student activism more ruthlessly than what the colonial rulers did.
Student and youth activists leading the way for change is becoming increasingly common all over the world. This is precisely why we shouldn't deter students from political involvement and be ostracised for their views. I am sure students themselves have a lot to say about issues pertaining to our education system, such as the rising costs of tertiary education, the lack of focus on creativity and the uneven playing fields. Students should be allowed to take charge in issues that they feel passionate about and not be prosecuted for doing so, deterring leaders-to-be to mellow down and conform to the system.
Students should also be encouraged to express themselves, no matter what their political views may be.
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Enjoy this special space in the heart of Lis Ard County Estate, Skibbereen and write your memoirs overlooking the serenity of the lake! 2013: Chamber Year In Review Join us and celebrate St. We don’t have to be members of political parties to be able to air our views and comment on politics.
Subsequent repressions conducted by the PAP after it came to power proved to be more ruthless and relentless than those carried out by the colonial rulers and they have to be seen through and through as a massive political betrayal in Singapore’s history.
Also, cultural and civic organisations were sprouting up like bamboo shoots after spring rains, staffed by hitherto student activist.
Leaders all over the world, like Nelson Mandela, Gandhi and Obama were all once student leaders. We want to present youths with appropriate avenues to get involved, educate themselves and express their views which is not limited to the Youth Wings of Political Parties alone. Who knows, they might even start questioning the "official" version of Singapore’s history which contradicts declassified British documents.
This whole movement can and will be conducted in an organised, peaceful, constructive and effective manner. Singapore’s current shortage of good leaders might be a result of the overly well carried out plan to deter student activism since the early 1960s.
I believe it is time that the youth of Singapore rise up and take responsibility for our own future.
TOC has earlier sent a query to MOE and Ariffin's alma mater asking if he has indeed been bared from entry due to his "political activities". The job and family currently leaves no time for his other passion - SCUBA diving - but he loves the greens and blues none the less. Our aim is to examine the issues that matter, or should matter, to Singaporeans and to reflect the diversity of life, of ideas and opinions, that is Singapore. Located in Dezhou in the Shangdong Province in northwest China, the 75,000 square meter structure is a multi-use building and features exhibition centers, scientific research facilities, meeting and training facilities, and a hotel - all of which run on solar power.

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It would also be a good idea to connect a building to an external source of solar panels using a secure DIGITAL CONNECTION.
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Just think how many potential customers you could target with an advertisement on this site. Students in Singapore are stereotyped to be "politically apathetic", but a quick look-back in history would easily explode that myth.
It didn't matter if they were English-educated, Chinese-educated, middle school or University students, they all united in the anti-colonial struggle. Restrictions imposed on the mass media, on public assembly and freedom of expression are, if anything, more severe than during the colonial days. The student activists played a vital role in the Bersih Movement in Malaysia, the fall of Suharto in Indonesia and more recently, the Protests for Democracy in Hong Kong. It has been 12 days since, and we are still awaiting a response from MOE and First Toa Payoh Secondary School.
This would fit well into the idea of the SMART GRID and the SMART METERS and would be suitable for existing buildings which often have a construction which is not suitable for placing so many solar panels on the roof. From 1996-2007, the WB’s most watched series went through numerous cast changes and storylines but the main cast truly remains near and dear to the hearts of viewers. In case of trademark issues please contact the domain owner directly (contact information can be found in whois). The decisions made in Parliament do not only affect politicians, but they affect every single one of us in one way or another.

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