While shelters like this are a dark topic many people prefer to avoid, I think there are an increasing number people, like myself, looking to learn more about what it takes to protect ourselves from threats like radiation.
This is an incredible design. It provides ample sleeping and storage space, as well as separate living spaces to help the occupants get some privacy from each other during long stays. It’s also important to point out that this kind of shelter is overkill for the very low levels of radiation we might experience from distant nuclear reactor meltdowns. So even a typical earthbag dome with 1-foot thick walls would provide far more protection than a normal house. Professor, you seem to miss the fact that a lot of people are interested in this type of tiny house, maybe not expressly for a fallout shelter, but for living their lives. The very same factors that make a fall out shelter viable are the same as for eco-housing; Low cost, Ease of build, energy efficient, space efficient, ect. I do it because I hope more people will look deeply into the mirror as I have and begin to question a way of life so reliant on energy. Tiny houses, or more accurately living simply with less (and less reliance on the global economy), is more easily maintained than living large on any non-renewable power source. I am confused couldn’t this dome be used as a tiny home with the added benefits of a shelter as well as the benefits of insulation for heating and cooling. This is a fun, creative, and doable design which can be applied to the unfortunate realities of our times. Placing the entry off-center from the entry hall creates another hallway and your 90*angle. Earthbag construction is a viable alternative to traditional materials, and it naturally provides protection from radiation. Professor, maybe this doesn’t address your small dwelling green living propaganda for environmental scardy cats, but while nuclear disaster may never happen, its the smaller yet more frequent natural events that this structure could serve as a valuable asset. I for one am glad that Micheal has the mustard to post everything on small shelters whether it’s for survival or not. Comments are encouraged but please keep it constructive and do not make any direct attacks on other commenters. If your comments consistently or intentionally make this community a less civil and enjoyable place to be, you and your comments will be excluded from it. The contents of this website are provided for informational purposes only and should not be construed as advice. Family SAFE has never had a shelter fail, even in the face of the record-setting 2013 Moore, Oklahoma tornado. These are just some of the pictures customers have shared with us of their Family SAFE above ground tornado shelters standing unmoved after a tornado. Prepare Your Family for Survival by Linda Loosli arrived in my mail box a couple of weeks ago. The first thing you notice about Prepare Your Family for Survival, it is NOT a Doomsday Prepper book. I liked that Linda created two sections for the book: The first for preparing your home for outages, shortages and scarcity and the second is geared for evacuation preparation. I think the most daunting thing we face in emergency prepping is what and how much…these checklists answer both questions. You’ll also appreciate that Linda gives some product reviews in the book as well – the pros and cons of some popular items will help you make smart purchases!
As far as I’m concerned – Prepare Your Family for Survival is a buy, not borrow, the book with 2 thumbs up! Please know that any advice or information I share on this blog is purely informational and should be implemented at your own discretion. Imperfectly Happy is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to amazon.
These sponsor and affiliate links supplement our one-income household so I can continue to bring you this blog.
Share44 Pin46 +13 Tweet12 StumbleTotal Shares 105Have you or someone you know ever thought “Why prepare?
I am 100% certain we all have had similar thoughts at one time or another but then, upon reflection, saw the light. What would I have fed the kids if we were stuck on the Atlanta interstate for 10 hours like thousands were during a winter storm? Of course there is more.  There are tons of worksheets, checklists, what Julie calls “Be Ready Quick Tips” that contain useful information on all sorts of topics you may not thought of. Julie has set aside a copy of her book for one lucky reader but first, enjoy the interview and learn a bit more about Julie, the person, and of course, her book. In it, you’ll find information on topics such as, food and water storage, medical and financial readiness, how to be ready away from home, natural disasters, house fires, home invasions, and even how to keep your children safe in the neighborhood, at school and online.
There are templates and checklists throughout the book to make the planning process less overwhelming. Living ready for an emergencies, big or small, is a wise idea and there is a way to plan for them without feeling overwhelmed. I’ve been described as “mainstream” by other preparedness bloggers and I think that’s because I fit in to the mold of average suburban mom. After our “awakening” and our decision to live more self-sufficiently, we purchased a small cabin on 13 acres in Virginia mountains. I believe the best strategy for facing these challenges is becoming as self-sufficient, or self-reliant, as possible.
Just like I begin in the book, I would start with the actual tangible family emergency plan.

What book or movie, fiction or non-fiction, do you think gives the best portrayal of what could happen?
I’m really not into the apocalyptic genre, although, I did enjoy the books, William Forstchen’s One Second After and Cormac McCarthy’s The Road. I’d just like to encourage anyone who is thinking about getting started creating a family emergency plan to get started. Yes, most of the disasters are low probability events, but all of them are high impact events. Taking the steps to plan ahead and be ready is the responsible thing to do—especially when you have little ones depending on you. Here is the part you have been waiting for because I know you are going to want to have a copy of the print version of Julie’s book.
The Survival Savvy Family is a book about family preparedness with a heavy emphasis on families with children. Whether you are just starting to prepare or an old pro, you will find little gems in this book that will help you along the way.  Please enter the giveaway; I just know that you will love this book!
If you enjoyed this article, consider voting for Backdoor Survival daily at Top Prepper Websites!  In addition, SUBSCRIBE to email updates  and receive a free, downloadable copy of my e-book The Emergency Food Buyer’s Guide. Smart, upbeat and direct, Survival Savvy Family helps you to be your best during the absolute worst. BIC Classic Lighters (12): A dozen full size BIC lighters at a bargain price with free shipping. Paracord Lanyard:  I prefer a paracord lanyard over a bracelet because I can use it’s clip to attach my whistle as well as other items that I may want to add from time to time such as a second flashlight, a Swiss army knife, pepper spray, or a flash drive (thumb drive). Blocklite Ultra Bright 9V LED Flashlight: One of my readers (James) claimed that these work great. Kershaw OSO Sweet Knife: This “oh so sweet” knife is solidly built, stainless steel knife that comes razor sharp right out of the package. For over 25 years Emergency Essentials has been providing the highest quality preparedness products at great prices.  Plus, each month they feature sales that quite honestly are fantastic. Emergency Essentials carries a wide variety of equipment and supplies – all at competitive prices.
For your convenience, here is a list of all of the books in the current Backdoor Survival Prepper Book Festival. It suddenly occurred to be that my water plan for my Get Home Bag, which is my purse, would lead to water contamination. By putting the bandana over the bottle as a prefilter, dipping the bottle in whatever water source I could find, and then adding a Katadyn tablet, THE NECK AND THE UPPER INSIDE OF THE BOTTLE WOULD STILL BE CONTAMINATED. The only solution I can think of is to carry a second bottle of a different color and perhaps a funnel to transfer the water from the contaminated bottle to the drinking bottle.
After dropping in the purification tablet it seems to me the bottle needs to sit still for the 4 hours necessary for the tablet to work.
No widgets!Add widgets to this sidebar in the Widgets panel under Appearance in the WordPress Admin. Owen Geiger, expert earthbag designer and builder, recently posted the design of this Triple Dome Survival Shelter on his Earthbag House Plans website.
It could also provide a safe place to sleep once radiation levels had lowered to levels that allowed visits outside.
Gamma radiation can’t turn corners, so adding a turn in a hallway can help protect the interior of structure. We know that conventional construction methods provide very little protection, and we know that the more mass we put between us and fallout the better. This would be a very cost effective small domicile, easy on the budget in building and for maintaining. Besides being good environmental policy (which includes human life) it’s a good long-term business strategy. I mean if someone is against fall out shelters just call it a home and brag about how smart you are to live in such a environmentally friendly home that is inexpensive to heat and cool.
Of course it wouldn’t be a proper fallout shelter if it had windows, but it would still be safer than a conventional house. Tell him that it is safer against natural disasters and more economical for all the same reasons as an earth home.
I understand that many of his designs are knock down versions of what they could really be, he is giving us the basic,all we need to do is add what is needed for our own needs. In other words constructive critique is welcome, destructive mean-spirited judgements are not permitted.
As you can see, even when the entire home is gone, the storm shelter remains firmly in place. This is the prepping book for those of us who know bad things can happen and we should all be prepared for the unexpected. The reality is that we may not be safe at home if things continue to get scarier in our society.
Between mother nature, the war, and epidemics that threaten the population, we must all know how to properly be prepared for disaster to strike, and do what we can in order to help not only ourselves, but our families and loved ones as well.
It teaches you how to survive natural disasters, pandemics, Theromonuclear war, and the end of the world in general. Unfortunately, if we are not prepared, our chances of survival are much lower than average. In the Survival Savvy Family, Julie writes about family preparedness with a heavy emphasis on the family emergency plan.  Right from the get-go she poses family discussion questions that once answered, will formulate the basis for that plan.

I believe it’s a perfect book for new families, families who are just getting started on their emergency plans or for someone who resists becoming prepared because they have the image of a “doomsday prepper” in mind. Everything from interviewing suburban moms about their concerns to consulting government and national organizations, like the National Fire Prevention Association, to drawing from my own personal experiences. It’s a great place to learn back-to-basics skills and we are slowly turning it into a permaculture homestead. By doing so, I hope give my family with the best chance for a safe, healthy and prosperous future. My favorite lavender oil is from Spark Naturals.  Enjoy a 10% discount with code BACKDOORSURVIVAL.
I earn a small commission from purchases made when you begin your Amazon shopping experience here.
This is an easy tool for finding products that people are ‘wishing” for and in this way you know what the top products are.  All you need to do is select the category from the left hand side of the screen. I carry a quart Nalgene bottle, prefilled, a bandana, and Katadyn Micropur MP1 purification tablets. If the water is sloshing around while walking, wouldn’t that contaminate the neck and upper half inch of the bottle? Usually, when I leave the house I’m in my car so I always have my 72 hour bag as well, stocked with food, clothing, medical supplies and coffee! If I should be lucky enough to get the book, I’d read it first and then send it to my sister and her family. A simple modification in this design could be to thicken the entryway wall strait across from the door to block the radiation coming in from the doorway. But it looks like there is less than 3-feet of earth at the very peak, which is considered the minimum thickness of compacted earth for a fallout shelter. The chances of a global nuclear war are low while the possibility of isolated incidents has risen. A small heating unit would be all that would be needed for such a dwelling, and air conditioning would probably not even be an issue. As far as being screwed in the event of nuclear war is concerned I would advise that you go to the National Civil Defence website. Unfortunately, most of my nickles wouldn’t contain much silver due to the switch from the gold standard.
There are many ways to filter in natural light but would need to be addressed for the dual purpose of a shelter. For example, my wife and I sized down to a mere 365 sq ft 2 bedroom apartment, so where I decide to build a 350 sq ft cob house or even go to an underground home of say 600 sq ft, when plan right you will have plenty of room for supplies and yourself as well..
Pest control in the Tulsa area with the same level of customer service you've come to know from the FamilySAFE brand. It is a great start for a beginner but I think seasoned preppers will find a lot of useful information in it as well. The most recent threat to society is the Ebola virus, which is killing thousands around the globe.
The survival of you and your loved ones is important in today’s world, and this guide will show you step by step how to do so. That means, whenever something new comes out in figuring out how to survive, you will automatically be updated. Hopefully we will never have to implement any of the techniques and strategies in this guide, but knowing that we would all know how to best survive takes a lot of worry away from our every day lives.
I think the world is changing and the future holds real challenges like reduced resources, increased natural disasters, failing economies, etc. Discuss the different emergencies and write down what actions you need to take, what supplies you need and what skills you need to deal with them.
Then I bought another.  All told, I have 8 of these spread out in drawers, in my emergency kits, the car, everywhere.
However, I would love to see the topic of cross contamination of water covered here at Back Door Survival. So washing away fallout before entering the main shelter can keep everyone more insulated from radiation. If this is the mentality that I continue to find on this website, then I will look elsewhere for my tiny house wisdom. So knowing how to take temporary shelter gives us options we didn’t think we have before.
Perhaps Tiny House Design should stop all its efforts until it checks in with the Professor first, for that authoritative nod of approval. The space between the kitchen and bedroom looks good for food and supplies so it needs to be accessible from the kitchen. If I thought all was going to fail, I would build a 2000 sq ft place so I can add others to start a commune and trading post for rebuilding years later when it was safe to come back out and to survive the nightmare that would follow for many years if all did fail..
Instead of going into panic mode about it, we must all figure out ways to prepare and survive such threatening diseases and disasters to mankind. According to the guest speaker on water for the recent podcast that Gaye hosted, bleach is one of only 3 approved methods for sterilizing water. At the discount price of only $37, I figured I didn’t have much to lose by purchasing it.

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