Few days ago, American illusionist David Blaine had courage to stand for three days in a live row in a million volts. Check out the Notebook Canvas Bag and T-shirt from Liz Stanley, a contributor over at Say Yes to Hoboken and Momtastic. From Etsy seller, SalukiFeathers, comes the Super Mario Belt with the entire last level of Nintendo’s Super Mario Bros stitched onto the belt.
Akara is a rookie toa, having only recently turned into a toa by a mysterious female and then united with the rest of his team. Akara, after being captured by Sephiroth in a reconnaissance mission and trapped in a prison for ten years, became weak, frail, and blind.
After months of rehabilitation, new armor, and training, Akara claimed the position of the Resistance’s leader.
Nearly a thousand years after Sephiroth’s Wrath, Akara, Narios, and several other beings (Not all from the same species) ushered in a new era of peace.
In attempt to help maintain peace, they had made an experimental robot, in which they dubbed NAVE (New Alliance Vanguard Enforcer). In less then five months, all of Spherus Magna seemed to be a desolate wasteland, nearly void of life. Akara, as with most other members of the New Alliance, had been on the run since it had all started. Chopperskull Jon  March 29, 2012 I think all 3 are amazing, but like you said, the third one has a tron or futuristic feel to it. Physics Stack Exchange is a question and answer site for active researchers, academics and students of physics. I was having a conversation with my father and father-in-law, both of whom are in electric related work, and we came to a point where none of us knew how to proceed.
If anyone could please explain this for some non-physics but electricly incline people, I would be very appreciated. A changing electrical current (AC) experiences the skin-effect where the electricity flows more easily in the surface layers.
Note that normal stranded wire will not improve the situation since the current still sees it as one large wire. Very long distance power transmission can actually be DC rather than AC so no skin effect there. Stranded wire is used because it bends more easily, but it has essentially the same conductive properties. Another reason for the wire to be stranded is so that if there is a defect at any point and breaks, the breach is contained to a very small portion: that single fibre.
The fact that, for certain types of AC, current runs only skin-deep is also why powerlines have a less-conductive steel core (for strength) with a more-conductive shell that runs the bulk of the current. This is a bit unrelated to the original question, but it's worth mentioning that this can arise as a common misconception due to the fact that static electricity accumulates on the surface of a conductor.

Also, Martin's answer makes a good point, the skin effect is relevant for AC currents, but unless you're dealing with inch-thick wire, it won't really make a difference.
As already mentioned, the conductivity is both theoretically and empirically proportional to the cross-sectional area, not the circumference. I'd rather have just commented, but since I got an account here just because of this, I will attempt an answer, but cannot help but try to redirect some of the commentary here.
Finally, the separation of power transmission lines is to reduce losses due to capacitive coupling. Because it has attracted low-quality or spam answers that had to be removed, posting an answer now requires 10 reputation on this site. Not the answer you're looking for?Browse other questions tagged electromagnetism electricity conductors or ask your own question. Cabela’s, the outdoor recreation store, has come up with the ColorPhase Camouflage that changes color depending on the outside temperature.
It reminds me of my elementary school days, where my mom would have to buy an endless supply of wide ruled paper. One of the most important turning points of his life would have then happened the next week- The Golden Seige. They had become the New Alliance, in which each member were to be like an ambassador to their race. In which, he injected his body with cybernetic implants, highly increasing his body strength. Unfortunately, NAVE went berserk seconds after activating, and easily killed half of the beings in the room. You technicality obsessed scientific people would be thinking "If Akara had cybernetic implants, wouldn't the EMP make his body immoble?" Well, first off, he's grounded (electrically). That is the reason for the widely separated pairs of wires in this question What are all the lines on a double circuit tower? This is easily tested by measuring the resistance of round wires - the resistance will fall quadratically with the radius, indicating that it's the cross-sectional area that matters.
The changing magnetic fields introduce eddy currents which yield the skin effect, where current tends to be carried only within the "skin depth" of the wire, which is not proportional to the radius. At higher frequencies, stranded wire might help a little bit, but it would still be susceptible. If you construct the model you will see that that current density shrinks to zero at the centerline of the conductor, where E vector is zero.
When the temperature exceeds 65 degrees Fahrenheit, the clothing changes to a greenish color to match the spring and summer hues of the foliage. This post will be of Akara in three forms that he has been in through his long (suckish) life.
I purposely didn't completely show the past and future versions, as I wanted to keep a hint of mystery.

Narios was his best friend back in Metru Nui, but during a voyage with all the others he was separated during a storm. He even had a headpiece attached to his mask and brain, which greatly improved his artificial vision.
But I don't really like how you connected the head on the past version as I feel the neck is too long. Do you want to know why Nikolai Tesla could deomonstrate the phenonemon using his own body? Otherwise, when colder, the camouflage will turn a brownish color to match the fall season. Also I don't care much for the thighs on the future version(although the EMP emitter looks awesome),but those are my only complaints, other then that I'm really impressed!
Capacitive coupling isn't an issue in the power cables in the link because the sep strands are on the same phase and at the same potential.
Yes it mabe true that on a solid conductor there will be less resistance in the center, it would be nomimnal. 3, which doesn’t match the level depicted on the belt (which is from the original Super Mario Bros. One of my mocs can also take discs off of his thighs, though I never revealed pictures regarding it. Also, when I see a pure black MOC I feel like their must be some story to that color, but I see none here.
View this as a parallel combination of these and you will see that current is more on the outer part of wire.
So, the actual cross-sectional current distribution would result from the net forces (both attractive and repulsive) of electrons as they course through the wire. Finally the hollow conductors at the hoover dam are probably to allow cooling rather than to provide a 2nd surface to reduce skin losses. The raincoat also has snap closures and deep pockets – because kids love to bring their toys with them everywhere.
On the other hand, I can see the Notebook Tote Bag to be a great present for your child’s favorite teacher this Christmas. Available at Amazon, the raincoat will set you back $36, the boots cost $20 – $45 depending on shoe size, and the umbrella is $18.

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