It seems that you can’t go anywhere these days without seeing almost every one glued to their phones or laptop screens. The Faraday Cafe appears to be a regular shop from the outside, but on the inside all electromagnetic phone and Wi-Fi signals are repelled. The cage restricts the passage of electrical signals, meaning that once you step foot into Faraday Cafe, you wont be able to browse the web, text or make phone calls. Most recently, Thomas has been working with more private spaces because they come with less by laws and restrictions than public owned property.

However, Vancouver “social artist” Julian Thomas wants to create a space where people can engage with one another without the technological distraction of cell phones or computers.
This is caused by a Faraday cage, which is composed of conductive material and completely encloses the interior of the store.
He is specifically interested in utilizing public space with urban elements to reframe ideas and conversations around sustainability. The Faraday Cafe has transformed from a private space into one where people can reconnect and socially interact without clinging on to their technological gadgets.

Furthermore, the space is an attempt to make patrons reflect on how they can use technology in a more thoughtful way.

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