The Big Bang was a FREE day-long education event organised by Kent & Medway STEM, (part of Canterbury Christ Church University) took place on Friday, March 18 at Discovery Park, with the aim of inspiring a love of STEM subjects.
So there was plenty going on to fire the imagination and to reconsider pre-conceived ideas of STEM subjects.
STEAM club meets every lunchtime for half an hour or so and is open to all pupils from all Year groups, with the senior boys acting as guides and mentors to the juniors for more tricky stuff such as Robot C coding, and electronics.
They have tackled a range of STEAM projects, some small, some large, but all of them interesting and different.
The club gives pupils opportunities to create, build and learn about various engineering or scientific principles they are taught in the regular (curriculum) KS3 STEM Lessons, and remains a most popular club, with a proven record of success. Four groups of students from four local schools came to Canterbury Christ Church University (CCCU) to learn more about how to investigate crime.  One group of  students, from Aylesford is studying forensics at school, so it was especially useful for them.
There were a lot of lively questions from the students and creative thinking to work out what certain patterns meant. Over 22 STEM Ambassador’s visited each school for two one hour sessions facilitating up to 80 Year 7 and 8 students. Ten schools from all over the Kent and Medway area had groups attending the full day event at the Canterbury campus of Canterbury Christ Church University.
As twilight fell on Thursday night 3 December, you would have seen a crowd of young and old gathered outside the Old Sessions House at Canterbury Christ Church University – all clambering to see what was happening in the centre. What followed was an onslaught of scientific tricks – not magic but real science to amaze all of our senses. He found some cotton and set it alight – impressive enough in itself – then he found a bit of cotton that had oxygen incorporated into it – woosh!  We barely saw the flame.
Then Dr Szydlo found a flask of liquid nitrogen and threw some of it in the air to thrill the crowd as the very very very cold stuff warmed up and disappeared into thin air. He started to feel a bit wobbly so he boiled a kettle to make himself a cup of tea… How dramatic was that?
During the show, Dr Szydlo had had some balloons strung up on the front desk, floating in the air.
By investigating the evidence the truth became clear – aspects about the death and the suspects pointed in one direction…. It was a fascinating day and a great opportunity for the students to find out about careers in Forensic Science and where to study for it. Within the workshops, students were introduced to a range of chemical processes, undertook experiments and recorded and thought about the results. 40 young people from Towers School and Highworth Grammar School for Girls in Ashford benefited from a day of interactive sessions on careers within the engineering sector.
Hosted by CXK*, the pupils from Years 9 and 10 took part in four different activities, all designed to raise awareness of what engineering is and the different opportunities available within the sector.  As part of the day, they heard a talk from two engineers at Balfour Beatty Rail on their experiences and also received a free employability skills check, using an online psychometric tool Carrus. Anna Pelham, a teacher at the Towers School, stated, “It was certainly interesting to see some depth into engineering. Secondary Pupils (KS3) from Sittingbourne Community College, Brockhill Park Performing Arts College and Gravesend Grammar School visited the Canterbury campus on Wed 4 Nov to investigate a mock crime scene. Through a series of workshops the students collected evidence and ran tests just as experts would in real life. STEM Ambassadors from the School of Law, Criminal Justice and Computing at Canterbury Christ Church University ran the event to give students an insight into forensic science careers and further education. This event was to support setting up a STEM club and included resources and practical ideas the participants could take away. Kent & Medway STEM hosted a hands-on activity in Canterbury on Wednesday 20 October to inspire and support Teachers running STEM Clubs – the topic was Cosmetics Chemistry.
After an short introduction with coffee and cakes, the teachers and ambassadors were introduced to and then made a whole variety of cosmetic products that can easily be made with their students in a STEM Club in their school. All the activities are very safe and easily achieved but any potential hazard points were highlighted as well as different options given.
Bath bombs were made first, using bicarbonate of soda and citric acid with added scents and colours. All the products set quickly so by the end they could take home their hand crafted gifts in cellophane bags and small screw topped tins. Each teacher was sent back to their school with a large box of materials to make all the products with their own students. Kent & Medway STEM regularly hosts free CPD events for teachers and STEM Ambassadors, please visit the events page to browse the upcoming events. Kent & Medway STEM hosted a free twilight CPD on 3D printing at the Discovery Park in Sandwich. The world of 3D printing has been evolving rapidly with potential solutions in nearly every field from replacement body parts to, lighter more efficient plane components.
On 30 July 2015 and 27 August 2015 two amazing evenings of LEGO® Challenge were organised at Maidstone Museum, set by ambassadors from STEMNET. Over the two evenings, 279 children (and a few adults!) joined us in the Museum cafe from 6 pm to create their own museum exhibit – provided with over 30 kg of LEGO®!
Judging started from 8 pm onwards, with lots of great prizes including sets of LEGO® to allow children to keep up the good work on developing their future engineering skills.

Chemistry at Work - an exciting and engaging way for students to interact with local organisations based in the chemical sciences. Over 270 students from schools across Kent and Medway attended yet another extraordinary Chemistry at Work event at Canterbury Christ Church University on Thursday 2 and Friday 3 July 2015. The annual event is organised by Kent & Medway STEM supported by the Royal Society of Chemistry. Workshops introduced a range of chemical processes including making toothpaste, ph testing and the chemistry of medicines. A device to measure the properties of charged elementary particle, atomic or simple molecular beams during or after acceleration, or the properties of neutral particle beams produced in an intermediate stage of charged particle acceleration.
A description of the device, its operating principle, and its performance should have been published in a journal or in the proceedings of a conference or workshop that is in the public domain. Nominations are open to candidates of any nationality for work done at any geographical location.
The Award Committee may release the names of entrants and a list of publications related to an entry if requested by a third party.
Stadiums and other key engineering projects needed for a smooth Brazilian World Cup will be ready just in time - literally.
A little over two years ago, back in January 2012, London was getting ready to host what eventually were declared a very successful Olympic Games. SCOTTISH POWER: Keeping the cameras rollingOn 18 December 2013, Glasgow-based Aggreko was announced as the official temporary power generation supplier for Brazil 2014.
Youa€™ll work with team mates at all levels to shape solutions and conceptualise and create materials that speak to the client. Some of the most exciting infrastructure projects in the UK over the coming years are in rail.
Frazer-Nash is currently embarking on a period of significant growth of our electrical, electronics, control and instrumentation capability. You will be part of the team developing solutions for the next generation of advanced missile systems, specifically in the missiles domain. You will play a key role in contributing towards the continuous improvement of the maintenance service. As an engineering technician, your areas of responsibility will be wide ranging giving first and second line support to all of the airports assets.
Some of the scientists running sessions for the students are currently working on the development of new drugs and treatments at Discovery Park. It is wonderful to have this opportunity for students from all over the region to meet people for whom STEM is not just a job, it is their passion.
They have also just started a weekly after-school 'Junior Game Creators' branch for Y7 and 8 pupils to learn about how games and apps are created and coded.
Some ideas come from the RAEng Kit Boxes such as 'Skeleton Bob' or the 'Smart Materials', and others come from the students themselves, such as the VEX Drawing Robots (Y7 and 8) or the Aerial Pollution Drone (Y12 and 13). The team at CCCU who are experts in crime investigation helped all the students solve a crime that had been set up for them. Miraculously, the liquid suddenly darkened, no longer clear – with only the vibrations of the strings to make it happen. When this was lit it turned into a mini volcano and spat out dark green granular muck that had to be cleaned up. Local STEM Ambassadors, working in the Chemical Industry or for an organisation using Chemistry in their work, visited the school and led a set of workshops to encourage the students to see how vast the range of careers is that are available to those interested in chemistry. They found out about DNA and how plants are used in modern medicines as well as traditional herbal medicine. People often associate engineering with limited jobs, such as planes, buildings and trains. The body of a female had been found in a bedsit in Canterbury and the students were tasked with investigating the death to identify the offender.
Visiting the onsite mock bedsit, students searched for evidence trying to gather information from items remaining at the scene and making note of the blood splatter. Then soaps moulded into small roses, hearts or stars and then lip balm coloured with lipstick and made creamy with avocado wax. We have over 700 STEM Ambassadors from a wide range of backgrounds willing to support STEM Activities for free. At the end of September NASA announced the winners of its 3D Printed Habitat Challenge Design Competition, a challenge which asked participants to develop 3D printed architectural habitats for the future population of Mars. An ambassador from Delphi Diesel Systems even printed a real-life part to fit on a component at the event.
The event opened students’ understanding to the wide range of applications and careers which involve chemistry. Secondary school students from years 9 and 10 visit a range of interactive presentations by Canterbury Christ Church University staff and volunteer STEM Ambassadors who work for local companies. Students undertook experiments, recorded results and learnt about important applications of chemistry in the work place.

The device may operate by detecting secondary beams of charged, neutral, massive or mass less particles. Laboratory design notes, internal technical notes, etc., do not qualify but may be submitted to support other publications. There are no restrictions for candidates, with the only exception that they cannot be members in charge of the BIW Program Committee. Unpublished supporting material will not be disclosed nor will the names of persons supporting a nomination. Other features include LED headlights and taillights that are built into the frame and controlled by an ambient light sensor, and a large front rack that can hold 30 pound loads — or more than enough to carry your dinner and beers from the grocery store to your home. The company is no stranger to these types of events, having played similar roles not only during the last World Cup in South Africa but also during the past two Summer Olympic Games (Beijing 2008 and London 2012) and the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics.In Brazil, Aggreko will be responsible for supplying, installing and operating a minimum of 46 megawatts of generating capacity, 1,000 distribution panels and 200km of electric cables. Provided by Osram, it will consist of hundreds of joined semi-transparent glass panels, each of which will have two rows of 13 RGB LEDs.The screen had been fully mounted in mid-2013. Students learned about fire and how a suspicious fire can be investigated as well as what it is to be a forensic chemist. It’s great for the students to see how far it branches out and what it covers, certainly the endless opportunities that engineering offers.
Using biological samples the pupils then examined hair, body fluids and fibres in attempt to narrow down who had been present in the bedsit. No matter how obscure the STEM Club please get in touch with us and we can help arrange STEM Ambassador support. To enable schools to access this exciting technology Kent & Medway STEM recently added two Ultimaker 2 Go printers to its catalogue of resources available for schools and STEM Ambassadors to borrow free of charge.
Along with some networking opportunities over tea and cake the event was also an opportunity for teachers to link with STEM Ambassadors and discover the support available to their schools. The rules were fairly simple; grab the challenge instructions, explore the galleries to choose a museum exhibit, fill a bucket with bricks (be nice and don’t be greedy) and then get building! For the final test, a STEMNET engineer tested the models for structural strength by destroying them! Full and open disclosure is necessary to the extent that a potential user could design a similar device. In the event of deciding between works of similar quality, preference will be given to candidates in an early stage of their beam instrumentation career.
They will power the broadcasting operations of all 64 matches of the competition in each of the 12 host cities, as well as the electronic advertising boards around the pitches. However, part of it was badly damaged by the crane accident at the stadium that killed two workers in November and had to be repaired. The chemist will analyse a variety of samples collected at the crime scene to determine whether they can be linked to a suspect. Furthermore they investigated inks and drugs to determine more facts about the death and suspects. The mass of primary beam particles shall be no greater than the order of 1000 atomic mass units.
More than one article may be submitted (together) to satisfy this requirement; for example, an article describing the principle plus another article describing the performance. The company will also provide power and temperature control services for the International Broadcast Centre (IBC) that Fifa is installing in Rio de Janeiro.Broadcast coverage of the World Cup will reach more countries than the total member states of the United Nations. We were all outside because Dr Szydlo was worried he might have set off the smoke alarms if he’d done it inside.
Once accepted by the Award Committee a nomination shall remain eligible for two successive competitions unless withdrawn by a candidate.
Two of the remaining three unfinished venues (the Arena da Baixada in Curitiba and the Estadio Beira-Rio in Porto Alegre) were also expected to be handed over to Fifa before the end of February.That would leave only one stadium still undergoing construction work as late as March 2014. The accidental deaths triggered an investigation that partially halted construction.The last progress report issued just before the incident by Odebrecht, the Brazilian engineering conglomerate building the Arena Corinthians, indicated that the stadium was 94 per cent complete.
Back in January 2010, the original budget stated that the 12 arenas would cost BRL 5.4 billion.
More recently, the 2006 edition of the competition heralded the European introduction of regular HDTV broadcasts, while the last World Cup in South Africa was the first to be licensed to Internet-streaming platforms and to have some games shot in 3D.The fact that 3D TV eventually failed to live up to its hype did not deter the television industry from seeing Brazil 2014 as the ideal showcase for its next big thing.
Last September at the IBC conference in Amsterdam, Sony and Fifa confirmed that at least the final match in Rio would be produced and broadcast in 4K.
Whenever a new video compression algorithm is released, building a compatible encoder is usually a more straightforward affair than launching a commercial line of decoders, given the understandable preference of chip manufacturers to wait to mass produce their first silicon until the standard is approved.How did Elemental show what compressed and decompressed 4K video looked like without mass-produced decoders?
A frame rate of 30 FPS (or p30) is perfectly fine for today's HD broadcasts, which are typically watched on screens of up to 42in.

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