On your way home you may need to provide food, water, clothes, shelter, protection and aid for you and maybe your family. Second, you may add a small radio, an old (charged) mobile phone (one you dona€™t use anymore) and a solar battery charger if you want. Here are the tools and how to build it.Keep a 3 foot square piece of visqueen type plastic sheeting and a cup with a broad base on it that wona€™t fall over easily.
The biggest survival pack tip I can possibly give you is: if you dona€™t have one built, DO IT NOW.
If you are taking and have a physical dependency on narcotics, barbiturates, and certain psychiatric drugs for chronic pain or other diseases, be sure to have a supply that will last at least long enough to titrate off the medication (aka De-toxing). Grab an old microwave (the large ones) that either no longer works or one that is not plugged in (naturally).
This is why I said that an EMP Emergency car bag will surely help in any emergency situation. A small Faraday Cage with electronics to replace the fried ones and to get your car back on the tracka€¦ or electronics to get in touch with people.
The mobile phone wona€™t help you as much as you think, but the small radio (especially a HAM Radio) will probably be the only communication available after the EMP. Well if you are in the desert (where you really need water) it is best to walk in the mornings and the evenings.

Use a pan or bucket for the hole you would have dug and put a little sea water in the bottom. Think about what your main medical issues area€¦ like high blood pressure, diabetes, asthma, Cardiac failure, Arthritis and so on.
Minerals and Vitamins. Did you know that you can develop malnutrition if you lack a single vitamin in your diet?
For example, storing drugs in a hot trunk in the summer in some states can destroy some drugs within hours, even rendering some of them dangerous or highly toxic in what would be otherwise normal doses.
If you live in a hot state and wear flip flops all the time take a pair of tennis shoes or cross training shoe boots. If you do leave your car youa€™ll be putting them on your feet so you wona€™t be carrying them anyway. But most cars will need a new PCM (Power Control Module), an Anti-lock braking system, Fuel Electronic Injection and the Electronic Ignition. And telling your loved ones who are scared or bleeding that you were going to build your pack but never got around to it wona€™t comfort them much.
Either way, a Mylar survival blanket is a must have no matter if you are on your own on COLD OR HOT weather. Place the cup in the exact center of the bottom of the hole firmly so it doesna€™t tip over.

That will be your best thing to barter with, without actually loosing anything (if you have a manual or solar charger of course).
If youa€™re driving in dress shoes or tennis shoes and have to deal with mud or wet, slushy, ice cold snow youa€™ll be glad you did. Keep the tools to make a sunshine still in your pack because even in the desert as long as you have sunshine youa€™ll have some water. Lay the plastic sheet over the hole and hold it down on all 4 sides with rocks or whatever you have. The vapor will rise, collect on the plastic, run down to the depression and drip into your cup.
The water is pure because it was steam before it dripped into your cup, so no worries there.

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