Each tent package includes a range of items manufactured specifically for the tent or customized for the kit. Faraday TentDouble wall faraday tent with high quality construction and heavy duty reinforcement offers complete signal isolation. Faraday Box with FiltersFiltered power and data are provided through an external faraday box that connects to the tent with a faraday sleeve. Filtered PowerPower strip includes multiple connections with complete RF filtering to the outside. Ventilation Fan IntakeCool air is pumped through the tent using a fan, fabric duct and floor-level shielded intake vent system, keeping occupants cool.
Shielded Exhaust VentRF shielded ventilation system includes upper exhaust vent to release hot air that accumulates at the top of the tent.

Tent CoverAfter the tent is taken down it's laid onto a mat that buckles over the tent roll and protects it for transport. Accessories KitVarious accessories and tools are included to assist with assembly, takedown and transport. Transport CaseHeavy duty flight case protects structure, tent and other components for safe transport. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. This lightweight, portable solution uses the same Stronghold technology and material as the Reusable StrongHold bags and is perfect for performing forensic examinations on active wireless devices. For over 75 years and servicing well over 100 countries, Sirchie has been THE source for criminal investigation and forensic products and supplies, custom vehicles and accredited training to the worldwide law enforcement community.

The tent comes with a wireless StrongHold bag to keep your digital evidence secure until you’re ready to examine it.
Combining first class customer service and adhering to strict manufacturing quality standards enables Sirchie to support and assist a demanding forensic market.
Place your investigation laptop and the evidence inside the tent, insert your arms securely into the faraday sleeves, remove your evidence from the included bag and connect it to your investigation laptop for secure examination.

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