Here are just a few examples of recent designs from the Keep Calm-o-Matic creative community. Thanks to the crowdsourcing designers at DesignCrowd, we are blessed, just in time for Halloween, with these hilarious pics of The Trumpster, the Republican frontrunner, photoshopped into classic horror movie stills! A very special thanks to Hank Sforzini for creating and sending us the absolutely incredible Horror Movie Franchises By the Numbers infographic!
This infographic highlights facts from eight popular horror franchises including The Omen, Alien, A Nightmare on Elm Street, Halloween, Friday the 13th, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, The Exorcist and Night of the Living Dead. It’s clear that both Sforzini and Bass love the genre as much as we do, and we give our eternal thanks to them for creating this masterpiece of web art!
Day of the Dead 2 : Contagium was a cheapie sequel in no way affiliated with George A Romero. Well you’re wrong too because the six dead films that you mentioned as the ONLY films Romero had any part in is also incorrect. He was going to even direct it but decided to let his good buddy Tom Savini do it instead for his first ever directing job as they were good buddies and he had worked closely along side Romero on the previous films in the series as an actor, make-up artist and consultant seeing as he had previously been a combat cameraman in Vietnam seeing several real-life dead bodies and how they looked.
Is the horror genre (according to Film4) really that watered-down that this is their full list? I would say that’s a fair definition of horror and I would say that Shutter Island falls within that definition. I usually draw the line between horror and thrillers by the way they portray the world the movie lives in. If you want to include all thrillers as horror this list is missing a lot of movies, like memento, the girl with the Dragon tattoo, mulholland Dr., and so on. The ending to Memento is pure nihilistic horror (as is really the entire movie) Dragon’s rape scene is absolutely a horror scene and Mulholland, like almost all Lynch films, uses horror tropes and techniques to manipulate and creep out the audience. For example, being abandoned in space is a huge fear for my girlfriend… she finds movies like Gravity, Intersteller, and Apollo 13 to be unnervingly frightening, although I doubt most of us would consider these to be horror films. And yet, if you think about it, Gravity does possess many of the core elements found in horror films?
An example of a really great horror film that Hollywood refuses to call a horror movie is Gravity. Horror movies from this decade that I haven't watched yet which may end up on this list in the future. Son of Frankenstein was my favorite out of the Universal Frankie series, when I watched it a few years ago. Whether you love horror films or hate them, they really can be quite amusing to watch from time to time.
Click through to see more designs, create your own, share designs and purchase customised products. It was made by Taurus Entertainment who also made the remake of DAY OF THE DEAD which was a vile piece of shit.

Romero wrote the screenplay for the 90’s NOTLD remake as well as served as executive producer of the film. Film4 has put together a list of the 50 Must-See Horror Movies of the 21st Century, or in other words, the best horror films released in the last 15 years.
There are a couple of Canadian films on the list (Ginger Snaps, Pontypool), a handful of very recent entries (Spring, It Follows, A Girl Walks Home Alone At Night), and even a movie I had never heard of before: the Belgian film Calvaire. That’s how something like Psycho passes as horror (to me) cause it at least raises the possibility of Mrs. Boil it down to its essential elements and you have a lone woman (the final girl) fighting for her survival against a force that is unrelenting and without empathy. Maybe it depends on the person watching the film seeing as although I see why one would call it horror I don’t think of Jaws as a horror film in the same way I do of A Nightmare on Elm Street or Event Horizon. It’s a sliding scale, and Non-Stop clearly is leaning far more towards action than horror.
For the first time a lot of these creatures and characters were brought to the big screen, and for some this was the first time they had voices to help bring them to life. Though I can certainly see why everyone likes Bride of Frankenstein so much, since it made the monster much more sympathetic than he'd be portrayed throughout the series.
SimpsonCritics Say We'll Get 'The Best Superhero Action Scene Ever' In 'Captain America: Civil War'Elise JostDumbledore Is Back?! Those two movies are not considered part of the series, the rights were bought off Romero in an auction and thus, not part of his series. Time after time she thinks that she is safe, and yet the faceless, shapeless attacker forces her to seek shelter from death. It’s why they are so dismissive of the genre, by mis-labelling it they can treat it as a lesser genre, when the opposite is true.
So while the 1980s may be my personal favorite decade for horror, the 1930s are a close second due to the fact so many of these films had heavy influence on the horror films that followed them. In fact, it had more comic relief than the first and correct me if i'm wrong, it also has homosexual themes spread throughout! A couple of overrated films on the list are Dark Water and High Tension, would put the American version of The Ring, Hong Kong version of The Eye, The Machinist, Starry Eyes, 28 Days Later, Frailty, or Drag Me To Hell on instead. Like horror-comedies, that is striving for a positive emotional response, ie make you laugh. Plus most of these were created with great care & precision to the result that they're as effective now as they were back then.
I also interviewed Jeff Reddick (Both of them awesome people btw) when the movies came out.
Glad the superior Them (Ils) is on the list rather than the slightly overrated The Strangers. Night of the Living Dead Reanimation is an independant English production that Romero is in no way affiliated with either.

Max wants to break up with his controlling girlfriend, but can't seem to find the courage.
This gives Max a chance to see her mom again, but can she stop her mom's scripted death?
Needing work, Aaron takes a job for a man in need of a someone to film him for eight hours. Aaron meets Josef, a man making a film for his unborn son since he has an inoperable brain tumor, supposedly. From chasing him around the house in a werewolf costume to sending him DVD apologies to Aaron's home. With the zombie virus still spreading throughout the world, people are able to take their infected family home, but must return them before the virus completely takes over.
Arnold Schwarzenegger plays a father protecting his recently bitten daughter, Abigail Breslin, who will stop at nothing to protect her. When a wealthy woman uses illegal plant fertilizer she accidentally transforms a colony of wasps into 7ft predators.
The third took a different turn, having a girl try and contact her deceased mother, but accidentally contacting something else. When her friend is raped and killed, the lack of police help, leads Jennifer to use her skills to seek revenge for her friend. With no help coming and being on her own, she must try and survive until morning, if she can. In this film we follow a husband and wife that move to a remote home with their newborn baby. Despite constant warnings not to enter the woods, the husband continues to do research deep in the woods. Dark versions of pixies and fairies begin coming after the family, with the intent of stealing their baby.
Stories ranging from ghosts, demons, the Devil, a claymation alien, and hungry pumpkins, there is something for everyone.
After she is injected with the virus she has an unforeseen reaction, she can control zombies. With the entire family losing their Christmas spirit they are visited by Krampus and his helpers.

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