72 Hour survival kit items that should be in your house, this list comes directly from FEMA. This is a fridge, you put your stuff in the gel and it keeps it cool, than you just reach in and take it out. Mix baking soda with TBS of fabric softener and spread on mattress every one or two months.
The following is a pretty good basic list of items for a survival kit, based on recommendations from ready.gov. Once you’ve put one together, you will probably find yourself adjusting it from time to time. Household chlorine bleach and medicine dropper – When diluted nine parts water to one part bleach, bleach can be used as a disinfectant. I have questioned local Officials about the Timing of these ads but they just say it is for Public awareness and Preparedness.
I have even asked a few Police officers that are friends, but they say they don’t know either.
If you surf the net even a little, there is All kinds of chatter about something that may happen as soon as a few weeks to the end of this year.
I have been seeing these here in Denver since January and, what’s weird, is that they are usually shown around midnight and 5 am. FEMA is spending money on advertising and preps for the NLE 2011, which is a multiple statewide effort to determine how prepared the areas surrounding the New Madrid Fault are. Everyone keeps thinking quake or asteroid, but has anyone asked why the world governments have been spending trillions of dollars on studying our sun??? I feel that the government should supply all families with a least one kit for 2 people and then let everyone add whatever they need. Can anyone advise me on the radio that you Americans use to tap into the FEMA radio station and can this station be picked up worldwide?? The people that visit this site are wise and most of them do stock up for longer than 1 week and will be much more able to handle it. Apart from a hosepipe ban and starting a panic buy over petrol, we’re getting nothing from the UK government… Not even hints!
USA – The government owes us nothing so why would you ever think they should have to buy everyone a survival kit. Plan ahead… with the internet you have many of the tools you need to start building your kits. Survival blog topics for a life of preparedness and risk awareness; emergency and disaster or threats thereof. Here are links to great resources, forms and lists to experts and sites that have the critical information that can help you be prepared.
To build a 7 day plan gradually - here is a 24 week plan from Alaska that breaks things into a weekly shopping list. Ready.gov has a great fill-in form to start your Family Emergency Plan and the site has a list of suggested supplies for a Family Emergency Kit. Texas has the most tornadoes of any state and if one hits your area it could mean that you are without electricity and utilites for several days if not week. Red Cross has an excellent Disaster Safety Library with information sheets on every type of emergency and what to do. Over 20 workshops to help you and your family be prepared taught by industry and ministry leaders. Free materials and every family will receive a gift of 72-hr Emergency Food Kit, (a $25 value).
In an age where hurricanes, deadly fires, and terrorism are part of everyday conversation, knowing your insurance policy and understanding how it works can make the difference between rebuilding your life after a crisis and bankruptcy. Amid the stress of a fire, flood, or other emergency’s aftermath, the task of making the call to the insurance company can be just another added stress a policyholder faces. Insurance adjusters initially came into vogue about 100 years ago—not only to translate policy language, but to literally translate insurance policies into various languages. Tackling a host of tasks upon his or her arrival to the site, the public insurance adjuster immediately starts gathering the necessary information.
Once the initial information is given to an insurance company by the claimant, it may be difficult to amend or add to the list of damages.
Public insurance adjusters know the questions to ask, measurements to take, and avenues for helping the insured—which can include arranging housing for them if there’s been a fire or other disaster. But regardless of the complexity of a given claim, it really all comes down to the same thing—money.
While all adjusters are in the same business and technically do the same thing, a public adjuster works only for the claimant, whereas the insurance adjuster works on behalf of an insurance company.
According to the public adjusters, speaking the language of the industry and flushing out points that might be overlooked by the policyholder alone greatly enhance the chances of the claimant receiving their maximum due. At the end of the day however, getting everyone on the same page is a large part of what the public insurance adjuster is there to do.
So who pays a public adjuster to come in and work their magic on a particularly sticky insurance situation? And who you choose to represent you to your insurer is nearly as important as the decision to hire a public adjuster in the first place. Start putting an emergency supply kit together and double check to ensure supplies are fresh. If you plan to stay in a hotel or motel, make reservations and confirm your reservations before you leave. Call 2-1-1 to find out if you live in an evacuation area or you need transportation during a disaster. Having emergency supplies on hand in easy-to-carry containers will serve you well no matter what kind of hazard or emergency you may face. If there is a baby, include formula, diapers, bottles, powdered milk, medications, baby wipes, and diaper rash ointment. If you have access and functional needs or have special healthcare needs, you may require additional items. Turn off electricity at the main circuit breaker or fuse box to protect appliances from power surges and reduce the risk of live dangling wires after the storm.
Make sure to carry water and non-perishable food for you and your passengers in case you become stranded. Generally speaking, this sneaky little clause applies to commercial property or business property and requires that you – the business investor or owner – insure the company property up to a certain percent  (typically 80% of the property value) or risk paying a penalty on a claim. If your Co-Insurance clause states 80% then you are required to have proper business insurance coverage up to that percentage limit. Since the clause in this example requires eighty percent, then you would need at least $240,000 of coverage or 80% of your actual business or property value. Most small business professionals (and even the self employed) do not know about the power of the Co-Insurance clause.
Dealing with a claim when you have a co-insurance clause can be quite a hassle especially when you are under insured.
From the depths of Houston’s worst drought in more than 50 years it may be difficult to recall how soggy Houston was 10 years ago this month.
On June 8-9, 2001, Tropical Storm Allison dumped up to 26 inches of rain on parts the city. There is no one-size-fits-all solution to preparing Houston and Galveston for severe storms.
With the current budget cuts, we cannot depend upon the federal government to come to our rescue with bags of money.
The SSPEED Center is working to develop an extensive flood alert system for the Clear Lake area that will be similar to the one SSPEED developed for the Texas Medical Center (TMC). The SSPEED Center is also evaluating whether a levee and floodgate structure at the Fred Hartman Bridge can protect the Houston Ship Channel from a 20- to 25-foot storm surge.
The center is also proposing a levee system to better protect the city of Galveston from bayside flooding. The SSPEED Center is grateful to Houston Endowment for providing $3.2 million in funding over the next few years to study these innovative solutions.
Another weather forecasting team is predicting an active hurricane season for 2011, calling for an above-average number of storms to form in the Atlantic Hurricane Basin.

Earth Networks’ WeatherBug meteorology team foresees a lower number of expected hurricanes in comparison to 2010, but its numbers are still trending above what is considered to be a normal tropical storm season. Specifically, Earth Networks expects a total of 13-14 named storms to form, with 7-8 becoming hurricanes.
An average tropical storm season is 10 named storms, six hurricanes, and 3 intense hurricanes. The above-average forecast stems partly from the fact that recent historical patterns show a string of 12 active hurricane seasons. The Colorado State University forecasters’ estimate released on April 6 calls for 16 named storms, nine hurricanes, and five intense hurricanes.
Weather Services International’s (WSI) tropical storm forecast released on April 27 predicts 15 named storms, eight hurricanes, and four intense hurricanes. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) will release its figures this week, May 19, at a press conference at the NOAA Satellite Operations Facility – the epicenter of all satellite data used in developing weather and climate forecasts, including hurricanes. As has been the case in recent past, an above-average forecast does not necessarily mean there is a greater likelihood of a hurricane landfall in the U.S.
We are adding a virtual spokesman to our new website and I would love to hear your feedback so we can finalize our script.
Everyday somewhere across the country someone suffers a devastating loss to their home or business.
Throughout the years, I recognized the need to assist policyholders, like yourself, through the claims process. To do this, I put together the most experienced and qualified team of licensed public adjusters and claims professionals in the industry today. Whether it be fire, flood, windstorm, earthquake, or other insured perils, we represent you, not the insurance company, and work on your behalf to protect your interest. Browse our website and feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns you may have.
Unfortunately somewhere across the country homes and businesses are suffering an insurance loss and even though we all think it won’t happen to us, the fact is, it does. While meeting with an individual or business owner that recently suffered an insurance loss, many public adjusters are often responded to with the same response….”Let me see what my insurance company offers me first, and if I don’t like it I’ll call you”. This is a person that is not taking full advantage of all the services a licensed public adjuster has to offer.
By engaging a public adjuster IMEADIATLY after suffering an insurance loss, we have found that a proactive approach of “Leading The Way” throughout your insurance claim helps to prevent problems in the claims process BEFORE they arise.
How many of you have received that oh so tempting unknown email just begging you to open it?
A new world of insurance claims is on the horizon, according to the 2009 report from the Internet Crime Complaint Center. Since the advent of this report cyber theft has grown in just three years to an annual $400 million a year criminal business.
Realizing the severity of this form of criminal behavior and the fact that large company losses can have a detrimental effect on our economy and infrastructure. When protection systems fail, cyber insurance kicks in triggering coverage for costs related to cleaning up after a worm or hacker attack, and restoring infected files, as well as business income loss during the period of restoration. Or in an emergency, you can use it to treat water by using 16 drops of regular household liquid bleach per gallon of water. All I can say is Finalize your preps and hang on, because if they do know something is coming, they sure are not telling any one, And that should be the scary part.
I have never known any government to spend money on scientic research to this magnitude without a reason. Is there any radio station that we can get in Aus to help us during a natural or man made disaster???? As long as you have more guns and ammo than the person that hoarded food supplies you will probably be able to eat and not have to deal with preparations.
They have massive programs to can food, have built networks of food supplies and are teaching amateur radio to their stakes so that they will be able to communicate with each other. Gonna need one of those to call in the gov’t good guys when your home is being invaded by looters or worse. In the case of emergencies, were you aware that there is support for those individuals from the city health departments.
Long Range Planning – For extended disasters are you prepared and what is your support network? Invite your family, friends, church, neighbors, co-workers to this informative and educational event. One of the most important aspects of property ownership is ensuring that in the event of loss, damage or accident, your investment is protected. One of the resources available to policyholders is the public adjuster—someone with inside knowledge and years of experience in the insurance field who may be able to help weed through the sometimes monumental-seeming task of regrouping, rebuilding, and reinventing after a crisis. The barrage of questions, the specifics—even the language of the policy may prove too much for someone who has just faced a great loss in their life.
While this is a role less familiar to most policyholders than that of the insurance agent or broker, public adjusters have been around nearly as long as the insurance companies themselves.
Immigrants to the New York metropolitan area who did not speak English well enough to handle their own claims would turn to members of their community to assist in facilitating reimbursements and settling claims.
Because this lifestyle always means dealing with multiple homeowners’ policies, it tends to muddy the waters a bit. This can at times cause some initial tension between the public adjuster and the larger insurance company. They point out that insurance companies are in business to make money—and with the aid of public adjusters, sometimes they’re forced to pay more to policyholders.
Obviously, not every insurance claim is going to necessitate a public adjuster, but when the need is there, so is this service. Public insurance adjusters can help make the process expedient and hopefully headache-free.
Discuss evacuation plans with your family, friends and relatives BEFORE hurricane season begins, and review your plans from time to time. Remember that phone service could be disrupted, so have a back-up plan such as an assigned meeting place, use of pagers, e-mail or other technology that does not depend on phone lines. Structures that meet current high-wind provisions have a better chance of surviving violent windstorms. Paying such a penalty can be a very disappointing experience because it will usually occur at a time when you really cannot afford it. Since you do not have the full coverage required, you stand to pay a penalty in an insurance loss or accident. Don’t be left out in the cold when an unexpected event occurs in your business that could negatively affect your livelihood.
The cost of being underpaid due to penalties far outweighs the cost of  utilizing the services  of a Licensed Public Adjuster to represent you. Had that scenario played out, Ike could easily have caused a catastrophic loss of life in the Clear Lake area, far more extensive property damage and an environmental nightmare.
However, the Severe Storm Prediction, Education and Evacuation from Disasters (SSPEED) Center is working to transform our abilities to plan and react to these threats.
Instead, we need to take a careful look at the costs and benefits of achieving community protection through innovation. Using hydrologic technology, we have shown that we can predict the threat of out-of-bank flooding of Brays Bayou in the Medical Center. Based on early investigations, it appears that the price tag for such a project can be justified because of the catastrophic economic and environmental consequences that would result if a storm were to inundate a significant portion of the nation’s petrochemical refining industry. In the lower-lying areas of Galveston Bay, we are exploring ways to re-invent the coastal economy by focusing on the natural resources of this area, such as bird watching and kayaking. The Center hopes that its work will contribute to making our coastal economy resilient and our homes safer. To protect ourselves from the next Allison or Ike, we are going to have to solve our own problems the hard way – by rolling up our sleeves, being honest about hard truths and working together.
Blackburn is co-principal investigator of the SSPEED Center hurricane research and a professor in the practice of environmental law in the Civil and Environmental Engineering Department at Rice University. To learn more about how a Public Adjuster can help you with an insurance loss call 1-866-450-8520.

Our founder Tom Ross will be the spokesman and we are all excited to see it when he  is finished in the studio.  Its going to be about a minute long maybe a little shorter but our goal is to get your attention and briefly explain to you  what we can do to help you if you ever suffer a loss to your home or business. Even though we all think it won’t happen to us, the fact is, it does and most people are unprepared to deal with an insurance claim. Fortunately, there are steps that you can take to minimize the amount of loss or extent of damage, and to make filing and processing your claim a little less problematic. Inspect the locks on your front door or any other door that gives access to your home or business.
We all know coastal area residents have experienced major property damage from severe weather storms in recent years. If you live in a flood zone or think you might be at risk for flooding you might want to consider a flood insurance policy. As a policy holder, the terms of your policy dictate that it is YOUR responsibility to report your claim, document your loss, prepare any requested inventories, and keep track of all relevant expenses.
Ok I know I have and God knows I’ve probably had my fair share of information stolen but Cyber Theft Insurance Claims?
An estimated $294.6 million was lost due to cyber crimes involving the infamous email fraud, theft of trade secrets, computer hacking, and extortion.
All of which created a market for the insurance companies to provide insurance policies covering businesses who use email, have networked PCs, a website, or private customer data in their systems.
Hiring an Accredited Licensed Public Adjuster is highly recommended as insurance claims of this nature become even more complicated when theft of non tangible products are involved causing business losses being calculated by minutes and hours. Keep in mind expiration dates for food and medicines, and replenish or replace when necessary. I’ve not seen the PSA before in my normal routine of watching the media, but will try to discover when it was produced. Having a land line with a regular plug-in phone will always work so long as lines are not severed. Be aware that a massive CME would send us all back to the stone ages in a matter of minutes. If you take the 72+ hour course they give you a KIT in some communities with the premise you can help yourself and others. With a little forward thinking carry about 30 feet of rubber hose and an electric fuel pump to pump gasoline (petrol) out of the underground tanks. What are they good for, not much, oh, I grab mine when going to the cellar, overnite trips, & etc. Copies are available at Prep2Bless and you can order free copies from the website  or download it now. Basic rule is one gallon of water person, 3 meals plus snacks for each person for 3 days (that do not require cooking), medicine is important and you need to have enough to last a week, finally having a cash reserve is important especially if banks were closed. There are also helpful sheets from the Red Cross on Fire Safety and Fire Escape from your home. Public adjusters are there to step up in the time of crisis and to act as liaisons between the insurance company and the insured, to advocate for the insured and their claim, and to act as a docent to help the policyholder understand the language in their policy. The market for this kind of assistance for all kinds of people quickly became apparent, and the title of public insurance adjuster became more common. Board or association policies and master deeds, individual policies, bylaws and public offering statements are all things to consider when navigating a claim. After a loss, depending on the language in a given homeowner’s policy, the insurance company may argue that they are only liable for the original specs of the unit—not the upgrade. As a rule, public adjusters do not take money out-of-pocket from the claimant—rather, they take a percentage of what is paid out to the policyholder in the final settlement. In case telephones and cell towers are not operational, you may want to make a list of contact information on paper that you normally store in electronic devices.
Certain trees and bushes are vulnerable to high winds and any dead tree near a home is a hazard.
Be sure that your spare tire has air and that you have the proper equipment to change your tire. I’m sure when you were speaking with your insurance agent you told them you wanted to keep your premiums low right? Accidents and losses are never welcomed experiences – especially in a business environment where time is money and assets are essential to future production. Because this will surprise most business ownership teams, it’s important to look into your co-insurance contract immediately. Having proper insurance coverage is an essential part of your success in the business world and you never know when something is going to happen.
Just like any business, keeping costs down is a must and unfortunately the insurance company is in the business to collect premiums, not pay claims. Though we’d all like just a little of that rain right now, Houstonians would do well to remember the lessons that Allison-and her bigger, younger brother Hurricane Ike-taught us at such great expense.
Complacency toward the threat from severe storms like Allison and Ike is not an option for Houston. We have made great strides in improving storm surge predictions and in better evaluating our infrastructure and evacuation plans. In this regard, the SSPEED Center is evaluating a range of alternative approaches to addressing hurricane risks.
We proved it during Allison, giving enough warning to TMC hospitals that not a single life was lost in the Medical Center despite widespread flooding.
It may well be possible to create a healthy, sustainable economy in this area that is largely immune to storm surge and that also provides a natural biological reserve to compensate for potential future damage from offshore drilling. Most homeowners don’t realize that the typical homeowners insurance policy DOES NOT COVER FLOOD.
We deal with insurance losses every day,  helping individuals and businesses receive a more favorable adjustment, while removing the burden of the complicated claims process. Use of spy ware, fire walls, virus protection, anti-spam systems, and prudent procedures to protect passwords are not fool proof to a determined hacker or a disgruntled employee.
Handling a claim like this on your own can not only be confusing and time consuming but also can cost you thousands or even millions if you don’t have the knowledge and understanding of the many different provisions and stipulations in your policy. There should be plenty there since most people won’t have a clue of how to tap these resources.
For that reason, it often behooves the policyholders to utilize a public adjuster for larger-scale claims, rather than for something like a vandalized mailbox or minor storm damage. Ensure you have a jack and lug wrench in your vehicle and know where they are in the vehicle.
Any smart business owner would want to  cut costs and that is understandable but many don’t realize the potential for disaster if you actually have to file a claim. Knowing when its time to hire a public adjuster is key to being payed what your claim is worth and in making your recovery as painless as possible.
We have also begun to look at future scenarios that combine structural improvements like new levees and floodgates with nonstructural strategies for improving how and where we build. When applied in the Clear Lake area, this technology will help guide both the evacuation and the re-entry processes during and after severe floods. Utah cut off our food stamps as they said we own our own home and have some money in the bank. Place the cotton ball all jelleyed up under the material and tap the steel wool with the battery. I see it as the government trying as best they can to warn us through hints, without actually making an announcement (via Whitehouse?) and causing panic. You will have a very good fire starter that works in just about any conditions (OK, not under water). Three days into the wildnerness with a BOB, I see you wondering back to get in line at the government soup line, internment camp, or you unaware, become the marauder that we fear rumuaging through our trash.
The army calvery were looking for them, to state it correctly, they were just looting the farms & ranches the maraurders had just left, burying the dead and counting up the loot!
Will they take you in when you haven’t contributed to the cause, remember all the ridiculing?

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