We’re less than one week away from the Festival of Media Latin America in Miami, the largest event of its type where some of the region’s most influential media and marketing leaders come together to share the latest trends, innovations and ideas. As a founder sponsor, MediaMath delegates will be on hand throughout the event to meet and greet with attendees. Last week we attended the Festival of Media Latin America in beautiful Key Biscayne in Florida. Erich advised marketers to take control of their ROI by focusing on metrics that drive real outcomes instead of clicks, also noting that “the ecosystem is rewarded by robust competition” and that “programmatic has a mandate to expand across more of marketing communications.” As the technology enables marketers to make sense of multi-touch information about customers, the mission for data management is becoming much more important, and Latin America is only getting started, with major brands leading the way. We expect the themes of outcomes-based marketing and the triumvirate to echo in the space throughout the rest of the year and into 2016, and we aim to stay at the forefront of those topics in Latin America and the rest of the world.
Cuales fueron los temas mas destacados del festival de medios y publicidad lideres en Latinoamerica.
This event will take place on the outside plaza of the Rock Hall on Saturday, September 13 from Noon to 4 p.m. The Latino Heritage Festival is a kick-off to National Hispanic Heritage Month, celebrated September 15 - October 15 every year.

Discover the many ways you can support the world’s first museum dedicated to the history and preservation of rock and roll.
Celebration of greater Cleveland’s diverse ethnic communities is essential to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum. Auckland Art Gallery does not share or sell your personal information without your consent. There are over 800 digital media and marketing professionals expected from across Latin America to learn more about what is driving the region’s media landscape, cross-channel and audience engagement strategies and the latest in programmatic. On Day 1, our CRO and co-founder Erich Wasserman will be presenting on the relationship between ad tech, agency and brand in the programmatic media buying space.
It was a packed house full of about 1,000 attendees, mostly agencies and brands, and the word on everyone’s lips was “programmatic.” Our Co-Founder and CRO Erich Wasserman gave a short presentation on the “triumvirate,” the relationship between tech, agencies and brands.
We look forward to what the digital marketing buzz will be at FOMLA 2016 and hope to see you there.
Don Manuel Aguirre, a sugarcane farmer who buys her becomes obsessed and has no idea that the girl's ancestral destiny will disrupt his plantation.

The New Marketing Institute (NMI) will also be sponsoring and leading a dual-language programmatic 101 workshop at the Festival of Media Academy, a two-day seminar that runs in parallel to the main event. He recalled the roots of the first DSP by MediaMath’s founders and honed in on the evolution of programmatic, explaining the many ways advertisers have for engaging with this way of media buying today. Cleveland Latin music radio station La Mega 87.7fm will emcee this event and broadcast live from the Museum. NMI’s Elise James-Decruise and Michelle Said will provide an overview of the essential elements of the programmatic umbrella from real-time bidding to programmatic direct.
The Latino Heritage Festival is FREE, however paid admission is necessary to tour the Rock Hall exhibits.
These festivals are among the Museum’s most successful events, often with record-setting crowds.

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