One of the best things about checking out a festival at the Spirit of Suwannee is that you do not have to expect a long line to get in.
Another perk of this venue is that it is a state park which is open for camping, canoeing, hiking, etc. The best advice before heading off to any festival is to check out the weather report for the weekend. Luckily the weather only had a little pout and not a weekend long tantrum, so that unpleasantness was over quickly.
Half the fun of a summer show at Suwannee is beating the heat by heading down to the river.
Just a few more tips about this venue: You are able to leave and come back in any time you wish. With Boardmasters Festival coming to Newquay next weekend (6th-10th August), we have teamed up with Relentless Energy Drink, to give you a chance to win the ultimate festival survival kit. The survival pack includes all the essentials you need for some festival madness:- mini speakers, sunglasses, beach ball and of course, some Relentless Origin Ultra!
When it gets to summer time, the bright sunshine and warm weather appears, and you can be sure that the festival season is well under way.

To enter, simply pop over to the Complete Savings blog, tell them your festival essential, tweet about the competition and follow Complete Savings on Twitter.
Our festival essentials are toilet paper, wipes, sun lotion, lip balm, a water bottle and a wad of cash.
If you are attending a festival this season for the first time, you may be wondering what to pack in the way of clothes.
Some amazing festivals are headed your way this season, below is a running list of  some of the best festivals scheduled so far! Music festivals can be amazing experiences that take your life to new highs, but sadly can also take your bank account to new lows. With so many festivals out there it can be hard to decide which one is going to blow your brains out.
Ultimate Music Festival Packing List Camping Supplies Tent – This 8 person Coleman rocks!
Staying Healthy at a Festival Everyone wants to party hard during music festivals but all that partying can really take a toll on your body. Rookie mistakes:You don’t have to be a rookie to make rookie mistakes, but it certainly doesn’t help.

Festivals seem to draw weird and wonderful people from all over to join in the fun, singing and dancing.
Over the years we’ve been to plenty and always had a fantastic time, even when the weather has been a little on the inclement side. I have yet to get the hang of the whole 'having a blogging niche' thing, so expect random musings on everything from my teenage pregnancy experiences to car air fresheners. Make sure your festival goes without a hitch with the Festival Weekend Survival Kit!This kit features pretty much everything you will need for a weekend music festival, from things to keep you clean, to protection from the sun and groupies.
The kit comes in a handy plastic carry case that fits snugly into your bag or even some pockets. Make sure you are prepared and don't leave for the festival until you have packed the essential Festival Weekend Survival Kit!

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