Farm first aid kit offers balanced assortment for agricultural first aidThe farm first aid kit comes in a tough, sectioned metal box that's wall mountable for convenient storage or can be stored under a truck or tractor seat. For large volume orders, feel free to contact us for possible discounts or better shipping rates! This site requires JavaScript to function properly.Please enable JavaScript in your web browser.
Arm yourself against all types of emergencies with our first-rate disaster preparedness products.

This first-aid kit is compact and accessible; this disaster preparedness kit is full of useful emergency medical tools that will prove valuable even in the least likely scenarios.
This ER™ EMERGENCY READY Pet First Aid Kit contains emergency pet first aid items from nose to tail! Feeding your family is important, but a vital yet often overlooked part of disaster preparation involves storing an emergency medical kit for any first-aid needs. This first-aid kit comes in a durable canvas bag that is packed with essential medical supplies like bandages, a reflective emergency blanket and even a resuscitation device to help your family prepare against potential medical disasters.

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