Whether you’re an avid participant in USPSA, IDPA, 3-Gun competition, hunter or simply a law-abiding citizen, you probably love putting your skills to the test with realistic training scenarios and situations. Even though we would all hope that the occasion to use one never arises, the fact remains that owning a first aid kit tailored to handling gunshot wounds (commonly known as a “blowout kit”) and having an effective contingency plan could mean the difference between life and death. However, there’s more to medical safety on the range than just having a first aid kit stuffed somewhere in your gear.
A blowout kit contains the essential first aid supplies to treat moderate to severe puncture and hemorrhage wounds.
A blowout kit contains the essential first aid supplies to treat moderate to severe puncture and hemorrhage wounds in one easy-to-stow package. A well-equipped kit will normally contain other ancillary items, but that discussion is beyond the scope of this article, as is the usage of such. Consider this, a life -preserving kit can cost less than a box of ammunition, and uses about the same amount of space. If your gun club doesn’t have any staff members who are trained in first aid for gunshot wounds, you’re potentially courting disaster. Getting two or three regulars at your gun club certified isn’t a bad idea, and match directors in particular need to know their way around an Israeli bandage. Most training schools offer a reasonably priced practical “combat medicine” courses that complement the shooting curriculum. If you don’t already, you should definitely host a safety briefing at the beginning of each match or training event.
Another shooter, preferably one with medical experience, should be assigned to stop the bleeding and perform emergency medical procedures until the professionals arrive. Being prepared isn’t just a matter of getting your concealed handgun license, purchasing a gun and then going about your business. Packing a full blowout kit with your everyday-carry gear is likely not going to be convenient.
Don’t forget to stay up-to-date on practical gear innovations in the medical world, and make sure any expiration dates on all of your emergency supplies are intact. There’s no excuse for not owning the gear needed to save your life in case the worst happens. The mission of Cheaper Than Dirt!'s blog, "The Shooter's Log," is to provide information-not opinions-to our customers and the shooting community. Sucking chest wounds are not going to stop with gauze and you can’t use a tourniquet. Rare cases, perhaps, but locally, a mountain climber had to cut off his own arm in order to survive an accident on the mountain.
Not something every shooter should need, but if you are a hunter, Dick Chaney IS still on the loose!
Your discussions, feedback and comments are welcome here as long as they are relevant and insightful.
Get the latest articles and news delivered daily to your email inbox when you subscribe to our blog today. Trauma, cuts, scrapes even gunshot wounds are all part of the risk of exploring the outdoors. The Adventure Medical Sportsman Survival kit does just that, keep you comfortable through most trauma you experience during outings. Stop bleeding quickly and effectively with over 20 bandage materials, nitrile gloves and various instruments such as scissors and pins.
You don't need to be a professional field doctor, the Sportsman Survival kit includes instructions of how to manage and implement included medications so you can apply the correct medications to treat symptoms.

All supplies contained in the Sportsman Survival kit are hospital quality instruments, with that you get the best in class first aid kit that is compact and easy to carry.
Reflective striping and bright orange fabric keep this kit highly visible and easy to find. The Sportsman Series Whitetail Medical Kit by Adventure Medical Kits is small enough to take with you into the field or on your boat but it includes supplies for 1-7 people for multiple days. This kit includes everything you need to treat the most common injuries and illnesses in the backcountry. The Sportsman Series Whitetail Medical Kit is ideal for packing and taking with you on an outdoor adventure; don't be left without a first aid kit! You never know when you may require the use of a First Aid Kit, so we highly recommend having the most detailed First Aid Kit with you that you can reasonably carry. This site requires JavaScript to function properly.Please enable JavaScript in your web browser. This comprehensive kit gives the user the ability to deal with minor as well as major medical situations. NOTE: Purchase of this medical device requires that users have the supervision of a medical practitioner. At the end of the day, shooting matches, hunting and tactical training involve the practiced use of potentially deadly firearms.
The following four basic guidelines can assist you or your shooting club’s safety committee in assembling an effective, consistent plan for handling life-threatening emergencies. The primary takeaway from this point is that a properly assembled blowout kit doesn’t have to be expensive or complicated.
There’s no reason not to be prepared to save your own life or the life of those around you should the worst happen.
You’ve got to have the know-how to use these tools, which leads directly into our next point. Taking the latest tactical training class is probably more glamorous than sitting through a lecture about first aid, but the latter is probably much more applicable to your daily life. If you’re in a position to offer suggestions, get together with your range officers, club manager and the board of directors to address the unique medical emergency needs of your shooting club. During this period, designate specific volunteers to perform duties such as shutting down all shooting ranges (for some reason, medical helicopters aren’t too keen about landing near outdoor ranges with trap and skeet shooters letting loose) and calling 911. Do you carry a tourniquet on your person (you should), and are you practiced in applying it with either hand, or with one hand? It’s safe to say that if you lawfully carry a gun, you should also carry a tourniquet and be trained in its use. However, when worst-case scenario happens during the defensive use of your firearm, you’ll never regret having that tourniquet tucked into your back pocket.
Be honest with your equipment needs, seek proper training from accredited sources, have an up-to-date strategy and stay safe! Tegaderm or generic equiv is great to have for big booboos, and in the old days, the cellophane off a cigarette pkg worked for sucking wounds. Join more than 1.4 million shooters, hunters, archers, outdoorsmen, survivalists and preppers now! The emergency supplies within this kit contain medications to get you through bites and stings, allergic reactions, pain as well as heart attack symptoms.
It includes emergency supplies for cuts and scrapes, all the way to gunshot wounds, stopping bleeding and more.
An Easy Care System organizes hospital quality supplies by injury so you can find what you need fast.

Accidents can (and sometimes do) happen, and a careless moment can easily turn a fun day at the range or scouting in the field into a serious situation. Your main objective, in the case of a gunshot wound, is brutally simple: Stop the bleeding and plug the hole until paramedics can arrive. And there’s no real excuse for not having two, three or more kits present at your gun club’s action shooting matches. As previously stated, while the principals involved are not complex, proper instruction can go a long way toward increasing confidence under stress. Consider reaching out to the instructor and asking if he or she is interested in hosting a class at your gun club for the benefit of any interested members. If the new shooter in the range stall next to you inadvertently launches a round into your leg, do you want to bank on having time to pause and thoughtfully consider which bag or toolbox your blowout kit is in? An expansive tactical training facility will obviously have different requirements than an indoor mom and pop-style shooting range.
By design, these materials are DESIGNED to lessen, decrease or stop the flow of blood products. Just make sure the gross matter is removed (ie dirt, leaves, etc.) is washed out as best as possible( rinse with a bottle of water) wipe excess water away from site, and stick into place. We reserve the right to edit as appropriate, delete profane, harassing, abusive and spam comments or posts, and block repeat offenders. Having a first aid medical kit out in the field in crucial to survival and making home alive.
The contents themselves are individually packed and sterile with instructions on the packaging. They are relatively inexpensive and readily available at any big box or local convenience store, and do not take up much room either.
Also, their needs to be a 2-3″ barrier area around to wound that will give the Tegaderm enough area to stick and not shift. At the beach my stepson, whittling on a piece of driftwood with his pocket knife, slipped and cut his thumb to the bone.
Give it about a minute or so and then use cottonball (pocket lint as a last resort) to dab the glue slightly and allow some of the cotton to stick to it. The items in this kit are currently in use with the US Military and are battlefield proven. As a police officer, we had such things in our patrol vehicles and they rarely had cause to be used. Once it is DRY, put a bandage or band-aid over it and get to a Doctor as this is a TEMPORARY solution to a Laceration. Yet within miles as I stated my vacation, I came upon a major accident which had just happened.
Abdomenal is lay on back with knees up with the upper half of the body propped up not flat to take pressure off the Abdomen)to go for help, the fluid can escape down and away from the body and not run onto other parts of the chest obsuring the site of the injury or worse, into the other lung where further distress or infection would likely happen. My first aid supplies, including the forceps out of my field surgical kit were put to use, as was my fire extinguisher, blankets, and road reflectors. The vehicle which had already stopped had nothing but a CB radio and we were out of reception range.

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