The strong, durable, weatherproof and secure features of general purpose shipping containers provide an excellent service in protecting all sorts of items in transit and during storage.
However dangerous or hazardous materials require an extra level of technology and expertise to ensure the protection of workers and the general public alike. However even without the Work Health Safety Act, it is pretty much a given that toilets and bathrooms form a vital part of your worksite.
Choose from a simple 10 foot shipping container with a single toilet, urinal and basin, right up to a 40 foot container complete with toilets, urinals, showers, mirrors and change rooms.

A popular design divides a 20 foot shipping container neatly in half with two separate doors so that male and female facilities are available in the one container.Waterless Remote Area Ablution BlocksPort Shipping Containers also sell a range of Remote Area Ablution Blocks that do not need power or water services to operate.
Our dangerous goods storage containers are available in 3 metre and 6 metre sizes and are designed to ensure maximum safety to you, your workers, and the general public.
We also offer 20 foot high cube side opening containers for maximum storage space, and can also design 40 foot units if required.Standard Australian dangerous goods containers are equipped with an internal safety door handle, the correct ventilation, and a fully welded steel floor.
Or, if required, we can also create an ablution block or portable bathroom exactly to your specifications.Ablution Block Accessories Whirlybirds.

It is simply not worth risking your business or your staff’s health on substandard containers.
At Port, we are experienced and skilled in all the elements required to create high quality dangerous goods and hazardous containers to the regulated Australian Standards.

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