From alcohol swabs to ambulances, finger splints to first aid rooms, St John Ambulance NT has all your first aid requirements covered, whether it’s a kit, a bandage or specialised medical equipment. Alternatively, you can fill in our check sheet here and someone will contact you to discuss your requirements. We stock a large range of First Aid kits and products to suit business, home, remote travel, sports and leisure. All proceeds from the sale of First Aid Equipment and Kits are used to support our Volunteers and their activities in the Community. The NEW St John First Aid Kits are easy to see and perfect for around the home, in the car when you are out and about or even as a gift.
Includes a pack of 20 cartoon ambulance plasters that could also help to brighten a child's day.

A compact size kit designed for households of up to 3 people, with reflective strips on each side you’ll never loose this in the boot of your car. Custom printed promotional Emergency Kit.Stitchy Lizard is your best source for custom Emergency Kit in Toronto.
The latest British standard has increased the required contents for workplace first aid kits, making many kits obsolete. We also sell the complete range of Trauma and Rescue equipment from Ferno, DHS Emergency and Laerdal.
We can come to your premises, assess your First Aid needs and recommend a complete First Aid solution to comply with the NT Work Health and Safety requirements. We can provide you with a variety of Emergency Kit like Auto Safety Kits,First Aid Kits, Survival & Disaster Kits.

The new first aid kits from St John Ambulance have been re-designed to meet the new requirements and are fully conforming to the new standard. See our pricing and ordering information below, or contact us with any questions you may have.

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