Beautiful skin is glowing skin, and that's exactly what you'll get with the First Aid Beauty Facial Radiance Polish ($24). As you can see from reading that post, I feel that first aid is really important, in fact, I think it should form part of antenatal classes. I was recently asked to review the 10th Edition of First Aid Manual, which is supported by St Johns Ambulance, St Andrew’s First Aid and the British Red Cross. Although this isn’t a book I would sit and read as such, it is a great source of information and something which I would always have on my shelf. I am a member of the Netmums Blogging Network, a unique community of parent bloggers from around the UK who have been handpicked by the Netmums team to review products and brands on their behalf. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.
For maximum effect, we should write this entire review in reverse, so it can be accurately read in a rear-view mirror. It's great that First Aid will repair a Transformer or a washing machine, since those are fundamentally the same thing, but does that really mean he's qualified to repair humans? First Aid's head was surprisingly consistent among all different media in Generation 1 - the cartoon model and the comic both looked just like the toy, which didn't happen often.
Below the neck, the connections to the old toy are not as strong - but that's only because the old toy was pretty much undetailed crap, while this one has a really nice sculpt.
None of First Aid's car parts are shared with Offroad, which is why we referred to this as a reshelling and not just a resculpt or a repaint. The handfootgun is designed to plug onto the roof of the vehicle, making it even less ambulancey than before. The theme of 2015's Transformers is "Combiner Wars," so no surprise that First Aid can become a limb of Defensor, just as he did in the '80s. Designated to keep the skin hydrated and blemish free, the new First Aid Beauty Skin Rescue Collection helps the skin achieve luminous radiance while remaining oh-so affordable. When the temperatures continuously drop, it’s totally important to give your skin that much needed rescue treatment that it needs, so we were totally overjoyed to put these three new skin-saving products to the test.

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The fragrance-free scrub is gentle enough for even the most sensitive skin types, yet effective enough to give you a brighter-looking complexion over time. Every parent should have some basic first aid knowledge and then hope they never have to use it, because of course, accidents are rare, but they do happen. There are sections which I would read, such as what to do in a fire, again as a reminder of what I have learnt previously. I have been paid expenses and supplied with a product sample for this review but retain all editorial control.
The head is mostly square, as was the style at the time, and has an angled silver mouthplate beneath blue visor. About the only things this one has in common with the 1986 figure are the ribbed sections on the sides, and the bump on the center of his waist - everything else is a new invention. There's a tab on the roof that fits into a slot between the fingers - if you got the right weapon. Also, just as in the '80s, any limb can become either an arm or a leg, "Scramble City"-style. It's a fun issue, with a lot of action and history, but doesn't feature any Protectobots in the slightest. And honestly, Hasbro, look at some pictures of real ambulances before you release your next one; they're not just trucks that happen to be painted red and white. Shea nut shell powder lends texture, while shea butter itself is actually used to nourish the skin. The first section of the book covers what to do when faced with an emergency situation – this is something which is covered in first aid courses I have been on, so its good to have as a reminder.

Human, bot, or machine - if it's broken, First Aid won't carry on until it's back up and running.
Still, he's skilled in both the controlled environment of a formal operating theater, and in the chaos of an active battleground. The big silver panels on his chest are just begging to be repurposed as faux-windows on some future repaint, while the technological detailing in the "crack" beneath them makes it look like an expansion joint or something. The armor plates on his shoulders bump into the kibble behind his back, limiting the range of the arms sometimes. There have been several reports of folks getting a gun with no slot, and therefore completely useless in this regard.
The packaging shows him serving as the right leg, but his place in the '80s was the left arm. The addition of willow bark extract, which contains salicylic acid, aids in fighting blemishes and increasing your skin's cellular turnover rate. Ratchet may be the most famous Autobot medic, but it's possible that First Aid is the best.
The first First Aid had legs that were smooth and featureless, so all the cool shapes on his shins come from the imagination of the sculptor - though the squares on the knees are similar to elements on the animation model. Offroad turned into a fratty racing pickup truck, so there was no way First Aid could become a real ambulance. His weapons include an axe ("cyber cleaver") and one of the hand-foot-gun combos ("crystallizer cannon"), neither of which seem like things a medic would use.
Plus, like all First Aid Beauty products, this exfoliator is packed with antioxidant protection, and it's made without parabens, dyes, and sulfates.
So no matter your skin woes, this scrub will cleanse, slough away buildup, and reveal a more glowing you.

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