An Opposition Day debate on food banks was secured by Labour in the Commons on 18th December.
This loss of income led to my constituent approaching the Royal British Legion for support, who put him in contact with a local food bank. And this proud, young ex-serviceman was then forced to rely on a food bank for around four weeks whilst he waited to receive the support for which he is eligible. There is no doubt that many, many people and firms across Newcastle are very generous with the support they provide to food banks – whether through local donation points, such as the one at the Tesco Chapel Park store I supported recently.
I hope you find this site useful - and please don't hesitate to get in touch if there's anything you'd like to raise with me. The Bishop of Swansea and Brecon will be joined by Kirsty Williams AM and Roger Williams MP to launch the first food bank in Brecon, at Bishop Bevan Hall at 2pm on Friday July 25th. The food bank was the ‘brainchild’ of Councillor Matthew Dorrance during his year as Mayor of Brecon, when, with the support of the Trussell Trust, he drew together a group of volunteers from the local churches and the wider community to work on setting up a food bank. We’re particularly grateful to The Lottery and the Cinnamon Network for providing us with grants, with which we have been able to furnish the former Cyber Cafe to use as an administrative centre for the food bank, though food will not be distributed from there. Distribution of bags of food will take place on Monday afternoons from 2pm-4pm at Bishop Bevan Hall, and Friday mornings from 10am-12 noon at Llanfaes Church Hall to people in need who have been issued with a voucher for food from local agencies such as Social Services or CAB.

Staff & Volunteers Celebrating the SGVCC Thanksgiving Food Distribution - thanks for your support! The San Geronimo Valley Food Pantry received national recognition during the recession of 2008. Dave Cort, our Executive Director, has been interview in the New York Times and CNN featured the Food Pantry in a segment on current economic climate. Our Food Pantry is a non-judgmental user-friendly place which serves over 500 families a month. In addition to our regular Food Pantry, the Community Center provides special food distributions during Thanksgiving and the Christmas holidays.
This situation is an absolute disgrace – and totally undermines the appalling views of the Secretary of State for Education that the increasing numbers of people using food banks do so because ‘they are not best able to manage their finances’. But this situation is not a new one – with the Sunday Express reporting last December on the increasing numbers of servicemen and their families, some of whom are still serving – forced to turn to a food bank for assistance.
We’re glad that a group of volunteers is prepared to work together to provide for other local people who are in need, but we’re sad that every day people in the UK go hungry for reasons ranging from redundancy to receiving an unexpected bill on a low income.
Local people have already been most generous in their donations of food and money and we look forward to their continued goodwill.

In some instances food recovery applies to the produce that is riper than is appropriate for transport to retail outlets. We are proud to serve over 200 families each holiday with support from our community, local agencies and of course our wonderful volunteers! Food banks provide a minimum of three days emergency food and support to people experiencing crisis. On these days we often provide homemade soups for our patrons along with informational and educational literature.

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