Due to the fragile state of the world economy, emergency food is becoming more essential for survival. Emergency food is often referred to as survival foods that dona€™t perish easily and are easy to prepare.
All emergency foods should be stored in a dry place with a temperature of less than 70 degrees or lower.
We recommend you to read the free eBook we have to offer on our website, Beyond Collapse. Emergency situations like floods, tornadoes, extreme cold weather with blizzards, earthquakes and hurricanes can strike anytime at our century of ever changing weather, same for man made disasters, especially if you live near potentially dangerous industrial objects like chemical refineries, nuclear plants, large transit points with various and often hazardous freights, can happen anytime. On basic level all human beings like us and our home pets need basic nutrient like animal and vegetable fats, carbohydrates (sugars) and protein to keep our well being, mind and energy level high, especially in emergency situations when our and other people life are dependent from our decisions and actions performed. Water is another important point into your food supply list, just remember that you never have to much water.
Back to our emergency food checklist, there are four groups of possible supplies choices to put into food section of your bugout go bag along with other survival gear. Various choices of dehydrated and freeze dried food meals, just add water and optionally heat up for tasty meal, most of them has two year shelf life so check for expiration dates. Complete, as title says meals ready to eat, often include heater and utensils to make things even easier.
This is fully up to your taste and financial abilities, it can be just canned meals, high grade freeze dried food, parts of MRE’s contents or combination of all our emergency food supply list above. Sweets, dried fruits, chocolate and other carbohydrates is a must for each emergency food supply list, get various choices of them to boost up your mood and brain. Whatever you choose put into your emergency bug out bag, it’s required to made actual test of this food before as you never know what is your reaction to various conservation and preparation methods which are used to prepare food for long storage. All logos, product names and company names, trademarks and registered trademarks mentioned herein are the property of their respective owners. Contrary to what the mainstream media is saying about the world economy, it isna€™t going to get better anytime soon. Freeze dried food barely has any moisture because roughly 98 percent of its moisture is removed before it is packaged. MREs are some of the best emergency foods because they are ready to eat meals that do not need to be cooked.
However, it isna€™t a good idea to eat only canned food for months due to its unhealthy features. Most people can survive over a week without food but they cana€™t live more than a few days without water. Find yourself and your family face to face with situation when you are left till rescue team arrive without basic human being needs like food, water and shelter are very dangerous and last thing you would ever want. If you are able have additional water supplies, always take a chance and do it, without emergency water supply your other preparedness steps are almost useless, so have extra bottles, cans, containers or even large tanks with drinking water in case something go wrong with regular water supply chain.

First – storage life, compare shelf life with other similar products, average shelf life for canned and dried products are about two years, do not stock up any items you would need to consume to soon. Depending where you live, you may have more or less choices from each of this groups, but be sure that you can easily replace unavailable items and make your custom emergency food list, which is more preferred as you have in your bag what you and your family really like to eat. These food bars are made to sustain your food needs until rescue team arrives or you have additional food sources. This are one of the most popular choices for outdoor enthusiasts like hunters, fisherman, professional campers and mountaineers. There are various menu choices, including vegetarian, kosher meals, which can be expanded if you look for other countries armies, like German, French, Israel and Russian MRE’s. If you have plenty of choices, have a bit of everything to make universal food ration so you can eat on move almost without additional water (think about food bars and MRE’s), if you have a little time (sport food rations) or when you are settled up to rest (boil canned meal or combine some meals together). The information provided on this web site are for educational and informational purposes only and should not be used as a substitute for the advice of an appropriately qualified personnel. The best emergency food for survival usually has a long shelf life, easy to store and can be prepared with little extra tools and water. MREs typically have a shelf life of up to 3 years, but their shelf life will vary depending on the condition of the environment where they are stored.
Most nuts are high in calories and nutrients, such as protein and essential fatty acids, making them some of the best emergency foods for survival.
For survival, white rice is often recommended over organic brown rice because it has a longer shelf life. The bad thing about junk food is that it has little nutrients and full of harmful chemical preservatives; therefore, it isna€™t good for your health.
It is wise to store at least a montha€™s supply of water in case natural or man-made disasters prevent you from accessing clean drinking water.
Count in water for cooking, at least basic hygiene needs and you understand how large your water supply should be. Same for expiration date, look trough available product items to find ones, that has later expiration date. Some of them may require heat up a bit, but most are eatable with just additional water, so plan how you can make your meals edible, more likely that in first time you do not have time to sit to rest and boil water to prepare one of your meals.
MRE’s has more weight and one portion usually cost more then then food bars and professional sport rations, but for sure this is nice to have ability get all you need to eat in one package and hot after 5 minutes of simple preparing.
Of course when only your choice get additional calories are what you have problems with taste are not so actual, but believe me, at time when everything crash and burn, get something what you really like can boost up your morale at more higher level, which with combination of body energy, possibly can serve you right. Emergency food supplies, as well as potable water and prescription medications, should be included on one's shopping list in case of disaster.
The main reason why the world economy wona€™t get better anytime soon is due to greedy central banks creating more debt to finance old debt. Since the world economy is going through some rough changes, it is wise to store at least a montha€™s supply of the best survival foods in case another major economic collapse occurs.

Depending on how they are made and packaged, survival food bars can last up to 5 years or longer.
Junk food isna€™t recommended as a long term survival food, but for short term survival it will help you stay alive.
Recommended amount of water per person is no less then three gallons, you can easily add twice more in case you need do decontamination, emergency situation more like to happen in hot temperatures or you have household pets, special needs of hygiene or elderly persons to take care of. If you think that in shop storage you can afford even freshest, do not hesitate to ask manager, especially if you buy in bulk, they help you for sure. One person food supply for first stages of emergency situation cost you about 10$ with a good count of extra rations, but note that they are not made for usage as a long term food source. Usual shelf life is five years, so look what you buy, most cheap deals on MRE’s are for rations which soon to expire. About us Use of this site constitutes acceptance of the Terms of use, Cookie policy, and Privacy policy of eHow.
All this is doing is creating more debt and thus weakening the world economy and causing inflation to increase. Because of this, it would be a good idea to have a portable water filter system, so that if needed, you can take it with you or use it to filter contaminated water.
Second, aim for more calories, you better have leftover at the end, then badly need something essential like food to keep yourself up and functional.
Your body need a lot of energy, provide it and your survival chances increases with each body fuel calorie.
Third, prefer food that do not require cooking, of course hot meals are tasty, but they also require additional tasks to complete like heat source, cooking utensils, water and at least some time, which sometimes can be simply impossible to have when everything around just go crazy and you need go away from it as soon as possible. This kit should contain food, water and other necessities such as a flashlight, battery-powered radio, extra batteries, cash, first aid kit, sanitary supplies, clothing and blankets and prescription medications. Food that does not need refrigeration, cooking, water or special preparation is recommended.
Some examples of food that can be stored indefinitely include wheat, soybeans, vegetable oil, baking powder, instant coffee and tea, salt, bouillon products, white rice, dry pasta and powdered milk in nitrogen-packed cans.
Foods to consume within six months include powdered milk in boxes, dried fruit, crackers and potatoes. This includes infant needs like formula, and the special dietary needs of toddlers, nursing mothers, the ill and the elderly and those with allergies.
A fireplace can be used for indoor cooking, and a grill or camp stove can be used outdoors.

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