In the midst of hurricane season, preparing for the possibility of an electrical outage is definitely something to think about.
Lighting: Make sure you have enough flashlights, candles, matches and extra batteries on hand to illuminate your surroundings at night. Palm Coast’s P Section was at the center of a widespread power outage Monday afternoon. A problem with an underground cable emanating from a Florida Power and Light substation toward the south end of Palm Coast cut off power to around 1,200 customers north of State Road 10 and west of I-95, especially in the city’s P-Section. In the meantime however, FPL is attempting to reroute power to customers, thus restoring service where that’s possible. The outage took place during the hottest part of the day, with temperatures in the mid-80s, and expectations of a high of 86 in Palm Coast.
Surely it has nothing to do with the city installing re-use water lines on royal palms does it?

Florida Power & Light officials are reeling this morning from a story in the New York tabloid claiming that Mar-a-Lago owner Donald Trump called company CEO James L.
The outage, it so happens, was threatening to delay a fancy society wedding there — and eventually was fixed quickly. Electric power was out for just under two hours for some 4,000 Florida Power & Light customers in Palm Coast Sunday morning. Sometimes, during an outage from a storm, it may take days to get power from your electric company. Gather toiletries such as toothbrushes, toothpaste, dental floss, mouthwash, soap and shampoo.
Include a couple of high-powered flashlights in your kit, along with candles to save batteries. But Orlove could not speculate as to how many customers may see their power restored before the underground line problem is addressed.

That’s an answer anyone might give but not FPL management,but is typical of FPL so many in high management have not got a clue how the electric system works. Keep in mind, a non-electric can opener, cooking tools and fuel, plastic utensils, paper plates and bowls become necessities during a power outage. Our principles have over 25 years of combined experience, specializing in electrical and generator installation and service.
Anderson said outages extended up to Matanzas Woods Parkway at the northern ened of Belle Terre.

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