Marvel did get with it and started acknowledging what the world, especially America, really looks like. In its second weekend, Noah looks to drop 61% and is estimated to take in around $16.8M to $17M, depending on the percentage drop on Sunday. The Amazing Spider-Man was the lowest grossing Spider-Man movie ever both domestically and overseas.
And why exactly are you turning an article about movie box office into a political statement? It bowed overseas in 18 smaller markets but Lionsgate wouldn’t release the numbers until it goes wide internationally this weekend.
It marks another monster hit for Marvel and Disney which is expected to take a very nice profit on the film directed by Joe and Anthony Russo. Not surprising that heading into the weekend the movie that has more bullets than The Walking Dead has zombies, had the the highest social activity across the board (FB, Twitter and YouTube).

The dark Noah from filmmaker Darren Aronofsky had a C CinemaScore when it opened last weekend from Paramount while Captain America has recieved an A across the board.
Don’t you have some other relevant site to visit and spout off on how much you hate liberals? The year-to-date was up 6.8% from last year, thanks, in part, to the Captain and 23% up from this weekend last year. The film, directed by the Russo brothers, is also racking up strong international numbers and is hovering around $300M worldwide on a $177.6M budget, according to estimates. The film will already have made roughly $200M worldwide on an estimated $177.6M budget after this weekend. It already reached 100 million overseas before it even opened in big markets like China, Mexico, Russia, Japan etc. Specifically, strong showings from a number of films (The Lego Movie is now at $250.6M this weekend).

So, for the time being, here are the Top Seven as it stands now and will update again in the AM as more numbers come tumbling in.
DC might have brand loyalties but in most of the world, Marvel is like Paramount or MGM, just some corporate logo. Peabody & Sherman, which have been in the marketplace for three and five weeks, respectively, so its prime time to come out with another family film.
In limited release from The Weinstein Company will be opening the Colin Firth-Nicole Kidman starrer Railway Man, the WWII film based on the Eric Lomax’s best-selling book. It’s too close to call the 8, 9 and 10 spots with Sabotage, Non-Stop and Need for Speed all within dollars of each other.

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