Gladiator was first released on blu ray in 2009, unfortunately for discerning viewers, there was an absolutely huge amount of digital noise reduction ( DNR ) and edge enhancement ( EE ) on the transfer and scratch removal tools had removed arrows and spears, the reason for this monstrosity reaching the marketplace is that someone had made a mistake and was using an old outdated master, if you had read all the reviews at Amazon and various online sites you might be forgiven for thinking it was a perfect release, so many five star reviews praising the release, there was of course a small minority of viewers who condemned the release and some probably wrote to Ridley Scott regarding the matter. In Europe the new release was labelled a 10th anniversary release and potential buyers could easily see it was the new transfer, in the USA there was no such labelling and even now it is hard to tell if it's the new transfer just by looking at the case, this release is the Universal 10th anniversary release from Germany, it came out late 2010.

The old DVD had a 6 channel soundtrack with a rear centre speaker being used, the information should still be there to recreate this if you have the equipment and wish to do so. I have not tested this so cannot be sure but feel free to give it a go and if it works then that's great.

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