Currently Showbox app for Android is available to whatch free movies on youre android devices. After you download it move it into your Android device and open it using File Viewer and tap to install. Download to my phone just fine but doesn’t work keeps telling me to check my internet ?? I have Show Box on my Android TV box & when I download TV shows it says it has downloaded & then when I try to play it there is nothing there! I downloaded showbox on my samsung 3 tablet and it downloaded fine but i go to the app and its completely blank there are no movies there..
Hi i have a samsung galaxy tab 3 and i was wondering if you could let me know how to use it on here instead of an android phone. Forget for a moment that Red Bull Music Academy has for a decade and a half assembled some of the world’s greatest-known artists to dish out inspiration.
The work of Mindpirates (sometimes-CDM-collaborating collective out of Berlin), the movie is set in New York with Red Bull Music Academy as the backdrop. All of this might be pedestrian, except that director Ralf Schmerberg and writer Easton West have made the production an ode to what really drives artists – angels and demons. I suspect that need, and over-thinking, the near-sexual urge and quasi-self-destructive tendency, anguish and ecstasy and revelation are all bundled up in the musical amateur and pro alike, the ones who didn’t make it into the academy as well as those who did. And, of course, there’s no city in the world quite like New York for sky-high hubris and street-level pressure, projected dreams and gritty underground struggles beneath. Let’s see what Ralf and Easton have to say for themselves about what they did, as it gets into the heart of Red Bull Music Academy but also quite a lot else. Production Notes: A conversation with film director Ralf Schmerberg and writer Easton West from Mindpirates. Ralf Schmerberg: “Our general approach was to make it a film that is not specifically about music. Mindpirates: And it’s a feature film that’s about when someone decides to become a musician.
At the beginning I would not have imagined that so much of New York would be in the film, but I love that it shows the here and now. Easton: “New York is such a huge and diverse city with so many people and so many things going on.
Easton: “We each have specific talents, but we all realise that to do the projects we want to do, we have to share responsibilities and tasks. One of our crews went out to shoot in the subways, because we wanted to shoot music that was not connected to any commercial aspect. Ralf: “We were very happy to have the footage shot at the homes of Malcolm Cecil and Tom Moulton. CDM is an online magazine for creative technology, from music and DJing to motion and more.

CDM by Create Digital Media GmbH is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. Remember the war on drugs and how that worked out?  We lost that campaign of prohibition and foreign military aid a long time ago but no one is willing to sign an armistice in the U.S.
The Sexual Futurist Community asks what about proactive thinking and proactive police work, education, social work?  What about preventing these sorts of sex crimes that we already know are going to occur at an ever increasing rate?  If we say we really care about victims shouldn’t we be doing something (with the prefrontal cortex) about prevention rather than just reacting for the millionth time.  What about helping our young boys and men before they become criminals?
When WikiLeaks is embarrassing the government, suddenly they are shut down and there is charges against to operator of the site.
What we don’t see in the news daily or in the courts is the Government or Prosecutors going after the content makers or operators of the sites. If we looked into why these guys were so pathetic, could we help them before they found themselves doing something so disgusting and damaging? I think it is about time to hold these agencies equally responsible for the “smart on crime” and urge them to do something proactive for a change.
I find it is sad, because we hear these stories of catching the people watching these videos. They are less moody, they smile much more, and they are always running jokes (mind you to the members of their cleek).
This has always been mind boggling to guys, and what makes us even more curious is that our questions about what happened are always met with responses such as, oh we did girly things (what’s that suppose to mean?), or you don’t want to know(well we wouldn’t ask if we didn’t want to know). These rather vague responses leave us with no choice but to speculate, and that’s not a necessarily a good thing. We realized that we didn’t want to talk specifically about music, but rather to talk about a life in music, so we could draw connections to other people’s lives and our own lives.
It was important that we could talk to electronic musicians as well as acoustic instrumentalists and rappers.
And we knew that besides what was happening within these studios and performance spaces, we needed something else for people to resonate with, for the film to breathe out, and to get distance. When you’re an artist, you leave the real world to enter an inner world, and give up your ‘here and now’ momentum.
There were an unbelievable number of parallels that could be drawn between the experiences of the participating and performing musicians, and those of the people whose everyday life is in the city. Mostly we would shoot with two, and the other crew members would organize what was going to happen next. Of course we had to know what was going on at the Academy that day, what performances were happening at which venues. There was one random clip on YouTube, of one of his assistants or his publisher, walking through his apartment. We took a naive look at this state of enlightenment, or just achieving some type of understanding. The focus is on live performance, not recording, and that’s still a revenue source for artists.

It’s like whatever activities they did not only strengthened their bond, but the activities also refreshed them. We love the idea of taking music as the theme, but actually to make a film about how to make a life through art.
But on a deeper level, everyone can identify what it means to be a creative person or what it means to be a musician; what it means to follow something that you love throughout your life.
Our own curiosity was so strong that we felt like dogs let off their leashes, sniffing out what’s going on. There were people from every generation; not just creating music on their own, but also collaborating and exiting their comfort zones. This naive perspective of starting out with dreams and the subsequent challenges, that really developed the story arc. But it does not take a scholar to figure out that secret files are also just plain embarrassing. IVE BEEN TRYING FOR DAYS, AND THE LINK FOR THE ANDROID DOWNLOAD DOESNT WORK ON THE TABLET, HEEEELLLLLLLPPPP!!!! It’s not necessarily about having a dream, because some people’s dreams change, so it’s more about what it means to do something, period. He was the very first lecturer of the Academy, and we didn’t get to shoot with him until the very last week. I think that’s the bones of the film, because that’s where you gain insights level by level until you reach a point of enlightenment. The beauty of that is that we were able to speak to many different generations, and investigate many corners of the musical world.
We wanted to explore New York and capture images that connected to the music as well as adding a certain emotion.
So for us it was important to show the world that these artists were inhabiting at that moment.
It’s a classic trope of cinema to cover dogs in New York, and we came across a great number of amusing canine moments. Therefore the footage of New York wasn’t precious or romantic, it was what you come across on the street. Once we found the structure, we had the luxury of being artistic, to find intuitive ways of editing footage of New York around that, and to match the edits with music.

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