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The much anticipated and the much celebrated Indian film of 2010 ‘Wanted’ stars none other than the Bollywood heartthrob Salman Khan and Aisha Takia. The story revolves around ‘Radhe’ who is a hardcore gangster who will do absolutely anything for money. Our collection of wallpapers include some of the most interesting and eye-catching scenes in the movie.
If you enjoyed this post, please consider to leave a comment or subscribe to the feed and get future articles delivered to your feed reader. If our wallpapers have violated your copyright, please through Feedback to us so that we can delete a timely manner to protect you! He falls in love with ‘Jhanvi’ who is a simple fitness trainer and quite different from Radhe in almost every way possible.

All these wallpapers are high quality images which you can use for the personalization of your laptop and desktop computer screens. Not only did ‘Wanted’ impress the audiences by its story and performances but also the music of the film was a big hit. We have a enormous databse of backgrounds for each computer, all u have to do is to go to the desired category and select the category that describes best the wallpapers u are looking for. The other characters in ‘Wanted’ include Gani Bhai played byPrakash Raj, Shrikant Shekhawat played by Vinod Khanna, Police Commissioner Ashraf Taufeeq Khan played by Govind Namdeo and Golden Bhai played by Aseem Merchant among the others. The main strength of ‘Wanted’ is its action which is pretty much there in most of the wallpapers.
Apart from the music another solid plus point that the movie has in its favor is the action. Together with its upbeat music, the expertly-executed stunts and the cute love story blooming between Radhe and Jhanvi; ‘Wanted’ lives up to the interest merit of the youth.

While some of the wallpapers capture the romance sequence between the two leads; Radhe and Jhanvi. The film ‘Wanted’ has been directed by Prubha Deva and is a remake of Puri Jagannadh’s Telugu hit ‘Pokiri’.
As much as you guys loved the movie ‘Wanted’, you’re going to appreciate your laptop and desktop computer screens personalized with these high quality wallpapers.

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