We take a lot of photos with our iPhone and there are no dearth of options when it comes to sharing those with the world. The app allows you to quickly transform your simple photos into comic style storytelling by providing easy to use comic strip essentials. The auto spacing and text layout features make the entire comic strip creating experience a breeze. Creating comic strips is just one aspect of the app, it also allows you to discover other comic strips created by the Comixon user community.
In its current version the app uses a slide out menu for options such as browse top lists, favourites, activity feed etc. It took some playing around to figure out how to apply different intensities to the art style. Comixon for iPhone is not just a simple comic strip creation app as it also positions itself as a unique social media platform dedicated to users who love comic strip style storytelling.
An innovative communication culture of comic strip stories inside an easy-to-use, social media app. Get creative and turn your photos into captivating comic-strips to share with friends and family. YouTube has been the go-to source for user generated video content and has been dominating the video sharing segment since a long time.
The credit for success of these new generation video sharing apps can be given to their focus on user generated content and offering creative tools to users. Once you’ve created an account you can tap the record button to post upto 25 seconds long video of your unique and funny version of any top news story.
Since Instagram got popular, the square aspect ratio for photos and videos has been ruling the web. The video recording functionality in Headliner is rather a bit too simple and I feel it needs more work. Headliner for iPhone aims to offer a great platform that focuses on news stories with comic and satire overtones. VIDEO COMMENT on what’s happening right now in politics, entertainment, sports, business, lifestyle, and much, much more.
Headliner is also the perfect place to stay informed about politics, sports, style, entertainment, and breaking and current local news. MY FEED: Each user has a personalized feed featuring videos selected for them based upon their social graph, interests, and the most popular livestream video reports by the most talented people on Headliner. TRENDING FEED: Discover videos grouped by category (National, Lifestyle, Politics, Sports, Entertainment, World, and Random Thoughts). Headliner is a talent discovery platform, where you can post short clips, grow a following, go viral, and become a Headliner! Headliner profile pages make it easy to get discovered with personalized bios, links to other social profiles, video view count and the number of followers you have already acquired. Join tens of thousands of followers by following us on multiple social media platforms or reading our blog! Keeping a track of different timings of all your favoruite TV shows isn’t an easy task. Tapping on the title of a particular show reveals timing information, episode guide, series details, featured videos, cast and crew and even suggests similar shows you might be interested in. In the settings you can customize when you’d want to be reminded about episodes run time and new season of the show. One of the best features of the app is that it does not require any login or require you to select any cable subscription to work. We are excited to announce TV Shows Tracker that helps you easily track all your favorite shows and discover new. You can hide shows you don't care about from your Wishlist or directly within a show description. Push notification setting gives you ‘More’ fine-grained control of the notifications you receive. Please note: This application is meant to keep track of your favorite TV series or TV shows. Panic Pump 3D is a casual puzzle game that aims to test your reaction time and logic to extreme test. The Bumbi’s are trapped in a box surrounded by tubes and the lock is controlled by a hydraulic pipe system. Panic Pump 3D keeps adding increasing level of complexity and difficulty to its levels by increasing the number of locks to open in order to free the Bumbi and by having you rotate the box to locate different locks. The game is currently available in demo version so we were able to access only the story mode. You tap to rotate the rotors to accept the coloured bubble and swipe in different directions to pass the bubble onto the next rotor.
PANIC PUMP is an innovative 3D puzzle game that will take you to a crazy world in which you need to use logic and intelligence.
It will seem very easy to disactivate this system in the beginning, but the more you explore the worlds and get through the various levels of difficulty, it will be necessary to engage yourself in a physical and mental manner all the while enjoying yourself and feeling satisfied. Explore all the worlds where the wicked one has confined his unlucky brothers, free them and unblock the accessories to customize your own bumbi, that is, your personalized hero in order to disactivate the hydroblock. With so many smoking gimmicks, famished monsters, insidious candies, turbulent seas, your adventure accompanied by original music and sounds will unravel through fantastic environments and will be enriched with funny characters that'll make you laugh and have fun while you are busy dealing with numerous difficulties.
Protecting your phone number from being available publicly or leaking due to data breach isn’t easy. DialMask for iPhone allows you to protect your phone number as it assigns a new phone number to you when you sign up for their service. You can add and delete phone numbers giving you the freedom to protect your privacy and avoid unwanted calls or text messages.
DialMask stores all call and text logs within the app and these never appear in your mobile device’s records.
If privacy is your top concern or you want to have additional contact number without requiring to sign up for any contracts then DialMask for iPhone is for you.
The finest iteration of the classic arcade reflex guzzler, Pac-Man Championship Edition DX has been released by Bandai Namco on iOS and Android.
It still requires deft reflexes though – especially if you plan on flying up those leaderboards. The console version remains one of the highest-reviewed iterations of Pac-Man and it looks like the mobile version will follow suit, as it’s currently being featured on the App Store. Or, if you’d like more information about Pac-Man Championship Edition DX or Bandai Namco in general, visit the official website or follow the company on Facebook or Twitter. PAC-MAN® Championship Edition DX is the official mobile version of the most beloved arcade game of all time. Prepare yourself for sensory overload of the highest order and frantic action in the new PAC-MAN® Championship Edition DX! The new service is very similar to Beats Music which has been shut down post Apple Music launch.
After installing iOS 8.4 when you launch the Music app, your iOS device will prompt you to start the three month free trial. This isn’t the first time that Apple has used user-generated content to market features of its flagship devices.
Apple’s marketing and advertising efforts have always focused on experience with the device rather than its technical feature set. Apple has remained committed to make the camera on iPhone better with each new model as it develops it’s own software and even sensors to make sure that the resulting photos are nothing short of extraordinary.
We recently reported on mixed reaction from eminent artists towards Apple Music’s free-trial policy regarding payments. Taylor Swift on her tumblr blog posted details about why she wouldn’t let Apple stream her latest album 1989 on Apple Music. This is about the new artist or band that has just released their first single and will not be paid for its success. Apple announced the change in policy on Twitter regarding Apple Music payments to artists and record labels during the free-trial period.
On one hand this move is being praised by everyone in the music industry while on the other, it raises questions about Apple’s ability to negotiate better deals with content providers in the future. Now, that Apple will pay every artist during the free-trial we can expect the collection of music available at the launch of Apple Music to improve drastically. The Beggars Group, one of the largest independent group labels in Europe has published their thoughts on its official blog.
According to a report published by The Telegraph, chairman of industry lobby group UK Music, Andy Heath told the publication that no independent British label has agreed to allow Apple Music to stream their music during the free trial.
The labels fear loss of revenue from competing services like Spotify as users try out Apple’s new service. It will be interesting to see if Apple is able to crack deals with these record labels and artists before the official launch of Apple Music on June 30. It will allow subscribed users to stream and download unlimited songs from iTunes music catalog which boasts more than 30 million songs. Connect will allow users to follow their favourite artists, watch acoustic versions, video rehearsals, music videos, lyrics, photos and much more. Users will be able to find articles and stories relevant to their interest, bookmark and view recommended content.
In iOS 9 Apple is going after productivity apps that let you take rich notes with the all new Notes app. The updated app allows you to add photos, scribble on your note, insert checklists, embed links and maps.
It will also support a share extension so that you can take notes within apps like Safari, Maps, and many more.
With a special focus on women, the Health app will now be able to track menstrual cycles and help in monitoring physical changes.
Mine de rien, vous avez ete nombreux a me demander comment cela se faisait qu’aucun nouvel article ne reapparaissait sur le site. Le blog ne sera surement plus un site se voulant acteur de l’actualite quotidienne des nouvelles technologies, mais sera plus un espace personnel ou je vous partagerai mes coups de coeur et coups de gueule, mes trouvailles de geek, sur lequel je pourrai ecrire au rythme qui me convient le mieux, sans avoir a assurer a tout prix la sortie de 3 articles par jour parfois bacles, juste avant de commencer ou de terminer une journee de travail deja bien remplie.
D’apres ces tests, 1Blocker semble donc le bloqueur de contenu a recommander pour iOS. Une sacre difference donc, qui pourrait bien vous apporter un confort de navigation supplementaire lorsque vous utilisez votre smartphone en 3 ou 4G. Finalement, les utilisateurs de Windows semblent mieux lotis avec iOS 9 que ceux d’un ordinateur Mac ! Baptisee PixelBlock, cette extension pour Chrome permet de vous signaler quand un pixel espion est insere dans un email. Si vous utilisez Chrome et Gmail, n’esperez tout de meme pas que vos donnees de navigation soit a l’abri des regards indiscrets ! De quoi conclure que le systeme de securite biometrique propose par Safran Morpho est tout simplement inutile ! Ainsi, des centaines de developpeurs ont semble-t-il utilise cette version de Xcode pour developper leurs applications et la proposer sur l’App Store. Cette situation a ete decouverte par la societe de securite informatique Palo Alto Networks, qui a ainsi pu constater que le malware injecte est capable d’enregistrer vos identifiants et mots de passe pour les envoyer a un serveur distant, et peut ouvrir des URLs a votre insu (probablement pour generer des revenus publicitaires ou vous infecter avec encore plus de malwares). Des applications populaires comme WeChat ont ainsi pu contaminer durant plusieurs jours de nombreux utilisateurs, exposant ainsi leurs donnees numeriques.
Ainsi, BatBand ne vous isole pas des bruits exterieurs comme le fait un casque ordinaire : vous pouvez toujours entendre les sons environnants, mener une discussion ou entendre une voiture qui se rapproche de vous si vous vous deplacez en velo ou en courant.
Sur un marche ou les veritables nouveautes et revolutions se font bien rares, BatBand pourrait bien tirer son epingle du jeu en nous proposant un peripherique qui peut vraiment changer la maniere dont nous utilisons notre smartphone. Le monde du logiciel devient de plus en plus gangrene par cette collecte d’informations effrenee que sont en train de mettre en place la plupart des acteurs du Web, mais aussi du logiciel. Cette distribution, baptisee Azure Cloud Switch, a ete pensee specialement pour Azure, la plateforme de Cloud Computing de Microsoft.
Il en ressort les adresses IP, le nom de l’appareil, son adresse MAC, le constructeur de sa carte reseau sans fil et des informations supplementaires sur la machine, si elles sont disponibles.
Il est aussi possible d’exporter les informations analysees dans une liste aux formats HTML, XML, CSV ou TXT.
Et la montre dont je vais maintenant vous parler serait exactement le genre de modele qui ne laisserait pas indifferent tout un chacun : une montre Star Wars de luxe, proposee a 28 500 $. Notez que vous beneficierez de plus d’une paire de boutons de manchette livree gratuitement avec votre montre Devon Star Wars.
Cette montre mecanique Star Wars est donc le produit derive officiel le plus cher qui ait ete propose par les equipes marketing chargees de veiller a la bonne utilisation (et la bonne rentabilite) de la mythique licence. En parallele de cela, la realite augmentee, un concept pas si eloigne, nous promet, elle, de pouvoir afficher des informations ou des elements en superposition de ce que nos yeux peuvent voir. Gaia Dempsey nous explique dans cette video pourquoi la realite augmentee n’est pas juste une mode marketing, mais bel et bien un concept capable de changer fondamentalement la maniere dont nous apprenons les choses et dont nous apprehendons le monde.
Plutot que de concurrencer la realite virtuelle, la realite augmentee permettra de creer d’autres types de jeux video qui prendront pied dans notre environnement proche. Porsche a ainsi developpe une technologie maison, baptisee Porsche Turbo Charging System, qui permet de recharger la Mission E a 80% en seulement 15 minutes ! Pour realiser ce tour de force, Porsche a cree de veritables super-chargeurs necessitant une tension de 800 Volts ! Des certitudes qui sont en train d’etre balayees par les recentes observations de la NASA, qui vient de confirmer qu’Encelade, la 14e lune de la planete Saturne, possede sous sa surface glacee un enorme ocean liquide ! Il apparait que ce sont les plus jeunes qui sont le plus a l’aise avec cette utilisation des technologies.
La plus grande question qui reste en suspens est la possibilite pour les clients de pouvoir controler en toute connaissance de cause les donnees qui sont enregistrees sur eux lorsqu’ils se rendent en magasin.
La DARPA annonce meme que ce genre de systeme peut etre directement integre sur des helicopteres deja assembles.
Sauf que CyanogenMod a ete recuperee par une entreprise, Cyanogen, qui s’est empressee de vouloir commercialiser des derives de cet OS en perdant completement de vue les valeurs qui avaient conduit a sa creation. Over 500 families or 2,000 people have been displaced by the military’s sustained operations against Abu Sayyaf in Basilan since Saturday. Henry said the provincial government had extended relief assistance to the evacuees, while help from the regional government was to be expected on Wednesday. Deaths on the side of the Abu Sayyaf rose to 24 with the ongoing operations, military spokesperson Brig.
The military also announced on Tuesday that Abu Sayyaf leader Furuji Indama was among those killed but retracted it a few hours later.
Mayor Marlyn Alonte-Naguiat, on Tuesday, said the property in Barangay San Antonio was bought for only P3,015 per square meter, for a total of P89 million.
This was contrary to the claims of businesswoman Adelaida Yatco, who filed on Tuesday, a case of plunder against Naguiat and Binan City Vice Mayor Walfredo Dimaguila Jr.
Yatco said the land was worth only P21 million but the city government bought it for P98 million. She said the purchase amount, based on the city’s assessor statement, was less costly than the prevailing fair market value at that time, which was somewhere between P8,000 and P10,000 per square meter.
She also denied committing misconduct, as claimed by Yatco, who said the property was partly owned by the relatives of Naguiat’s mother, Fe Belizario Alonte. According to Naguiat, most  of the properties in Binan belong to her mother’s clan, the Belizarios, but “[my mother] did not directly own it (the land).
Naguiat believed the case was “politically motivated,” considering that Yatco is the mother of Jose Francisco Ruben Yatco, a candidate against Dimaguila in the mayoral race.
Naguiat is running for representative of the newly created lone district of the city of Binan. Commission on Elections Chair Andres Bautista tries out a vote counting machine stored ina Comelec warehouse in Sta. MANILA — The Commission on Elections (Comelec) junked, on Tuesday, its plan to hold the national canvassing of votes in the Manila Hotel, Comelec Commissioner Rowena Guanzon said. Guanzon earlier said that Comelec Chairman Andres Bautista was the one who proposed that the canvassing of election results be at the Manila Hotel. The Comelec convenes as the National Board of Canvassers to canvass the election results for the senatorial and party-list elections. Poll watchdogs National Citizen’s Movement for Free Elections (Namfrel) and the Legal Network for Free Elections (Lente) have opposed the plan to hold the canvassing at the Manila Hotel, saying it would entail additional costs for the election body. Jimenez clarified that Comelec was considering the tent next to the hotel, not the hotel itself. Jimenez said it was unfair for some groups to immediately project the use of Manila Hotel as an expensive choice for the commission. Jimenez said scouting for a possible venue for the national canvassing center has always been routine work in every election. The Philippine Army has released P3.2 million worth of financial assistance for the families of 18 soldiers killed in the recent encounter in Basilan, the biggest combat loss in a single-day operation for the military in five years. Other assistance to be received by the families of the slain soldiers include P50,000 from the AFP Mutual Benefits Association Inc., P100,000 from the Philippine Army Finance Center Producers Integrated Cooperative, P80,000 funeral services support, and scholarship grants to their children. Defense Secretary Voltaire Gazmin, in an ambush interview after the turnover of a US C-130 to the Philippine Air Force, denied reports that the funeral honors for the slain soldiers were cancelled. Local media reports said the funeral honors for the fallen soldiers were called off and the media was also barred from interviewing the families of the victims. BRUSSELS — Belgian authorities said Tuesday two more men had been charged with offenses related to the Brussels bombings.
The Belgian Federal Prosecutor’s office said the suspects, identified only as Smail F. Sixteen victims died in the March 22 attack, the same day a pair of suicide bombers also killed 16 victims at Brussels airport.
Prosecutors could not been immediately reached for comment, but state-run RTBF broadcasting, citing information form unspecified sources, reported the two suspects were brothers, and that the older sibling had rented the apartment on the Rue des Casernes, while the younger brother helped empty and clean it following the attacks.
Belgian police searched the Etterbeek apartment Saturday but found no weapons or explosives. DAVAO CITY, Philippines — The Aboitiz-owned Davao Light and Power Company (DLPC) announced on Tuesday afternoon that the entire city will experience 5 hours of power interruption starting Wednesday (Apr. DLPC said the additional hours in the rotating brownout was caused by the worsening power supply deficit. For every 20-MW deficit, there will be a maximum of one-hour power interruption, according to the DLPC. Even before the 5-hour daily brownout was announced, residents have complained about power outages as long as four hours a day since April 6. The company earlier explained that the 4-hour power interruption last April 6 was due to the emergency shutdown of one of the two units of the Aboitiz-owned coal-fired power plant in Davao City. DLPC said that the worsening power interruption has been due to natural and mechanical issues. DLPC, however, said that the the power situation would improve if the coal-fired power plant in Davao City went back online. The camp of Mar Roxas reiterated that the Commission on Elections ballot showing the names of the administration bets highlighted in yellow spread around by the “rabid supporters” of Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte on social media is not the official ballot to be used on election day. It also hit “rumormongers” from the Duterte camp who criticized “Daang Matuwid” as nicknames of Roxas and running mate Leni Robredo in the ballots. Comelec spokesperson James Jimenez, in an earlier interview, said that these were merely sample ballots used as campaign materials. Jimenez said sample ballots with the names of certain candidates highlights have been used many times in the past elections. A FORMER commissioner of the Commission on Elections (Comelec) has questioned the inclusion of the term “Daang Matuwid” in the names of administration standard-bearer Mar Roxas and his running mate Leni Robredo on the official 2016 ballot. Citing election rules, former Comelec commissioner Gregorio Larrazabal said the Liberal Party candidates cannot use the administration slogan as their nicknames. But Comelec spokesperson James Jimenez said other candidates had the same opportunity to choose the nickname that will appear on the ballot. As to the circulating photo of a ballot with a yellow highlight on the names of Roxas and Robredo, the Comelec said it may just be a sample ballot, which is allowed but unofficial. Larrazabal, now legal counsel of the Nationalist People’s Coalition, also engaged in an online word war with LP spokesperson and Akbayan Rep. Gutierrez responded by posting a photo of the ballot the Comelec approved when Larrazabal was still commissioner. TUESDAY was the hottest day of the year in Metro Manila with a scorching 36.3 degrees Celsius, the state weather bureau said. Benison Estareja, Pagasa weather specialist, said that temperatures could go warmer in the coming days as the dry season is at its peak in April.
Nationwide, the highest temperature for 2016 was recorded in General Santos City at 38.6 degrees Celsius.
Meanwhile, temperature actually felt by the body or heat index, reached dangerous levels in Nueva Ecija on Monday.
This was the highest heat index recorded by Pagasa since April 2 in Occidental Mindoro with 49.4 degrees Celsius.
Pagasa defines heat index as human discomfort index that gives the apparent temperature or what human perceives as the temperature affecting their body. High air temperatures and high relative humidity will give high apparent temperatures or indices.
Retired public attorneys have appealed to the Department of Budget and Management (DBM) to release the P139-million retirement benefits it has been withholding since 2010.
Used as basis for the computation of the P139-million total retirement gratuity package for the public defenders was Republic Act No. The DBM, in the opinion released by its legal service, said PAO lawyers were not entitled to the same retirement package as that of prosecutors and judges. The DBM sought legal opinion from the Department of Justice who turned the request into an arbitration proceeding where the PAO was the respondent and set a hearing on May 3. Incumbent PAO lawyers, in a separate manifesto in support of their retired colleagues, said Section 16 of the Napross Law was a general provision that may not repeal the PAO Law’s Section 5, which was a special provision. PAO lawyers also scored the current position of the DBM as it pointed out that its previous issuances—a letter to former Justice Secretary Leila de Lima, DBM and Government Service Insurance System Joint Circular 2013-1 signed by Budget Secretary Florencio Abad himself—recognized that they were entitled to the same benefits as those of public prosecutors. PAO chief Persida Rueda-Acosta said the only benefits being claimed by the retirees were the return of the premium and life insurance from the GSIS. The return of the premium PAO lawyers are requesting is the reimbursement of excess of six percent deducted from them. She added that unless the DBM releases the gratuity package, the retirees could not get a monthly pension.
I phrased the objective this way, optimistically: “How can a candidate lose the presidential race?
It has been two months since that burst of optimism, however, and I have yet to follow through on the plan. In the case of Binay, the erstwhile frontrunner in the presidential race, the unanswerable question seems to me to be related to the corruption charges he, his son, and his allies are facing for the allegedly overpriced construction of Makati city government facilities. I would have thought that the unanswerable question in Duterte’s case was the hundreds of lives, mostly from the city’s poor, claimed by the so-called Davao Death Squad.

In one of the Inquirer Town Halls we conducted in Mindanao in the lead-up to the first presidential debate, one woman’s pained comment struck me.
The video of his casual narration of the “venial sin” of molesting a housemaid is disturbing not only in itself, but also because of the laughter (some of it nervous, perhaps, some more appreciative) that greeted the story and its telling. As the candidate of continuity, Roxas has found himself moving slowly against currents of change. It could be that Roxas’ unanswerable question involves his high-profile role in the “Yolanda” crisis; he has certainly taken a beating for it despite his attempts to set the record straight. Abaya should have been fired long ago; the President’s failure to exact what is only the appropriate penalty on the person responsible for the ongoing tragedy on Metro Manila’s streets and the country’s airports is the specter haunting Roxas’ candidacy. THE PHILIPPINES’ energy mix story had never been so much about climate change as about energy security. Iceland is a country that exemplifies how indigenous energy resources can be used to great advantage. The Philippine government has been branded as hypocritical for approving so many coal-fired plants even as it calls for reduced carbon emissions. Hydroelectric power, which dominates the power generation mix of Mindanao, is what has traditionally kept electricity prices low on the island.
Geothermal can potentially compete with coal as it’s less susceptible to the seasons, and a well-managed mature geothermal development should be able to keep its generation price at par with coal and natural gas plants. Our traditional, fossil-fuel-based power sources are cheaper and consistent and have obvious economic advantages in the short term, but imply future costs that our children and their children will incur. With all these, we will inevitably continue to be mixed up about what our energy mix ought to be.
May I just say that I find the debate—sponsored by CNN Philippines and the Commission on Elections—the most organized and lucid of the series of candidates’ debates in this year’s campaign. For a while there, it seemed as if the debate would get stuck on the issue of corruption, dynastic politics and hidden wealth, with Sen. She may be the “best woman” running for vice president, but Robredo is not the only woman running in this year’s elections.
It is a roster I am very comfortable with, and I would urge readers to look into the qualifications and records of Robredo and the other women when drawing up their own lists of candidates for election day. TOWNS has likewise come out with a set of policy recommendations drawn up by “clusters” of members, divided into key issues, that the women are disseminating to the various candidates’ camps in hopes that some (if not all) of them will be adopted by the eventual winners (or even by “losers” who will continue with their public service careers). In the field of business and entrepreneurship, TOWNS recommends concrete measures to increase “ease of doing business” by small entrepreneurs, especially in accessing licenses and following procedures, and simplifying the tax code to make it more user-friendly, with rates comparable to our neighbors. The transportation cluster echoed the calls of many sectors for improved infrastructure, the elimination of “colorum” vehicles, and synchronized interconnection of the many forms of urban public transports.
IN THE field of science and technology, the TOWNS document calls for a drastic increase in the budget to 1 percent of GDP as recommended by Unesco and the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development for developing countries. Strengthening the local government units is also needed, the document says, focusing on these as the primary responders in case of natural disasters and with responsibility for creating land use policies.
The document also strongly pushes for the development of tourism infrastructure and facilities, while protecting heritage structures and institutions.
Among the recommendations for health, the TOWNS document bats for the “full implementation” of the Reproductive Health Law, the passage of pending legislation on mental health, and further studies on the health impacts of climate change and the emergence of new viral diseases linked to changing weather patterns. AGRICULTURAL sustainability was a particular concern of the TOWNS women, who called for more measured responses to climate change by increasing productivity and improving yield stability. The TOWNS women also call for the creation of a separate Department of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources which can provide better strategic directions and overall care for this sector.
It is indeed a daunting list of recommendations, but at least the men and women who will be taking office in May can no longer complain about lack of direction or guidance on what they are to do with the mandate given them. Sure, seeing myself facing the world head on, armed with the lessons and learnings in school, is thrilling. To make things worse, I’m filled with doubt: Did my school prepare me for everything that will be thrown my way? School education is a tool used to present a fraction of reality—one that is harsh and evolving.
I think the real wisdom behind the need to be schooled exists in the fact that human beings are naturally curious, and such curiosity may be an asset or a liability. School is far from perfect, and one wishes there is a learning facility that is free from flaws and inaccuracies. As I wait for my final grades to be encoded, for the days to pass, for the excruciating waiting time to reach zero, I’m relishing the memory of first sitting in a classroom and patiently waiting for my teacher.
I’m set to say goodbye to structured classes and eager to unfold a mystery that won’t be danger-free.
At the end of the day, curiosity may kill the cat, but satisfaction will definitely bring it back. Karl Montesa, 19, is a legal management senior at San Beda College in Manila and sports editor of The Bedan. WHAT WOULD you do if you were the richest person in your community and you have issues with your neighbors on property rights? If you are emotionally stable or do not have a chip on your shoulder, you will reach out to them to come up with a win-win solution to your conflict.
If you are emotionally challenged or harbor feelings of insecurity, you will perform acts that show your superiority or your neighbors’ weakness in relation to your strength. This is exactly how China, the richest economy in the region (and the second largest in the world), has been acting in recent years in relation to some of its neighbors. Invoking historical rights, China has claimed ownership over practically the entire South China Sea, including a number of shoals, reefs and islands, to the exclusion of other countries that, under the rules of international law, are entitled to certain economic rights over them. After seizing some shoals and islands that lie within the exclusive economic zone or territory of the Philippines and Vietnam, respectively, China recently encroached into Indonesian and Malaysian waters.
Although a signatory to the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (Unclos), China refuses to abide with its provisions on the peaceful resolution of maritime disputes among its signatories. China wants direct negotiations on those issues with the other countries that have territorial claims in the South China Sea; it does not want those countries to seek relief from Unclos or any other international institution. If a third party—especially a body organized under the auspices of the United Nations or the Western powers—steps into the picture, China is aware that it would be unable to influence the proceedings or decision and possibly lose. China’s recent announcement that it would create a maritime court to hear and decide on maritime disputes in the region lends credence to its feeling of insecurity.
The humiliation of seeing parts of its territory under foreign control in the past is still imbedded in China’s consciousness, and it is apprehensive (or paranoid) about the “foreign devils” (as it describes its former colonizers) conspiring to prevent or contain it from becoming a superpower. It also appears disconcerted by the fact that, in spite of its economic and military might, many of its neighbors continue to hold the United States or Japan in high esteem, sometimes at its expense. American influence in social and political activities remains strong in Asia despite reduced US presence and China’s emergence as an economic power.
With the United States and Japan still looming large in Asia, the most populous, richest and militarily-strongest nation in the region has been reduced to “pygmy status” in terms of political and social leadership in its own neighborhood. To date, only three countries in Southeast Asia—Laos, Cambodia and Burma (Myanmar)—defer to and treat China as “Big Brother” on significant economic and military matters. For economic reasons, Indonesia and Malaysia have adopted a neutral attitude vis-a-vis China in connection with territorial disputes in the South China Sea. Unless China learns to respect Indonesia’s and Malaysia’s maritime rights, it may find itself with the same strained relations that presently characterize its ties with the Philippines and Vietnam. If China thinks gunboat diplomacy, the strategy of subjugation used by its former colonizers, will serve its interests, it is totally wrong. There is still a long way to go before China can accomplish its dream to be recognized and treated as a superpower, at least in this part of the world. I admire the way the debate was organized and I take my hat off to the moderators who never showed unfairness or impatience during the whole time they were on air. Since the candidates—five senators and a congresswoman—must have been provided the topics ahead of time, there was no question about their preparedness to address every issue for discussion.
In terms of delivery, they must have rehearsed how they would look, smile or smirk to convince the audience to believe what they had to say.
These questions should have been directed at Alan Peter Cayetano: With your claim that political will and courage can make your presidential candidate Rodrigo Duterte bring back peace and order nationwide, how can we be sure that he can do it without the rumored extrajudicial killing of suspected criminals?
My next questions are for Gregorio Honasan: How can we trust that you will honor your words when almost all your answers were motherhood statements usually uttered by politicians who would rather be vague than be blamed for promising something difficult to accomplish? Here is my question for Ferdinand Marcos Jr.: How can we trust someone who believes that martial law was a blessing to the Filipino people?
These questions are for Francis Escudero: With your boy-next-door type of personality brimming with self-confidence, how can we be sure that you are sincere in everything you say?
Antonio Trillanes III looked bright and determined to succeed, but I couldn’t shake off his image of being a rebel against civil authority. PUBLIC SERVICE ads urge us: Vote for a president who has a vision for the future, an effective leadership style, a political philosophy.
Vote for a president who is not a thief, whose relatives are not thieves, who does not surround himself with thieves. We don’t expect our local officials, governors and mayors to be paragons of public service.
THE APRIL 2 editorial (“More banditry”) brought to the fore once more the menace the Abu Sayyaf Group (ASG) has been foisting upon this country.
One reason given was that most ASG members were relatives of their counterparts in the Moro National Liberation Front (MNLF) which in the past had signed a “peace agreement” with the government, which paved the way for the creation of the Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao, with MNLF founder and head Nur Misuari its governor at one time. Then enter the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) which took over the “rebellious role” the MNLF used to play, as the former played a new role in the peace charade.
Through the proposed law, the MILF seeks to exercise exclusive authority to control and govern most of Mindanao in lieu of the disgraced and corrupt MNLF. Malacanang on Tuesday welcomed the World Bank report that showed the Philippines will still be one of the fastest-growing economies in East Asia and the Pacific in the next three years. Communications Secretary Herminio Coloma said the forecast was indicative of the country’s strong economic foundation and better prospects for millions of Filipinos in the future, despite a modest easing in economic expansion in the region. Coloma said the forecast motivates the government to provide better services and generate more jobs to uplift the lives of Filipinos. In a disclosure to the Philippine Stock Exchange on Tuesday, RFM reported that sales revenues in the first three months rose by 2 percent year-on-year to P2.6 billion. RFM president and chief executive officer Jose Concepcion III said sales continued to post a growth of 16 percent for its consumer group which included ice cream and pasta units. The ice cream joint venture with Unilever, Selecta ice cream, accelerated growth which RFM attributed to “new product innovations, excellent value propositions, and effective marketing campaigns.” RFM added that the ice cream business expanded with its wider distribution reach and increased consumption frequency. With stronger consumption spending seen this year with more robust purchasing power and being an election year, and the outlook on more favorable commodity input costs, this year promises to be a better year, Concepcion added.
The difference between the core and headline net profits was attributed to foreign exchange losses caused by the peso depreciation against the US dollar alongside mark-to-market losses from Cebu Air’s fuel hedging in 2015.
THE LOCAL stock barometer climbed to the 7,300 mark on Tuesday as a rebound in oil prices boosted regional markets. Elsewhere in the region, stock market were mostly buoyant as investors took comfort from the rebound in oil prices.
At the local market, the main index was led by the financial counter which rose by over 1 percent. Outside of PSEi stocks, one of the notable gainers was Security Bank, which rallied by 3.54 percent and was the most actively traded stock for the day.
Gross sales revenue increased by 7 percent for the quarter and 8 percent for the full-year period, reaching P32 billion for the entire year. The company invested P4.2 billion in manufacturing and distribution assets last year, 8 percent higher than year-ago level.
PCPPI started commercial production of snacks in late 2014 and plans to capitalize on strong category opportunity. On Monday, CIC reported that its net profit in the first three months had expanded by 50 percent year-on-year to P180 million, driven by a double-digit growth in sales of airconditioning systems and consumer durables.
The guidance of 15 percent growth for net profit suggests a full-year bottomline level of P758.4 million.
For the first quarter, CIC reported that sales had expanded by 21 percent year-on-year to P2.7 billion.
Under IoT, while netizens are globally connected over the social network, any and all objects such as buildings, equipment, vehicles, home appliances, wearables and other devices will be connected over a spectrum of networks to communicate, control, manage, detect problems and derive insightful information. For example, an IoT-enabled airconditioning system will be able to adjust its thermostat in response to the human body heat. Concepcion acknowledged that Internet speed remained a challenge, especially for consumers, but noted that in an industrial setting, such smart products would be easier to roll out.
Discussions at the Property Report Congress Philippines 2016 included panel sessions on infrastructure, emerging markets, technology trends, green building and bubble risks. An annual event that caters to more than 250 C­level executives and top real estate professionals, the Philippines Property Awards 2016, presented by Hansgrohe, returns tonight at the Fairmont Makati. Sixteen­time nominee Megaworld Corporation will battle it out with last year’s champion SM Group, which received a total of 10 nods at the prestigious property tilt.
Other hopefuls include regional developers AppleOne Properties Inc and King Properties, both shortlisted in a new category recognising the Best Boutique Developer.
Organised by PropertyGuru, Asia’s leading property portal group with a network of 14 million real estate consumers, the black­tie gala dinner and awards ceremony on 7 April will bring together the best of the best in the Philippines’ exciting real estate industry, boosted by the country’s positive economic outlook, strong office sector and improving investor confidence. Some highly respected VIPs are on the exclusive guest list, including former Senate President Manuel B. Villar Jr, recipient of the 2016 Real Estate Personality of the Year award to be presented by the editors of Property Report, Asia’s leading luxury real estate, architecture and design magazine. Before the evening programme’s four­course gala dinner, the VIP keynote speech will be given by John W. chief connector and managing partner of The Hunting Ridge Group.
Immediately after the closing remarks of the Property Report Congress, the ballroom of Fairmont Makati will be prepped for the Philippines Property Awards 2016 networking cocktail reception that begins at 18:00, followed by the gala dinner. Top winners from the Philippines Property Awards will get the chance for international acclaim when they compete with their counterparts from eight ASEAN countries of the Asia Property Awards at the grand finals in Singapore in late November at the 6th South East Asia Property Awards 2016. Megaworld Corporation took home its first ­ever Best Developer award as well as three more gongs and 13 Highly Commended honours at the fourth annual Philippines Property Awards gala dinner. The Dr Andrew L Tan­led company started the evening with an unprecedented 16 nominations, with Uptown Bonifacio getting six nods. Last year’s Best Developer winner SM Group was nominated for 10 awards through its various subsidiaries and eventually took home Best Commercial Development (Philippines) for SM Seaside City Cebu, a retail project undertaken by its commercial investment arm, SM Prime Holdings Inc.
The conglomerate, headed by Henry Sy Sr, the country’s richest man, also won the coveted Special Recognition in CSR for providing Filipinos “five ­star” homes in prime locations around the country, as well as promoting a conducive learning experience for the youth by building and remodelling overpopulated public school classrooms across the islands. Presented by Hansgrohe, the fourth edition of the Philippines Property Awards 2016 welcomed a new category to reward the country’s outstanding boutique developers. With this year’s entries doubling to more than 200 compared to 2015, the time has come to widen the scope of the programme, a move that was welcomed by the independent panel of judges and trusted awards supervisor BDO. Another highlight of the ceremony was the presentation to former Senate President Manuel B Villar Jr, founder of the Vista Land Group, of the Real Estate Personality of the Year award by the editors of Property Report. Known for his master planned developments called “Communicities,” the self­made billionaire saw his construction supplies business in the early 1970s grow into a quality housing developer. Proving his company’s worth as a quality housing specialist, Vista Land & Lifescapes Inc took home the Best Housing Development (Philippines) award for Northpoint, located in Davao. The rise of the country’s emerging markets was featured prominently at the Property Report Congress Philippines, a high­level forum that discussed the past, present and future of the local real estate industry.
It was the first time that the Congress took place in the country after the successful debut in Singapore in 2015. JLL Philippines’ Orr delivered the keynote address about the exciting prospects in the local market, whilst an in­depth workshop on digital marketing for Filipino real estate professionals was given by John W. Mims, chief connector and managing director of The Hunting Ridge Group. THE NEXT administration should institutionalize reforms at a faster pace to build on the gains made by President Aquino thus far, achievements that have made the country’s economic growth prospects in the next three years among the best in the region, according to the World Bank. But in light of the recent money-laundering scandal that saw the entry of $81 million in stolen money from Bangladesh’s central bank into the domestic financial system, World Bank economists said it was also high time to tighten the country’s antimoney laundering rules and ease the bank secrecy law, although they declined to comment on any potential impact on the economy in general and on remittance flows in particular. The World Bank’s April 2016 East Asia and Pacific Economic Update showed that the Philippines would remain one of the fastest-growing countries in East Asia and the Pacific despite a “modest” easing in economic expansion in the region during the 2016-2018 period. World Bank senior country economist Karl Kendrick Chua said the higher projection for 2016 from the actual 5.8-percent actual growth posted last year would be boosted by private consumption amid low consumption as well as election-related spending. Key risks this year, however, remain slower global growth, financial market volatilities, the dry spell brought about by El Nino, delays in PPP implementation, as well as uncertainty due to the upcoming national polls. The App Store offerings have evolved from simple photo uploading apps to apps that add filters to the ones that offer advanced editing options.
You don’t have to worry about text size, paragraph spacing, line height, margins and all that. When adding different art styles you can change the intensity of the style by tapping on the style you are applying.
It is worth adding that even if you’ve never experimented with creating comic strips you must give Comixon a try, it adds a new level of creativity, fun and something different to your selfies and other photos.
However, there is a new wave of video content creation and sharing that is steadily making a huge impact. The entire screen fills up with the video and the controls (share, follow, unfollow, view, close and report) appear as an overlay in a very minimalistic fashion.
The in-app content browsing experience sets a high standard for apps in the similar category.
Find people with common interests and start thought-provoking discussions about your favorite candidate, TV show, fashion trend, or team. Detailed information about the shows and season guide is a great addition as one can learn more about thier favoruite TV show and even learn about new shows.
We hope that the developers expand the search functionality by not just limiting search by title but also allowing to search and find shows by artist name, genre and more. Give yourself a chance to browse more than 40 000 TV shows on-the-go and find where to watch them across HBO, Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, iTunes, and dozens of other premium services. The app will keep track of when and where you can watch it, and send you notifications as soon as it becomes available. The UI is slick and clean, everything is broken down into nice little categories that show you exactly what you want to see. The game begins with an introduction to the backstory, an evil Bumbi creature has trapped all its brothers (creatures that look like aliens) and only one Bumbi is left to free them all.
Different color bubbles are thrown into the tubes and you have to pair four same color bubbles together in the rotors in order to deactivate each lock.
Each level has a time limit and you have to successfully open all locks before the time runs out and score three stars.
While the customisation remains limited to only a visual treat we would love to see this being expanded to bringing special powers for the Bumbi. We found that while tapping worked fine however, when swiping the game would often rotate the entire puzzle box instead of passing the bubble. We hope that a future update addresses this concern. Your aim is to free some creatures, the Bumbi, who have been trapped by their wicked brother inside some impenetrable boxes controlled by a sophisticated hydraulic system; the tremendous hydroblock. You often need to share your phone number for signing up for various services however, you may not always want to disclose your actual phone number.
This is great when you want an additional number for hiring services, or just want a new business contact number.
You are charged according to the call or text rate and it is deducted from your pre-funded credit balance. Travel through an intense maze collecting dots and destroying pesky ghosts, which can be eaten by collecting power pellets. These are recommendations based on your prior selections and it features various lists curated by Apple Music staff. I did see tracks that match my music taste and the lists had a good mix of popular tracks and ones that I hadn’t heard before. The campaign was recently expanded to include videos and now the company has featured select 15 seconds video clips and posted them on its website. Even during keynote presentations the company has often featured photos and videos taken by its staff. This strategy has worked out well for the company as its campaigns have almost always struck the right chord. The company was trying to negotiate deals with record labels and artists to pay them 71.5% revenue share which is higher than the industry standard while paying nothing during the three month free-trial of the service.
This is about the young songwriter who just got his or her first cut and thought that the royalties from that would get them out of debt. During WWDC 2015 Apple announced that the streaming music service will offer a generous three-month free trial period for all users.
Even though Apple will be paying higher revenue share than the industry standard it hasn’t worked out as a compelling factor for record labels who work on tight margins to offer free music during the trial. Taylor Swift’s album 1989 will not be available for streaming on Apple Music just like Spotify. The new service aims to allow users to discover new music, get curated playlists created by humans and connect with their favourite artists. Now, the company is on a mission to catch-on the next big trend in the music industry – streaming.
It allows publishers to create unique experiences by providing engaging content with brilliant typography, animated objects, transitions and more. The company is now ready to launch its own transit directions in iOS 9 Maps app. It will feature public transit information with routes and directions.
Some of the apps that help in tracking mensural cycles include Glow, Ovia Fertility, Clue and many more. Mine de rien, vous avez ete nombreux a me demander comment cela se faisait qu’aucun nouvel article ne reapparaissait sur le site. Il est en effet en moyenne 61,83% plus rapide que si vous n’utilisez aucun bloqueur de contenu, ce qui permet par exemple sur certains sites particulierement charges en scripts et publicites de charger une page Web en seulement 2.3 secondes, contre 18 secondes par defaut ! N’essayez pas par contre d’activer plusieurs bloqueurs de contenu en meme temps !
Ou comment les controles biometriques automatises installes aux frontieres des aeroports francais sont tout simplement inutiles, bien que tres couteux ! Cette version alternative ajoute, lors de la compilation d’une application pour iOS, un malware baptise XcodeGhost. Et personne autour de vous n’entendra votre musique ou votre conversation telephonique ! Cela comprend la marque de l’ordinateur que vous utilisez, la langue que vous parlez, et les applications que vous utilisez. Apres cette date, la collecte de donnees sur votre ordinateur commencera automatiquement, a moins que vous ne choisissiez de la desactiver dans les options de l’antivirus. Une attention qui pourra apporter le genre de detail qui tue si vous avez les moyens de vous payer une montre a ce prix, et que vous pouvez donc vous offrir une collection de chemises dites a poignets mousquetaire.
Il faudra neanmoins etre un sacre fan pour depenser une somme pareille dans une simple montre. Une idee qui interesse de pres Microsoft avec son casque Hololens, Google et ses Google Glass ou sa startup Magic Leap… Mais pour qui de nombreuses personnes ont encore du mal a voir les interets potentiels dans notre quotidien.
Un chiffre qui me parait deja enorme tant nous ne sommes pas sensibilises a ce genre de technologie dans notre vie quotidienne !
Ils en attendent aussi un risque reduit de dommages durant l’atterrissage, avec un taux de reduction de ces incidents aux alentours de 80%. Our unique anti-glare material dramatically reduces screen glare for maximum visibility under sunlight and other harsh lighting conditions.
From what I know, the cost of getting the Manila Hotel Tent might actually be lower than it is for PICC,” he said in a previous interview.

John Monte of Salong, Baroi, Lanao del Norte province, one of the 18 soldiers killed in a recent encounter in Basilan province.
Benjamin Hao on Tuesday said a total of P3,289,254.50 would be given to the bereaved families.
This is an immediate monetary assistance which will be given to a soldier who was killed or died in line of duty,” Hao said. Hence, the duration (of the brownout) has increased from a maximum of two hours to a maximum of five hours,” the DLPC said. Overseas absentee voters supporting Duterte are claiming that due to the inclusion of the nicknames, the vote-counting machines are only reading votes in their name.
Most of us are nearing the end of our days and slowly, our bodies are beginning to succumb to various forms of illness; yet, we refuse to accept even the remote possibility that we will be abandoned by this government, our former employer, in a hapless state,” the 40 retired lawyers from the Public Attorney’s Office (PAO) said in their manifesto.
9406 or the PAO Law in relation to RA 10071 or the National Prosecution Service Law (Napross Law).
A premium of nine percent had been deducted previously before it was cut down to three percent. Now, with the elections in 27 days, I’m afraid there’s time only for one omnibus column on Vice President Jejomar Binay, Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte, and former interior secretary Mar Roxas.
Grace Poe, I zeroed in, not on the nature of her Filipino citizenship or the computation of her residency in the Philippines, but on her status as a former American citizen. The Vice President has responded to the accusations with a sweeping statement about politicking, and from the looks of it this is a response that sortie audiences willingly accept. Regardless of what one thinks of former Makati vice mayor Ernesto Mercado’s testimony against Binay, his sensational accusation that Eduviges “Ebeng” Baloloy and Gerry Limlingan received millions of pesos in alleged kickbacks for Binay requires an answer from the two.
But—this is the surprise for me—it seems easier to accept the (reputation for) extrajudicial killings than it is to accept his reputation for crass sexism. She was a responsible business person, a pillar-of-the-community type, who said she was a proud supporter of the presidential candidate who was a genuine son of Mindanao.
Despite the general good will that the Philippines under President Aquino has earned—for the economy’s vibrancy, the calibrated challenge to China in the South China Sea issue, the progress of the Mindanao peace process—public sentiment seems to have discounted all that. But I actually think that the election issue facing Roxas, the President’s preferred successor and the face of administration continuity, is the other face of the Aquino brand of governance: Transportation Secretary Joseph Emilio Abaya.
When we started developing our renewable energy sources decades ago, from hydroelectric to geothermal, it was motivated by the need to reduce our great vulnerability to the volatile price of petroleum, which we almost entirely need to import. The Philippines, after all, is blessed with a variety of renewable energy resources that can be developed to fill its power needs. But these sources are more expensive, site-specific, and unsuitable for baseload power because of unstable capacity. But operating a geothermal field is more complex than operating a natural gas or coal plant. We have some limited natural gas resources, but these will not be able to keep up with our rising power demands. Despite the candidates occasionally talking over each other, even if moderators Pinky Webb and Pia Hontiveros repeatedly admonished them to observe the rules, the public still managed to get a lucid and even entertaining view of where each of the six candidates stood on a welter of issues. She leads a lineup of women endorsed or supported by the majority of members of the TOWNS Foundation, composed of past awardees of the national biannual search for the country’s “outstanding women.” The congresswoman from Camarines Sur leads a multipartisan lineup of four senatorial candidates, all of them women, endorsed by TOWNS. As for Internet traffic, the women called for greater transparency in the operations of telcos, including properly matching the capabilities of the providers with the number of subscribers and removing the expiration feature of prepaid cards. It also said that arts and culture should not only be promoted and promoted, but also recognized as a “commercially viable” resource.
They also called for the separation of the functions of research and regulation among government agencies related to agriculture, natural resource management and environmental protection. Those in the agricultural and fisheries cluster also called for shifting focus from “just” rice production to the propagation of higher value crops like fruits and flowers and vegetables. I’ve paid my school dues, claimed my graduation photos, and attended our graduation primer. Earlier I didn’t care much about underachieving, but now that I’m supposed to be mature in making decisions, disappointing my family is the last thing I’d like to do.
Hence, school is where the mind’s curiosity is harnessed to become more of the former than the latter. Assuming there is one—and most schools still serve their noble intentions—there will be only better days and years to expect. Like a bully, you may even use force or intimidation to “persuade” them to give in to your demands in deference to your high standing in the community. The subliminal message of China’s demand is, as the “overlord” in this part of the world, it has the right to decide on the manner by which conflicts in the area should be resolved. China’s erstwhile war enemy, Japan, whose geographical size and economy are comparably smaller, continues to be looked up to by many Asian countries as a model for inclusive economic growth. This behavior does not come us a surprise because China has given (and continues to give) them massive financial assistance to help develop their economy and military.
The world has turned around many times since and replicating that approach today can lead to disastrous results.
I think they have mastered the techniques of propaganda, or they could have hired coaches to train them in how to look convincing and when to add catchy phrases to enliven their delivery. I felt I should make a choice after spending much time and energy watching the debate and taking down notes on the issues discussed. Many have lamented the fact that your partner, Jejomar Binay, never honored the Senate’s invitation to the series of hearings on his unexplained wealth. This is my question: How would you help preserve civil society after launching a coup attempt against then President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo? But we would like someone whose father is not in the Guinness Book of Records as one of the biggest thieves of all time and whose mother’s stolen jewels are not on display at the national museum.
But we wish not too many of them would have secret bank accounts, offshore investments and New York real estate properties. But we do want our provincial hospitals to be staffed with doctors who show up and do not ask us to pay for aspirin. But we would like a legislative body where fewer than one-fourth of its members have been indicted or about to be indicted for graft. Forget the party platforms, the platitudes from the Church and well-meaning advice from NGOs.
Why this ragtag group of only about 300 kidnap-for-ransom bandits cannot be obliterated by an Army of about 90,000 soldiers is a really frustrating wonder.
Reportedly, some MNLF members protected those bandits and the government was totally helpless in bringing them to justice.
Nariyan din iyong sa mga traditional exports oriented industries natin, tulad ng semi-conductors at nariyan din iyong sa services sector — iyong turismo at iyong IT-BPO, iyong Information Technology-Business Process Outsourcing. These factors coupled with better input costs significantly improved the group’s profitability”, Concepcion said.
Revenue growth was ahead of volume growth, attributed to the company’s strong focus on revenue management and overlapping of pricing rollback vs last year.
This mirrors the positive economic momentum of the industry driven by consumption and construction growth amidst healthy economic fundamentals,” Concepcion said. Victoria Betita added: “We continue to invest in capability building to prepare for the business growth we are anticipating over the long term. This will allow the household or commercial enterprise to unlock savings from the use of energy, as consumption could go down by 40-60 percent.
Accolades also await the  outstanding residential and resort developments in Cebu and Davao as the awards programme expands its nationwide search for the country’s finest properties.
The chairman of Vista Land Group will be cheered on by his team as well as his industry peers.
Orr, chief operating officer of Jones Lang LaSalle Philippines, will speak about the rigorous six­month judging process that precedes tonight’s ceremony. Mims leads today’s workshop Mims, called “Driving revenue through social media engagement: strategies that work” at the Property Report Congress.
In addition to Villar’s special award, the event will reveal the Winners and up to four Highly Commended in 26 award categories. The high ­end urban township eventually won Best Residential Architectural Design for the Uptown Ritz condominium development.
In the category for Best Boutique Developer, AppleOne Properties Inc pipped King Properties. This project beat all the residential category winners from across the nation and, along with the other ‘best of the best’ winners from the Philippines, will move on to compete at the South East Asia Property Awards grand finale in Singapore this November. The Philippine conference preceded the black­tie gala gala dinner at the Fairmont Makati and was joined by experts from all over the archipelago and further afield, including current and former Winners and Judges from the Philippines Property Awards. Other thought­provoking discussions covered the rise of branded residences, the crucial issue of infrastructure problems, the future of green building and the impact of technology in the Philippine property sector.
We have witnessed the rise of hugely popular social networks and services dedicated entirely to sharing just photos.
After selecting your photos you can apply different styles of speech bubbles and edit the text.
When you resize the bubble the app takes care of all the text formatting and spacing so you don’t have to worry about it. The app also offers comic style photo filters (or art styles) to apply to your masterpiece. Discovering content should be front and centre and not hidden behind slide out menu’s. Some of the apps that have proved to be highly successful in this category include Vine and Musical.ly.
The core concept of the app is similar, it empowers the users to create creative content and share it with the world. It lists all the featured posts from different news topics and are curated by real people . Stories posted by users on similar news topics almost seem very identical and lack in variation.
With a bit of more work in the recording features of the app it promises to offer a great source of hilarious takes on top news stories so that news doesn’t have to be boring. You can generate thoughtful conversation and develop fans to become a pundit, commentator or guru on politics, style, entertainment, sports, or life in general. The app also features biography of the cast and lists other TV shows in which the actor has worked in. You can also enable a widget of the app in the notification centre to view TV Shows to be watched today. Add shows to your Wishlist, and let TVShows - Free TV Series Calendar Watch Tracker keep you in the loop on when and where to watch.
The developers are working on the full version and promise release of the full version soon. Each of the 132 mazes provides exciting new challenges, as you blaze across them, your speed increases as you earn more points, but watch out; you will lose momentum fast if a ghost catches you.
This is about the producer who works tirelessly to innovate and create, just like the innovators and creators at Apple are pioneering in their field…but will not get paid for a quarter of a year’s worth of plays on his or her songs.
Record labels and independent artists are now expressing their concerns over the free trial. However, Taylor Swift’s other albums released in the past will be available for streaming.
In the updated Health app users will be able to record the date and time you had sex and whether you used contraception or not.
Mais face a cette nouvelle deferlante de bloqueurs de contenu, se pose la question : quel bloqueur de contenu choisir pour iOS 9 ?
Quel est donc le conseil d’un technicien de chez Apple pour resoudre cette situation ?
Voici donc un logiciel qui va vous permettre simplement d’avoir la liste des appareils connectes sur votre reseau sans fil !
Une experte en realite augmentee nous explique donc comment cette derniere va aider l’humanite de multiples facons. On est aussi loin des resultats obtenus par le constructeur Tesla, specialise dans les vehicules electriques haut de gamme, qui assure une recharge a 80% de ces voitures en 40 minutes en utilisant son super-chargeur maison.
Il ne manque plus que les couts de ces super voitures electriques ne baissent pour que l’industrie automobile ne soit bouleversee en profondeur et entame une mutation de fond qui pourrait bien changer notre environnement.
What is the one weakness, the one election issue, that presents the most serious threat to their candidacy? But if the question were more specific, even his supporters may have a hard time answering it. But she also confessed that she found it difficult to accept the way Duterte treated women; it wasn’t so much the mayor’s womanizing (this is what I understood her to mean) as his generally sexualized approach to women. With good watershed management, these plants can be a reliable source of cheap power over the long term. And as the world shifts away from coal toward cleaner natural gas, natural gas import prices will rise. But soon the session “moved on” and managed to cover a wide range of issues, from the peace process to Internet coverage, from criminality to China, from transportation to connectivity. They are: former congresswoman Risa Hontiveros, Lorna Kapunan (who is a TOWNS awardee in the field of law), former justice secretary Leila de Lima, and OFW advocate Toots Ople.
It also recommended the creation of a Department of Information and Communications Technology. After nearly 20 years of going to school, sitting in classrooms, half-listening and half-pretending to teachers and professors, doing quizzes and seatwork, standing in front of classmates for graded recitations, beating deadlines, enduring sleepless nights, ranting with friends, I will be free of all of it. My mom treats me like a graduate, my grandparents and other relatives are saying their congratulations, others are anticipating my future plans and actions. I’m cherishing the few more days of wearing a uniform, asking for my allowance, spending time with friends I made, and cementing whatever legacy I will leave. The additional payback for the dole is their willingness to act as China’s surrogates or defenders in the Association of Southeast Asian Nations when its interests are threatened. They are profiting immensely from their trade with China and its assistance to their infrastructure projects. I was very enthusiastic and looked forward to finding out what else I could learn about the candidates in addition to what I’ve read and heard about them. Most were careful to answer every issue based on what his or her party or presidential candidate thinks.
Grace Poe’s lack of competence in governance, I was afraid many of her supporters would take advantage of her inexperience.
Although she was new in the House of Representatives, she was sponsor or cosponsor of bills concerning the welfare of families, children and women. We can tolerate a certain level of hypocrisy among politicians, but we cannot accept a senator on bail for plunder delivering speeches against immorality in society. There is hardly any doubt that the MILF is also protecting those bandits who live in territories the MILF controls. Outside of the government “peace panel” that steadfastly entertains the delusion that only the MILF can bring about peace in the south, everyone else wants that rebel group to first prove its sincerity by putting the kibosh on the banditry of the ASG once and for all. Orr was also chosen to give the “State of the Market” keynote address at the inaugural Property Report Congress Philippines 2016, a high­level conference about the past, present and future of Philippine real estate. Fellow Cebu­based firms, Primary Homes Inc and Cebu Landmasters Inc, collected several Winners and Highly Commended accolades in other categories. Once you find your perfect look you can then share it with Comixon community and of course share it on other popular social media networks or even via email. For example: Discovering and editing buttons are awkwardly placed at the top where it could have been placed at bottom. Our natural reaction was to swipe left and right on the art style as the four dots in iOS suggest left and right navigation.
There is one major difference though, the app is solely focused on giving traditional news clips a twist. You can’t record in parts which limits your movement to change scenes and being more creative.
All you have to do is broadcast fun, fascinating, or captivating clips directly to the Headliner community. The award-winning chomping video game makes a shattering debut on mobile with even more content than ever before! When I tuned in to Beats 1 the song selection that being played wasn’t exactly my type so I quickly switched to recommendations and starting radio stations based on a particular song. De nombreux sites Web en version mobile vont donc probablement voir leurs revenus publicitaires fondre dans les prochains mois… De quoi les pousser vers une offre payante qu’Apple pourrait bien proposer dans un futur proche ? Esperons qu’une version adaptee a de nombreux autres fournisseurs de messagerie et pour d’autres navigateurs Web puisse prochainement voir le jour ! Pourquoi Microsoft ne pourrait-il pas s’inspirer de ce modele economique pour faire des economies en ce qui concerne la correction de failles de securite et des inevitables bugs qui peuvent apparaitre dans un logiciel aussi complexe ? Encore faudra-t-il que l’electricite produite pour alimenter ces vehicules du futur provienne aussi de sources renouvelables et respectueuses de notre bonne vieille Terre. Je vous laisse imaginer les consequences vertigineuses d’une telle decouverte si elle venait a etre confirmee un jour. The special glueless adhesive will never leave any sticky residues that may damage your screen.
This issue can be summarized in a simple image, or phrased in a single question—a nagging, even unanswerable question. It has achieved the three Cs in power generation that all nations aspire for: cheap, consistent, clean.
We also have ample geothermal resources, and most of our existing renewable energy mix comes from these two sources. But unlike the plants driven by melting glaciers in Iceland, the river-run hydroelectric plants in the Philippines are susceptible to droughts induced by El Nino, which appears to have come at greater frequency and intensity with climate change. Development risk is greater, the rate of return is slower, and the capital investment higher. Coal plants are quicker to put up, and the dropping demand for the fuel promises an oversupply and even lower prices in the coming years.
Chiz Escudero’s “balagtasan” posing or even Marcos’ smooth dodging of accusations, Leni did women proud. Yet the fact that I will soon be an alumnus is bugging me when it should be a happy thought. I told myself that perhaps I could use the knowledge I would have gained as basis for my choices for president and vice president on Election Day. I should be looking for someone with competence, experience, compassion, honesty and commitment. Being associated closely with the Vice President, could you have acquired the same attitude through osmosis?
Should I apologize for the peace and order?”) When asked if he would apologize for the human right violations committed by his family, he said there was nothing to apologize for because he himself had never violated any  human right or committed any form of corruption. Under her presidency, our country might be dragged economically backward instead of continuing what the previous administration has established. If elected, she said, her target job would be streamlining and coordinating all the poverty programs of the previous administration to cut the red tape that the poor are expected to hurdle in order to receive the benefits they deserve.
We simply don’t have candidates who are competent, honest, sincere, decent, devoted to their community and country.
Pero ang focus din natin kasabay niyan ay iyong paglikha ng mas marami pang hanapbuhay,” he added. They will also have the ability to be controlled by mobile phones to provide real-time energy usage and to automatically react to changing environmental conditions in real-time. This way one could have dedicated tabs for Home feed, Popular, Explore and a button to create new Comixon.
After selecting genres you can select a few favourites just like genres you can tap once, twice or even tap and hold for two seconds to delete any artist. As I was going through some of the artists update on Connect I found it to be very interesting and something I could see myself coming back to and checking again. Et si cette nouvelle mise en place des bloqueurs de contenu n’etait qu’un premier pas vers une strategie obligeant les sites Internet a passer par une offre payante de la firme a la pomme, qui pourrait ainsi mettre la main sur un autre juteux pactole ! Puis ca a ete les smartphones qui sont devenus parmi les appareils qui enregistrent et envoient le plus d’informations personnelles sur nous. Unlike other brands of screen protectors, you can also re-use the ClearTouch screen protector by simply washing the unit with warm water and hand soap to renew the adhesive quality. 2 of COMELEC Resolution No 8678, which provided the guidelines for the filing of Certificate of Candidacy for the 2010 elections, the first nationwide automated elections in the Philippines,” Larrazabal wrote on his Twitter account. But Iceland is an island-nation about the size of Mindanao, with a much smaller population. The International Renewable Energy Agency cites the Philippines as having “good-to-excellent wind availability throughout the country,” ample solar radiation, and considerable biomass potential from agricultural waste. Hence, their total dependable capacity drops significantly during dry spells, and the Mindanao power grid needs to turn to other energy sources. Increasing the share of these FIT-covered energy sources will thus bring the electricity cost up. With coal as alternative, any power investor would hesitate to develop a geothermal resource, especially since it is not covered by FIT. She was rational, reasonable, calm and collected, and while lacking in the zing that people had come to expect of women pols like Miriam Defensor Santiago, she managed to score key points. After all, every student’s aim is to march down the aisle wearing a graduation toga and a bright smile. All types of exams will now come my way at the same time, and I won’t have much time to think and analyze. He also insisted that the payment due the martial law victims had not been released because the current ruling party was blocking it. Enfin, les systemes d’exploitation, dont le plus populaire reste encore Windows, sont eux aussi devenus de veritables espions recoltant de nombreuses informations sur vous et les envoyant a Microsoft sans que vous ne puissiez y faire grand chose. But as the nights turn to mornings and my remaining days as a student dwindle down, something has been occupying my mind: I am afraid. Cloudy days will come when solar plants cannot generate their installed capacity, and using batteries to store solar energy would drive costs even higher. But Iceland demonstrates how things can be if a nation need not depend on imported fossil fuels. To climate change advocates, it is inconsistent for us to keep approving coal power projects, knowing how burning more fossil fuels aggravates climate change, to which the Philippines is extremely vulnerable.
These renewable energy sources may be “clean,” but they are not “cheap” and “consistent.” They may be good for fulfilling peak load requirements when baseload is not enough, but they cannot always be relied upon. Furthermore, the country had just pledged to the United Nations a rather aggressive target of 70-percent reduction in carbon emissions by 2030.

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