The evenings are drawing in, the clocks have gone back and many of us are feeling the overwhelming urge to snuggle under a blanket in front of a good film. If you’ve got a Tesco Clubcard you can take advantage of a good selection of classic films and TV programmes online with ClubcardTV.
Recently launched, British Film Institute’s Player service offers a selection of both paid and free content.
This site, Classic Cinema Online, offers as the title suggest some real classics from the golden age of cinema. The BBC iPlayer stores films aired on their four channels for around a week and you can some great films on a regular basis.
Lovefilm offer a 30 day free trial period (followed by ?4.99 per month if you do not cancel). This page and all pages on this site contain links to outside sources including paid affiliates. A Thrifty Mrs is not responsible for the content of any third party website.
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Thanks for these – hadn’t heard of most, and Classic Cinema Online looks particularly brilliant!
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Crackle makes money by showing advertisements every 8-15 minutes depending on the title, which can be annoying however it is no different to watching a film on regular television. The layout of the site is more than a little old school itself but you can overlook it thanks to the wonderful content.
The service is powered by Blinkbox and whilst the choice isn’t up to the minute there are some decent enough films like Shawshank Redemption, Sliding Doors and large selection of TV shows from the early noughties and late nineties. I often find myself dipping in here to watch an old 1930s title or a silent film but there is a great choice and it is well worth exploring. Whilst many of the films on YouTube are paid content, a good number of them are free and many are good titles.

They don’t always point you in the direction of free content but you can rest assured it is legal content. You can take advantage of these trial periods by making sure you set a reminder to cancel in your phone or diary. Again you can watch this over a number of devices and choose from a huge selection of film and television titles.
We have a Netflix subscription which, while not free, feels like a proper bargain for £6 a month. Sure there are many ways to watch films and TV shows illegally online but there are also lots of free and legal ways to watch films online. Once you cancel your service you may find you’re offered a special deal or another free month.

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