If you are looking for a good Windows 8 movies app, that plays free movies with a single click right from your Windows 8 Start screen, then this is the app for you. It is probably one of the best Windows 8 movie watching app, and it lets you watch Hollywood movies, all for free! You can get this Windows 8 app to watch online movies, under the Entertainment category in Windows Store. Then you must be keen or you desire to identify some of the best free movie websites out there. If you are in normal mode then all the movies under that genre get listed on the right side of screen. It reduces the time that gets wasted in opening a web browser, and browsing through multiple website just for a single movie. That way, it will not only save the hustle of running around to the movie shops and to the cinema’s seeking for some movies to watch, but these websites will also save you from the cost of purchasing movies as well as presenting you with some of the best and the latest movies in the scene right at the comfort of your home.
It has got simple YouTube playback buttons, and you can watch the movie in full screen or in normal mode. The app consist some very good titles, such as: Enemy of the states, G I Joe Retaliation, Silver lining playbook, When Harry met Sally, A beautiful mind etc.
Even though streaming of movies has been the most trending activity lately, websites exists that will either allow you to download or stream movies for free. The integration of Windows 8 Search charm is one interesting feature, and it makes finding a movie fast. Therefore, depending on your preference and convenience, you then can choose your most preferred movie website from which to download or to stream movies. The app is beautifully integrated with Windows 8 Search Charm, so you can use it to search for a particular movie.

However, the bottom line here should be to identify the best free movie website that will save you both the cash and to present you with some of the best movie qualities. Crackle Free Movie Website – CrackleIf you are a fun of old movies, then crackle has some of the best collection of such movies from different periods of time that one can always stream and be able to watch.
Plus, it presents so many servers that you can choose from such as their partnership with Sony pictures together with many other adapted versions for different browsers. It offers high quality movies that can be watched from any size of screen and at a very high resolution.9. Hulu Watch free movies online on HuluThis site is regarded as one of the best sites that one can always watch and stream some of the best quality and free movies. Plus, there are so many full length free movies that you can readily stream, together with series, documentaries as well as an impressive list of documentaries.
One can always watch SD movies for free from HULU or subscribe to HULU plus in the bid to watch HD movies. Porpcornflix Website to Watch free movies – PopcornflixThis is also another great place to watch and to stream free online movies.
This site contains more than 1,500 movies which include comedy, horror, drama, action, romance, documentaries and foreign films. You simply hit and play your desired movie as movies here download very fast and quickly.7. It has a catalog of more than 10,000 movies from different categories and genre to latest, newly added, most viewed as well as the most popular.
All that you need to do here is to sign up and you will be able to also connect with some of your friends on the latest movies that they are watching.6. Entry to this site is however very free such that one barely needs to register or sign up in order start watching the movies.5.

Moviescrib 5th best free movie websites – MoviescribThis is also one of the best free movie websites that any movie enthusiast will get any of their most desired collection of latest movies that ranges from Hollywood to Bollywood as well as Maranthi movies absolutely free.
It therefore offers quality and high resolution full length movies that you can readily watch through your PC, tablet or from your laptop.4. Similarly, you can as well watch live video or your favorite movie by simply streaming it online from your laptop, PC or through your tablet. It comprises of so many movies from almost every genre and almost from various categories such as Hollywood to Tamil and Bollywood as well as Bengali movies and almost in every other language relevant.3. Megashare 3rd best free movies streaming websites – MegaShareThis site is known to specialize mainly on new movies, however, it also has a catalog of popular TV shows. Just click on any of the window you are interested in and there you are the video will quickly open.
Plus, you are presented with an awesome collection of so many movies and TV series to mention just but a few. It easy to access and navigate through the numerous collection of free movie collection here without having to sign up or register.1. This is one of the free movie download websites that will offer you so much in terms of full length free movies from almost every genre as well as various TV shows and series.
All that you need to do is simply to name the movie that you desire or perhaps want to download. Required fields are marked *CommentName * Email * Website Notify me of follow-up comments by email.

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