If you do a search online about survival supply caches hundreds of pages become available for viewing. Keep in mind some of the blog writers and forum posters may be auditioning to write scripts for the Walking Dead television show, so you do have to sift through the information, and not take what is written at face value.
After doing some research you may find that one person believes in hiding ammunition in one cache and firearms in another for example. To some this may be acceptable, but common sense should tell you that no matter how many caches you have they should all replicate each other, because if not you will be digging holes all over the country. Your home and everything inside may be destroyed, but having a cache close by means you having clothing, medical supplies, food and other essentials in the first few hours and days of the event.
Again common sense should tell you that unless you have a comparable location you can actually get to that has shelter, and a certain level of infrastructure then bugging out is dangerous. Your supply caches are located along the route, and you assume you can walk to each one in 24 hours, based on a 3 mph hour walking speed.
It probably makes more sense in most cases, to have supply caches buried so you can retrieve the supplies to bring back to your home to shelter in place.
If you cannot get to your safe haven or bug-out location without hunting for buried supplies then you are better off not leaving at all. Even if you cannot immediately get to your safe haven you know there are supplies there that can be recovered at some point.
A survival cache can be buried in your backyard to make sure you have supplies in the event of a robbery, fire or any disaster that destroys your supplies inside the home. Having supplies buried 20 miles from your home is doable during a crisis, because even if you had to hike to them you can within a reasonable period.
Survival from earthquakes and other natural disasters can depend on your level of preparedness.
Most people are not prepared at all, very few have taken the steps to put together Disaster Survival Kits.
These are just some of the key items that need to be in your 72 hour Family Survival Kit and your Emergency Car Survival Kit. We never sell, share or rent your personal information to any third parties under any circumstances. FEMA, the Department of Homeland Security, and other safety experts recommend keeping one gallon of water per person per day on hand in case of an emergency. Survival Supply’s canned water is produced in the United States and meets the highest FDA standards for water preservation. Survival Supply also carries a line of water purification tools to remove impurities from water that has been contaminated and make it safe to drink.
Survival Supply also offers Katadyn Siphons that can filter water in any container by using gravity. Our vario microfilters use ceramic and pleated microfiltration to filter water under a variety of conditions. Survival Supply also carries faucet-mounted, chemical-free, pocket, and hiking microfilters.

Whether you are looking for drinking water to store in the event of an emergency or a means of filtering contaminated water, Survival Supply has everything you need to be sure that you and your family will have safe drinking water whenever you need it. My order was filled quickly, arrived in a timely manner, and it was very well organized and complete! First of all let me say that I am not a pepper but I am also not naive to the potential for problems in our world. The idea of course, is that if someone finds one or the other he or she does not get it all. It may make more sense to have one or two well stocked caches that are self sustaining, so if you show up in nothing but shorts and sandals you have all that is needed for surviving from that point forward. Having a cache buried close by could be a life saver if your community is struck by a tornado, hurricane, or earthquake or even if a wildfire strikes the area. Some so-called experts recommend that you have a bug-out location 70 to 100 miles from a metropolitan area, which makes sense until you are faced with getting there on foot.
First, you will not be walking at 3 mph so you may very well be out of certain supplies before you even make it to the first cache. It does however, make sense to have supplies buried at your destination, so if or when you do get there you can sustain yourself for a certain period. Having caches here and there along multiple routes because one may be blocked is cost prohibitive and time consuming, and you simply have no control over the locations.
Unless someone besides you knows you have supplies buried in the backyard they are likely safe from marauders and looters. This may mean hiding certain caches close to the home, but out of sight of the home, so you can recover them without being discovered. So make it a priority to get your family prepared with the  essential resources to survive.
It is generally packed in mylar pouches and the water has been purified and then sterilized.
We may share information with governmental agencies or other companies assisting us in fraud prevention or investigation.
This should include 50 percent potable water for drinking and cooking and 50 percent for hygiene.
We offer a water filtration bottle designed with technology from NASA that can effectively filter most impurities from contaminated water. PurifiCups use a silver membrane filter to remove up to 99.99 percent of bacteria, parasites, and pathogens and provide up to 24 gallons of pure drinking water. Simply place the ceramic filter in the container, place the container on higher ground, and the siphon will filter the water. Everyone has their own thoughts on the subject, but keep in mind every situation is different, so there is not a one size fits all. Additionally, you have to protect the supplies from moisture, rodents, insects, and thieves. However, what happens if you show up at the ammunition cache without your firearm, because it was stolen or lost.

A bug-out-bag is supposedly designed to sustain you for 72-hours, but to reduce weight you are carrying less water and food because you assumed you would make it to your cache to resupply. If you have all of your supplies in one place they can be all stolen or damaged at one time. You may show up to retrieve your cache one day to find a strip mall built over your supplies. This will take careful planning, but it makes more sense than having several caches buried 50 miles apart in various locations.
A lack of medical supplies, emergency food and water, fire extinguishers will mean their disaster will become an even greater catastrophe. A radio will give you contact with the outside world to determine the extent of your disaster and what steps you may need to take next. Alka canned emergency water is processed through multiple micro filtration, ultraviolet, and ozone infusion processes to make it the purest and safest drinking water. It has a silver-impregnated, cleanable ceramic element and can purify up to 5,000 gallons of water. It can fit in a coat pocket or waist pack and is capable of filtering up to 2,000 gallons of water.
You now have a thousand rounds of ammunition and no firearm, so you have to load up the ammo and start the trek to the cache that has spare firearms.
While bottled water has a shelf life of two years, the Department of Homeland Security and the American Red Cross recommend replacing emergency bottled water every six months.
It contains natural calcium to provide active cellular hydration and regulate your body’s pH level, which is necessary to maintain health. Level 2 filtration uses a 2 micron pore size and positively charged electro-adsorption process to draw and trap harmful agents that are much smaller than the pores. We also carry TRK drip microfilters and KFT Expedition high-capacity filtration systems, as well as desalination kits to filter sea water. They glow for 12 hours with no risk of fires like candles and are safe for children to handle and have a 5 year shelf life. You must have trauma dressings, burn dressings, splints and more to make a real difference.
American made light sticks perform better have a longer more reliable shelf life and are made from safer chemicals as opposed to Chinese made. They also don't create an unnatural thirst like crackers, cheese or peanut butter might do.

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