Olakunbi plays a smart game to acquire all his father’s wealth to himself by getting rid of his brother. IGBA IWASE 2 is the continuation of a Nigerian Nollywood Yoruba movie about Yoruba gods born during the time magic and medicine reign supreme. This movie Igba Iwase, shows how the dispute between Sango and Ogun emerged with Oya being the cause and the god Esu the confusionist adding fuel to Ogun’s rage.
AYE NIKA is a Nigerian Nollywood Yoruba movie that tells a story of a young man who abandoned his village in the village for know reasons. Joju went to Lagos city for a greener pasture leaving his parents and sister to hustle in the village. But on getting to the city he decided to forget home and all his promises to the family, yet he cannot find any particular reason why he choose to be the way he is.

ABOBADE is a Nigerian Nollywood Yoruba movie that tells a story of a child of destiny born into a troublesome home. Sango Priest’s wife carries a pregnancy for more than 2 years and when she finally delivered the baby, the enemies were after the baby and her life. MR FASHOLA is a Nigerian Nollywood Yoruba movie about a man Mr Fashola who helped his nephew out of ignorance to gain wealth through spiritual means given to his nephew and his friends. OBUKO is a Nigerian Nollywood Yoruba movie that tells a story of a young man whos is a womaniser. But when Gbenga met Shalewa it was like love at first sight as the two couple get on really well. Ategun is a Nigerian Nollywood Yoruba movie that tells a story of a woman who chooses her wedding ring over her own son at gun point, which cause a discord between her and her son.

A ring was used to seal a ritual for wealth as of the parents has to die for a better life for the family. IJA OLA tells a story of a wicked and greedy young man who committed all sort of crimes to be able to inherit his father’s wealth.
Please help us maintain this website by donating as little as a dollar, your contribution will be well appreciated! Kunle met Shalewa on social media and when he decided to arrange to meet his blind date, he sent Gbenga – his childhood friend, to disguise as Kunle incase the lady is not his spec.

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