UPDATE : Please know that all products ship in 7 -10 days from order and they are shipped 2nd Day Air by USPO.
We proudly produce our products in the USA using only the highest quality  dried, non GMO, and all natural ingredients offered on the market.
Noah's Pantry at the following venue's with education - the Gluten Free line of foods, Noah's Pantry freeze dried foods and water filters. This food kit has come in VERY handy while being stuck in the crazy So Cal traffic, or whenever I’ve needed a snack to avoid buying junk food.
Gluten free emergency survival food is something you need to have nobody knows when a disaster will happen be prepared.

All of our products are GMO Free.Soy Free, Peanut Free, and Gluten Free Made in a deciated Gluten Free factory. Each package has a 15 yr shelf life.Great tasting meals for the whole family, they contain freeze dried meat powder in soup and meal package. Here in L.A, we never know when fires, earthquakes high speed chases, and overturned big rigs will keep us stuck on the road for hours! Any copying, modification, or distribution of materials (recipes, images and info) is strictly prohibited.
When ordering Please put in messages if you would perfer no mixes with dairy and we will make sure your kit is dairy free.

Many products are Soy free, Dairy Free, Vegetarian, Peanut Free,Trans Fat Free, Low Sodium, and ALWAYS Gluten Free.

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