Ahora con tus compras en PcComponentes podras ir acumulando puntos y canjearlos por descuentos. Captura y comparte las experiencias más significativas de tu vida con HERO3+ Black Edition. I’m willing to bet that action cameras may have the highest ratio of purchase to actual use of most accessories out there.
The 3+ promised to be better in every way – see what that looks like after the break.
Compared to the previous Hero 3, one of the biggest improvements is likely the increased size of the buttons. The 3+ is lighter as well, managing to trim nearly 30g off the 3 (both weighed with standard waterproof casing). In honor of Global Fatbike Day this past Saturday, I went on a little adventure with my friends from Swallow Bicycle Works. As for the Jaws Flex Clamp, the new mounting option is really more for filming the action around you, rather than on you. The clamp can be used with or without the extension, furthering your options for getting the shot. But isn’t the Hero3+ just a Hero3 with a lighter (because smaller?) case and a better battery? The GoPro camera’s charging cable is a standard size USB on one end, and a USB mini on the camera end. The remote’s charging cable is a standard size USB on one end, and an odd, proprietary, latching connector on the other end. Want to Contribute?We’re always looking for enthusiastic, positive and talented writers that know their way around both a bicycle and sentence structure. The new HERO 3+ black edition doesn’t offer up much more in the way of features when compared to the hero 3 black edition and the clearance price is still $329.
GoPro has not only re-defined the concept of digital video cameras, it is also an unchallenged leader in designing sports-oriented compact video cameras. From the front, the Hero 3 looks a lot like the old Hero 2, with a larger, slightly higher-up lens. GoPro provides basic editing software, called Cineform Studio, as a free download on its website.
GoPro has also released a free, self-titled app for iOS and Android that turns your handset into a remote control for the Hero3. The Hero3 performs well, reports state that captured footage is bright and clear at all resolutions. The camera performed similarly well when shooting stills, providing bright, vibrant wide-angle shots. The new sensor’s improved low-light performance, as the Hero3 reveals more detail in shadowy and dark spaces. The Hero3 also provides more accurate, if sometimes warmer, color reproduction than the original Hero. While the results produced by the GoPro were some of the best the world has seen from an action camera, its battery life leaves something to be desired.
The touschreen BacPac LCD screen, priced at ?80, clips into the back of the Hero3 for preview, playback and far quicker selection of options. With the slimmer Hero3 body, it naturally means there’s less space to squeeze the battery in.

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Everyone likes the idea of replaying the best moments from their recent adventure, but in the past most action cameras have been hard to use, offered disappointing footage, and eventually made their way to the shelf only to be covered in dust. The new 1180mAH is said to provide 30% longer battery life than the 3, though in cold weather testing so far I have been unable to film past 2 hours.
Anyone who has ever tried to operate a GoPro with a gloved hand knows how hard it can be at times to press the previous generation’s buttons. While the previous model involved two steps to open the case, the 3+ uses a simple one step snap. However, it appears the 3+ has gotten away from the replaceable lens on the waterproof case which is surely where some of the weight went. Similar to a GorillaPod or other tripods that use stiff interlocking joints to form a flexible yet rigid mount, Jaws allows you to place a camera just about anywhere you can clamp.
For any of the self photographers out there, Jaws seems like a great way to fasten the GoPro to a tree or branch to get video of yourself while using the Wi-Fi Remote or GoPro App to control the camera.
The GoPro has come a long way and managed to stay at the forefront in spite of an ever increasing number of competitors. Both will charge from a laptop, or from a wall-mounted USB charger, though the cords are fairly short so the devices may or may not dangle depending on how high your outlets are. That $70 in savings that could be used on some good Wasabi Batteries and a 64GB microSDXC card.
If you don’t mind using last years model, $329 for the Hero 3 black edition is a pretty good value so get them while they last. Capable of being attached to bikes, cars, helmets, surf boards and even diving equipment – the GoPro Hero 3 line of cameras have the ability to capture your adventures as they unfold.
All the editions sport different megapixel counts and frame rates with the Black one being at the top (with a twelve-megapixel sensor capable of shooting larger images and with enough processing power to snap bursts of 11MP images at 30 frames per second). However, the characteristic fish-eye look of the video and photos captured by the Hero3 has been totally removed now. The door also features a new two-stage lock that that requires a tab to be pushed to the side before the locking mechanism can be lifted and rotated out of place.
The other benefit of the new case is that you can take the camera underwater without having to buy a separate dive housing. The program provides basic tools to trim clip length, rotate clip orientation, adjust white balance, contrast, sharpness, exposure and saturation. This means you can start and stop recording, switch between shooting modes, change resolution and frame rate, delete pictures and clips, and even check the camera’s battery status and remaining SD card space. However, the lack of fine-tuned controls prevent it from becoming a camera replacement, and without the GoPro app or the LCD BacPac showing you what the camera sees, it can be difficult to frame photos.
The touch-enabled panel is definitely welcome, though some sensitivity issues were found towards the outermost edges of the screen. We strive to provide diversified technology consulting services of an unprecedented caliber. Then GoPro introduced the Hero3 which offered drastically improved image quality over their previous models. Inevitably you would go one step too far and have to cycle through the whole menu again, furthering the frustration.
These case changes have been made to all of the currently available GoPros, including the $199 White Edition Hero3.

The Hero 3 case is thicker so you do lose some diving ability with the new case at 131 feet on the 3+, versus 197 feet with the 3. Since most of these cameras are probably going to be purchased by people just hoping to capture and adventure and share it without spending hours on editing, GoPro has done a great job in this regard.
Wifi connection does seem faster with the 3+, though there is still a bit of lag in the preview image when viewing on your iPhone through the GoPro app. The 3+ is easily the best one yet, though if you’re currently shooting with a 3, the need to upgrade is debatable.
All HERO3s come with built-in Wi-Fi, a redesigned casing and a flat lens which has led to dramatic advancements & numerous improvements over its predecessor, the HERO 2. However, all of that reduction manifests in reduced thickness with a new depth of only 20mm.
First, users have to upgrade the camera’s firmware through the GoPro website, during which you name the WiFi network and set the password for the ad-hoc network that the camera creates. GoPro’s Hero3 Black Edition is the most capable action camera available in the market today. Our dynamic teams are never complacent — nor do we rest on our laurels — we regard every day on the cusp of a potential technological breakthrough.
Not one to sit on their hands, a year later GoPro had a new camera – the Hero3+, the + means more awesome.
Warmer weather should improve the battery life, though too warm and the camera may get hot.
We’re not sure why it took quite so long, but the buttons on the 3+ are big, and they are easy to operate. The new case is really nice, and there are definite improvements to the camera, but they’re not earth shattering. I’ve also dumped gallons of fake blood on it, as well as using it for security camera style shots, opening trunks, digging in refrigerators, burial in dirt, and anything else that a small remote camera can handle. The height and width (42mm by 60mm) are unchanged to maintain compatibility with GoPro’s line of BacPac add-on modules and rear doors for the clear plastic shell. Color reproduction is good, though the Hero3 did take a few seconds to correctly calibrate colors when transitioning from a poorly lit area into daylight in a continuous shot. It delivers unparalleled resolution for a camera of its size and does so without sacrificing frame rate or field of view. If you don’t have a 3, or you have been waiting to buy an action camera, you will not be disappointed in the new 3+. The cords are both really short, so it’s not too much trouble, especially considering how little I use the remote.
The plastic housing, like the previous version, is robust enough to be knocked, dropped, drenched and thrown about. That said, it currently lacks the ability to string together multiple clips and put transition between them. Despite its insufficient battery life and less-than-ergonomic shape, the Hero3 provides imaging performance superior to all of its competitors at a price that’s worth it.
I seldom use the remote because the battery life with wifi on (on the hero3, not h3+) was garbage.

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