Article about: Hi friends, I have the possibility of buying this medal and I?d like to know if it?s original. Was allowed to continue manufacturing this award for former soldiers who wanted another copy or had lost his way, so the price difference can be in if it was made during the Second World War or later.
With respect to how to identify them, some say they were built in 1943 do not have the gaps between the wings. According to your post, the medal I show is not a 1943, as there are gaps between its wings.

Daniel posted it in another thread along with several other pieces all of which were bad but I'll leave this thread open as we don't see many of these and the additional information is useful. This and one for officers, which is composed of three parts and is far more difficult to achieve.
I mean, these medals were awarded to divisional Spanish but as I said, these manufacturers continued performing them after the war for the lost soldiers well, had not yet received or wanted to have two. This meant that there was a market for replacements, so this medal was in production after the end of the war.

Respecting to your comment about the making period (during the WW2 or later), is there a way to know when the medal was made?

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