All I can say is I found mine in the Criminal Records parking lot (3 Sultans were parked there) while driving a purchased Feltzer. I was searching for one for a while, went and did a mission with my friends, came back on and there were two parked where my friend spawned in LS. I just drove around the area where you drop of the cars for Simeon, had to drive in and out a couple of times (go over the bridge and then drive back) but i had the car and fully modded it within an hour, i now have a lovely matte blue Sultan RS with bad booiii (Gangter speak) wheels and i love it.

Other place i can remember is around boneyard survival, it usually spawns in traffic and a few parked. Go to the parking lot at the prison, if they're not there set your respawn to 'last location' and find another session and the car set will be different, worked for me on the second attempt.
Seriously launched a solo session, went to Sandy Shores and found one within like 60 seconds.

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