North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un’s rhetoric over nuclear weapons and the possibility of war with the United States and its allies makes almost no plausible sense considering that their long range missile capabilities are lacking and their military hardware is reportedly outdated when compared to the militaries of developed western nations.
The idea that the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea may have a secret weapon of sorts may sound far-fetched, but not everyone considers it an impossibility. In December of last year, the DPRK launched an orbital satellite, which left many wondering about its payload. They are aware of the three-stage missile North Korea launched last December that also orbited a “package,” which experts say could be a test to orbit a nuclear weapon that then would be deorbited on command anywhere over the U.S. The May 2011 study, titled, “In the Dark: Military Planning for a Catastrophic Critical Infrastructure Event,” concluded that there is “very little” in the way of backup capability to the electric grid upon which the communications infrastructure is vitally dependent. Two years ago the North Koreans detonated a nuclear weapon that experts claimed had such a low-yield it posed no significant threat.
Nuclear attack and electro -magnetic pulse weapons are two of the most dangerous man-made threats we face. We encourage you to share and republish our reports, analyses, breaking news and videos (Click for details).

NK leader, lil fat bastard, has been flapping his trap and eventually even the most patient of people getting flapped at are gonna bitch slap the little tadpole right in the mouth. Maybe he needs to do something with the US Soldiers that failed the Litmus test and wont attack Americans and the Soldiers that served in the Afgan war, Which he called terrorist out of his own mouth. You are being PSYOP’d into fearing nuclear energy and being coaxed into implicit acceptance for invading Iran (because it will be soon Discovered that evil Iran is going to help the evil North Koreans to build La Bomba).
While the communist regime does have millions of soldiers at their disposal, the notion that North Korea will start and win a war against the U.S.
Could it be that this ‘space launch vehicle’ is carrying a star wars type nuclear weapons package?
And with fellow North Korean rogue ally Iran recently claiming that 2013 will be the fall of the American empire, maybe this time North Korea isn’t just talking. They also have a space-based delivery system that may be capable of deploying it directly over the central United States.
Preparing for such an event is possible, but should it come to pass it would render all of our technological advancements over the last hundred years useless and would leave the United States no better off than a third-world nation.

By starting a war, he sends those soldiers overseas and keeps his loyal subjects here to disarm us. Small yield, diffused pulse — perhaps affecting some electronics within the 15 degree cone directly under the blast (but probably not, at ground level spikes would be comparable to naturally occurring lightning storms!). Then blame the backward N Koreans who you and I know have trouble understanding electricity.
He suggests that, while the blast may have been weak, if detonated at high altitude over the United States, the gamma rays emitted are powerful enough to disable the national power grid across the lower 48 states.

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