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Now this is where the Daniel Hayes story takes a twist because he would not make his mark as a fire apparatus innovator in his native New York. In 1866, his bosses at Amoskeag placed Hayes in charge of the delivery of five Amoskeag steam fire engines that had been ordered by the San Francisco Board of Supervisors for the Fire Department of San Francisco.
After delivering and assembling the new apparatus for the city, the steam engines were ready for service when the new San Francisco Fire Department began operations in December 1866. Hayes was an inventive machinist in the San Francisco Fire Department repair shop and it would be there that he developed and patented the first successful aerial ladder in America in 1868. On August 25,1881, the citizens of Smethport held a meeting at the Pierce House Hotel for the purpose of forming a Hose Company. Since the volunteers did not have any equipment, the Smethport Borough Council let them use the Borough Building on the corner of Fulton Street and Water Street. The first uniforms were received just before September of 1882, when the hose company won first prize in a Fireman's State Convention in Bradford.
Today, there are many members that are a part of the department and the rules are a little different.
The first piece of equipment was a two wheel, hand drawn, hand pumped hose cart that was capable of carrying 500 feet of hose on a reel. In 1910, Henry Hamlin and other citizens presented the fire department with a fancy brass and nickel trimmed steam pumper. When a new firehouse was built, more equipment was purchased: a GMC-American La France 759 gpm pumper, a Chevrolet 750 gpm front mounted pumper, and a Ford front mounted 750 gpm pumper.
The Big Tancook Island Emergency Response Association (formally Sheila Christian Emergency Response Association) is a non-profit, volunteer organization incorporated in January 1998 on Big Tancook Island, Nova Scotia.

The purpose of the Association is to provide emergency medical care and covered transportation for patients to the Island ferry or to the air medical transport helicopter in event of a medical emergency on the Island. Since the formation of the organization, a decommissioned ambulance has been acquired and equipped with most of the basic requirements.
Responders; others such as batteries for pagers and flashlights, ice packs, paper towels, etc. And more often than not, the impetus for a creation is the lack of the right tools for the job, or the one available wasn’t good enough. He was a native New Yorker who served as an active firefighter for five years as a member of Engine Company No. After eight years of serving as a volunteer firefighter in the Big Apple, Hayes went to work for the celebrated Amoskeag Steam Fire Engine Company of Manchester, N.H.
The Amoskeag Steam Fire Engine Company, a subsidiary, manufactured fire engines and horse-drawn carriages from 1859 to 1879. The engines were the first fire apparatus ordered by the board in April 1866 in preparation for the advent of a paid fire department for the city. Hayes was then offered — and accepted — the job of superintendent of steamers for the new fire department. This house was used for meetings, and later space was added to the building for the hose company. Today's uniforms are bright yellow with reflecting material on them for visibility at night.
Immediately requested conditions of natural gas mains, the dam, water lines, and main traffic arteries (for rescue response purposes).
I could see the collapse of the interior of Ford's from where we set up command at Cathcart and Pacific.

Fire and police dispatched to quadrants in city to survey for and respond to major building collapse and rescue. I ran into a building engineer from Granite Construction on the way up the Mall and pulled him along with me to get an opinion on the stability of the Coffee Roasting building in terms of making rescue as safe as possible if needed. Several members trained as Medical First Responders through the Provincially sponsored Medical First Responders course Medical First Responders courseand several others are Basic and Standard First Aid trained. Hayes invented and patented the first successful aerial ladder in the United States in 1868, just three years after the end of the Civil War. 2 of the Volunteer Fire Department of New York, and for three additional years with Engine No. He was the first man to fill that office and would serve the firefighters and residents of the city by the bay for 14 years. I alerted them on the unsafe areas and went on down the mall with a bullhorn warning the people scattered about looking shocked that the area was highly unsafe and to clear out.
By October 18, an additional 20 were on board providing around the clock security at the Mall.
But it would be his talents as a machinist that would bring Hayes the most success in life.

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