Without adequate frame-to-foundation connections, a house can be displaced completely from its foundation in a strong quake.
The good news is that properly reinforced houses in the hardest-hit areas of Santa Cruz and Watsonville performed very well during the Loma Prieta quake, suffering little or no damage. There is no question that the Bay Area is due for another quake far worse than the Loma Prieta earthquake.

Studies show that retrofitted homes in areas hit hard by earthquakes have performed well, with little or no structural damage. Insufficient lateral bracing typically results in either a partial or complete collapse of the perimeter cripple walls, which form the basement and crawl space areas. The overall pattern of residential performance not only mirrored the experience of previous California earthquakes, but also corroborated what various engineering reports have predicted for years.

The impact on homeowners could range from minimal to disastrous depending on whether appropriate reinforcing measures are taken.

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